She was the villain (OS)

Warning – This os is little dark and consist a topic like child s*xual abuse which is triggering. If you don’t want to read, then please don’t.

Shivay Singh Oberoi moves to and fro after the court session. This was the first case of his career which he loses.  This would be more accurate to say that he ends up losing this case because of her. He snapped the files closed which are on his desk and close his eyes over frustration. He turned and then glance the young lady stood there in police custody. Taking up the piles of the file in his hand, he walked in that direction. “I want to talk from her. Give me two minutes ” He said to the officer who nods his head. Before the officer unlocked her handcuff she shrugged her hands. “What do you wanna ask?” She asked him. “Why did you do that? How could you confess of killing someone in the court?” He asked unsettling with the frustration of losing. “Because I killed people. I am the murderer” She replied before moving with officers. He stares her until she disappeared from his sight.

She stared the black and white pattern as light entered through the small window of a prison. That window is the only a source of light there, and she doesn’t need it either. She loved the pitch darkness, eerie, gloomy surroundings and creepy sounds. Didn’t villains suppose to like that? She sees these all in movies. Villains are evil, pure evil who killed people. Nobody wants to look upon them. Everyone wish for their death. They are Monsters who get fed up by harming others, they find peace in the suffering of others. She was grown up while hating villains but didn’t realise when did she become one of them. When did she feel peace after looking blood? Yes, She is the villain here and she deserves to hated.

Little did she know that everyone has their own demons inside. When a person gets lose while fighting with his own demons, he becomes one of them. Do you think those who hurt with knives are monsters? Do you think those who killed people are demons? No, those who turn a blind eye toward wrong, those who shut their mouths like a coward are real monsters. Those who hurt people from their words forced them to lead in a life where they started hating themselves are real demons. Those who ignore sufferings of others, those who look down to others are real villains.

As soon he made way to outside, he was surrounded by the reporters. He was already disappointed by this failure and now he has to face this too. “Sir, This is the first case you lose after the continuous wins. We heard that your client confessed to the crimes. Did you defend her even after knowing that she was criminal just for money?” A reporter asked while he felt to punched on his face. “Why did you show news on your channel even after knowing that it will going to trigger and effect others. Isn’t it for money? ” He asked back after composing himself and the reporter looks on annoyedly.

“Because this is our work to show the truth” He replied. “Then it’s my work to defend my client whether he is criminal or not. Just like for you the truth is that which you see from the camera, the truth is for me whatever my client made me see ” Shivay replied while making way toward his Car. This is possibly the worst day for him. He turned the car in the direction of the prison. This case it still unsettle, he is desperate to know why did she confess the crime, when he told that he will defend her at any cost.

Shivay walked inside after going through the safety measures required for meeting inmates. “You are her attorney” The warden in charge was quick to ask him on which he nods his head. “What is the need of meeting when she already confessed?” Warden asked out of curiosity. “I am here to find the motive behind the murder” He replied while signing the required papers in front. Warden immediately brought her down to the room in which two would be going to speak. Shivay wasn’t disgusted like others on that how insanely and brutally she killed that person? He heard about more horrible and inhumane murders.  He was curious about why did she admit it?

He glanced toward her as soon she stepped inside. She was like the first time he met with her. He tried to find fear or any emotions on her face after knowing that she is on death row according to judgement. Her eyes were blank and there is no ounce of guilt or fear on her face. He pulled a chair for her as she looks on when dragging sound hit her ears. “I hope you aren’t here for confirming about confession” She spoke while moving fingers on the table. “Anika, Why did you do that? I told you that I can twist this case even after all proofs pointing toward you” He asked calmly while leaning back on his chair. “I am the villain and villain supposed to die in climax” She glared furiously while he shook his head.

“This is not what I asked for,” He said while folding his hands. “That’s your job to find out” She challenged looking in his eyes.  “Fine, Why don’t you tell something about yourself?” He realised that she wasn’t going to say anything that’s why he decided to approach differently. “About myself? ” She asked amazed. “Umm…About your childhood, your schooling” He said. He didn’t check her background but looks on some documents. She was well educated, a well-spoken girl as far he heard from his daughter who forced him to look upon her case. She was his neighbour but he rarely sees the sight of her.

She gets shift to his neighbourhood two years ago but she doesn’t pay a visit to anyone’s house. She was always hiding behind the long curtains of her window. He often found his neighbours gossiping about her detaching behaviour. No one visit to her thinking her as a weirdo except his daughter. Children don’t seem to judgemental like others. He was responsible for his daughter after the demise of his wife. As a lawyer, he rarely gets time for her. His daughter was irritated because of this. She refused to go in neighbourhood because everyone ask about her father but Anika was exception.

