Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaurya realizes his love for Anokhi


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guard saying Ahir has come to check for Shaurya, he went towards the hostel now. Alok says right, I will find out. Devi says I will go to girls hostel, if Anokhi is the reason, then I will not leave her. Anokhi asks what will happen. Shaurya says I have to leave. He gets up and trips. Anokhi holds Shaurya and cares for him. Devi, Alok and Tej come there. Devi calls out Shaurya. Anokhi opens the door.

Vineet wakes up and thinks to check whose call did Babli get. He unlocks her phone. She wakes up. She asks are you checking my phone. He asks whom are you talking to. She says mummy and Anokhi, no one else. He scolds her. He says I will keep your phone. She says please give it. He hurts her. She cries and begs for the phone. He gives the phone.

Ahir gets Shaurya with him. Devi asks where were you, what happened to your phone, tell me. Tej says let him take a breath. Shaurya says her questions are justified. Devi asks where were you, why didn’t you come home. Tej says its girls hostel corridor, I don’t want Shaurya to become a reason for girls to joke, go home and talk to him. Ahir says sorry, Shaurya had high fever. Dev asks why, you get allergy in rains. Alok thanks Ahir for help. Devi asks Ahir where did he get Shaurya. Ahir says in a library behind the girls hostel, he was unconscious, lying over the books. Devi asks how do you know he is there. Tej says you will interrogate the police.

Ahir says its okay. Tej asks Devi to come. He thanks Ahir. Anokhi recalls Shaurya asking Ahir to tell his family that he is found in the library. Anokhi thanks Ahir. He says I don’t want Shaurya to make a mistake every time. Shaurya turns and sees her with Ahir. He goes. Devi brings Shaurya home and asks him to have medicines. He says I m fine. Shaurya and Anokhi aren’t able to sleep. Pehla nasha….plays…. She says get well soon, I can’t see you like that, what am I feeling, why did you go, you should have stayed here, I was with you, what happened to me. She thinks of him. She sleeps. She wakes up by the alarm and gets ready. She comes to the college. She says Shaurya should have come by now, once I see him, I can focus on work.

Kanchan asks Shaurya to say the truth. Shaurya says I just went to meet Anokhi to talk about fest. She asks him to say truth. He says okay, sit, I went to meet her, I had to talk about fest. She asks him to say it fast. He says I mean many things were coming in my mind, when I reached there, I couldn’t say anything, I was behaving strange, I started sneezing and coughing. She asks didn’t she take care of you. He says no, she took care of me, in fact I was in her room. She teases him. He says she gave me medicines, I wasn’t conscious, I couldn’t thank her. She says its fine, say thanks and I love you today. He asks what. She says yes. He says yes.

She laughs and says you are in love. He says its nothing like that, seriously, its clear now. She says you have to ask Anokhi and tell her also, you have to ask if she feels the same, she won’t say until you say, when will you say, what day can be better than holi to share your feelings. He says I will tell her soon. He leaves. She says all the best. Gayatri comes and asks what are you doing, don’t put these things in his mind. Kanchan says no, he likes Anokhi. Devi asks what are you saying.

Anokhi imagines Shaurya. He says you are coming to meet me, try something different. She gets ready. Shaurya comes to meet her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice to see the soft corner of Shaurya. His conversation with kanchan is👌where is kanchan husband, i haven,nt seen him yet. Hé has to support his wife.
    Waiting for the reunite front PS and his mother Aastha. Hope that Shaan and Aastha Will be soon together.

  2. Shaury X Anokhi

    yes i totally agree