“My childhood was normal as everyone,” Anika said after a pause. Shivay knows from experience that most often criminals have a traumatic childhood. “I see….So, Where is your family?” He was asking like a normal conversation. “They are dead…” She closed the conversation. “Siblings? ” He asked while she looks on. “I don’t have either” She said as he shook his head. “Are you married?” He asked as she looks on and nods her head negatively. This is the first time he see her eyes, they are deep but hold a different kind of blankness. He can recognise darkness often in criminal’s eyes but this blankness was new. “Why?” He asked.

“Didn’t villains supposed to end up alone?” She asked with a smile while he felt to bang his head somewhere. “I checked that you are well educated…. Do you have friends?” He asked while she sighed. “Are you going write book on my life?” She taunts. “Yes, maybe” He also replied in her way. “I am grown up in a orphanage.” She said. “So, the people who grown up in orphanage don’t have friends?” He asked. “No, They just don’t want to be my friends” She said while he looks on. “Why?…. Don’t give me  answer like before” He said. “I was different” She said while he closed his eyes in frustration.

“Did you remember your parents…How were they?” He asked. “They were loving and caring” She replied as tears started brimming in her eyes. At last, Shivay was glad to find her response toward someone. “I heard that your uncle adopted you…..Did he was not good with you?” He asked while she shouts “Why are you wasting your time here?” “Because I want to know the motive. Why did you kill him?” He also shout with frustration. “I feel ecstasy…I get pleasure every time when I stabbed him. Did you get it now?” She said stamping her hand and move toward the door.

“I don’t want to talk with him now….I’m done.” She said to warden while banging the door. “No, we are not done yet. Even psychos and serial killers murder for ecstasy but they choose a particular person. Why did you choose him?” He asked holding her arm while she jerks his hand. Warden opens the door while the guard took her. “Don’t you listen that I am not done?” He said to warden. “Meeting time already get over” Warden replied before moving from there. Shivay punch the door with frustration and leave from there. “I want the photos of murder scene” He said to someone while driving. “Fine, I will be there for collecting it” He replied and remove the blue tooth.

“Bro, Here are the photos. It was hard to take this from investigation authority” Karan said to him. “You can do this much for your friend…Don’t exaggerate it” Shivay replied checking the photos inside the envelope. “Didn’t you get the copy before the case?” He asked. “Yes, But I want the actual one. I think that I am losing some clue” Shivay replied. “What’s the obsession with this case? Is it because you lose? This case is over now, she already confessed” He said while he looks on. “That’s what I am curious about. I get thousand of cases for defending. They asked me to defend at any cost but she confessed everything” Shivay said while getting lost. “Do one more favour…Try to find about her past, like anything doubtful associated with her?” He added while he sighed. “You increase my work like everytime..” Karan said rolling his eyes while he ignored . “I need to go now….See you later” He said while patting his shoulder and come outside.

Shivay walked inside to his house after inserting the key. He sees time on his watch, it was probably the time of his daughter to come back from her classes. He keep envelope on table and made his way toward kitchen to check. He need to prepare something fast. It was rare when he get time to cook for her. She was more mature for her age and never complain but he often feel bad.  As soon he picked up pan, he heard the ring. “Welcome home, How was your day?” He asked after opening the door. “It was good ,Dad” She replied with a cherished smile after looking him in home.

“Go and freshen up. I will prepare something to eat” He said while she nods her head. “But maid already prepared in morning” She said. “Then, I will serve that” He said and move toward kitchen while she smile. “Dad, What about Anika aunt? She will come …right” She asked while keeping her bag down. “Talk to me after freshening up”He said from kitchen. She look toward the brown envelope on table and open it. She took out the photos. “Are you still there?” Shivay asked while peeping from the kitchen but get shocked to see photos in her hands. “Khushi….I told you to freshen up” He shout and snatched photos from her.

“Why don’t you listen to me? It’s not for a child” He scold as she looks on confusedly. “Dad, Did Anika aunt kill this person?” She asked while he was not getting what to reply. “Do what I said to you. Stop making stupid speculations.” He said while keeping photos with himself. Before he walked back to kitchen, her voice stop him. “I know him” She said while he turned. “What?” He said. “He is bad uncle ” She said while he look toward her. He was dying to know the relation between him and Anika and his daughter already know everything. “Where did you met him?” He asked. “I met him in the house of Anika aunt. He followed me to school next day.” She said while he get shocked. “What? Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked angrily. “Because you were busy” She said while Shivay find himself drowning in guilt. He was not even able to protect her daughter. “I get very scared but Anika aunt scold him hardly” She added as he looks on. He feel like his words get died in his mouth. She move toward her room leaving him behind in his thoughts. Did she kill him for his daughter?

“Dad, I’m hungry. Why didn’t you served yet?” Khushi asked after coming outside and finding him on the same place. He came out of his thoughts and look toward her cluelessly. “Yeah…I am doing” He said while serving rice. “You are going to tell if anything like this happen again no matter how much busy I am,” He said caressing her hairs who nods her head while chewing rice. His phone starts ringing and he moves toward where his coat was hanging. He sees Karan’s name flashing on-screen and receive it. “What happen?” Shivay asked. “I did investigate in the neighbourhood where your client lives with her uncle. I found something really disturbing” He said while he get tensed. “What  did you found out?” He asked.

“There is a lady who start cursing as soon I asked about them. She said that her uncle tried to assault her granddaughter in past. They report it too but he suppressed it with his money. I did cross-check from station, there was a complaint but it get dropped later.” He said while Shivay get silent. “Are you listening me?” He said to him. “I will talk to you later” He cut the call without listening him ahead. So, she didn’t just protect his daughter, she took out her pain too. She killed him because she don’t want Khushi to suffer like her. She become monster for preventing Khushi to become victim like her. He defended a lot of people even after knowing they might be criminal, and he can’t be able to defend the one who really deserve. What type of a lawyer he was? Why didn’t he able to see the pain in her eyes behind that blankness. Why did he forget that every villain has a backstory when she called herself villain?

He looks toward his innocent daughter who was eating. She didn’t even know the motive of other people around her. The fact that he himself is not able to keep her daughter safe is killing him. And the one who was always hiding behind the curtains, she opened his eyes. He was a terrible father. He was busy in blaming himself until something strike in his mind. “I need to go somewhere. Let’s go” He said to her who looks on surprisingly. “Then go after locking from outside like always,” She said while he shook his head. “No, I will never going to leave you alone from onward,” He said with tears while hugging her. “Really?” She asked happily, unknown from the storm going inside his head.

He drove the car toward prison and enter inside. “Are we here to met Anika aunt?” Khushi asked innocently. “No, Just wait here,” He told her to sit in between all the officer. That bench was visible from the meeting room, so he can keep an eye on her. “I want to meet with Anika” He asked to warden as he looks on irritatingly. “You met with her few hours ago. Meeting time is going to over. We can’t allow it” He said to him rudely while he hold from his collar. “Listen, If I am telling you that I want to met her, then it’s urgent. Give me the keys” Shivay shout while all guard come to his rescue.

“How dare you to hold my collar?” Warden asked gritting his teeth. “How dare you to stop her attorney?” He shout back. “Case get over. You are not her lawyer anymore. You are going crazy after losing your first case” He taunts while Shivay looks on furiously. “She don’t deserve to be here….I need to talk with her” He said. “She is psycho who killed someone….She definitely deserve to be in this hell” Warden said. “Don’t utter rubbish in front of me” He said. Before their argument get increase, a guard come down while panting. “Sir, Inmate no. 21 cut her hand” He said as Shivay’s face become pale. “What the hell you were doing idiot? How did she get sharp thing?” Warden shout as he is going to be responsible if something happen to her. Shivay also run toward cell even after guard trying to stop him. He see her lying in blood. “Stop blaming each other and Call the damn ambulance.” He shout on warden who was blaming the guards. He immediately tie handkerchief on her wrist.

“Why the hell you did this? Why didn’t you tell me when I was asking?” He said while patting her cheek as tears flowed from her eyes. “Let me die….” She replied with difficulty. “You can get justice now. You should have believed me.” He said. “It won’t going to help now” She replied. “Please be with Khushi, she missed you a lot. Don’t let her become like me” She added with a smile. “Anika…Anika” He continuously shout while shaking her but no response come from her side. He closed her eyes from his hand and look at the blood on his hand. “I am sure that you only provoked her to do so. I will tell to authorities that you met wit her before the suicide” Warden said but he didn’t even care to reply him. He keeps her head down and moves outside. He looks toward his daughter who was sitting on a bench and tears start flowing from his eyes. She runs toward him. “Dad, Why are you crying? Did you get hurt? ” She tried to hold his hand but get stopped after looking blood. Shivay bends down on his knees. “You are bleeding. Please don’t cry….it won’t hurt. Let’s go to Doctor uncle” She said innocently wiping his tears. He hugged him, she was unknown that nobody can lessen his pain.

Note – Author don’t promote suicide or murders. It’s just a fiction how can a victims turned up when justice get delayed.

Okay, before all the shivika shipper kill me, remember that update of my other books are pending?. I know you all want to hang me for writing something like this but I like to be crazy.

Please share your views.

Stay safe everyone.


  1. It was awesome….justice delayed is justice denied…The explanation about real criminal was fab…though the ending was tragic but it was close to reality….

  2. ImRagela

    Wow di this was amazing ..So real which is happening in today’s world . It was tragic but really liked the writing of yours ..Superb ?????

  3. Prajkta

    Niyati…. This is how the real world is…. The story is good and I liked the way you presented it…. Though the ending was tragic I liked it…. Not all stories have a happy ending…. But it was happy in the way that Shivaay would be with his daughter and never leave her alone…. He understood that he has to be with Khushi so that she doesn’t go through what Anika went through…. Really praiseworthy….

  4. Meharin

    Wow diduuuu.awesome

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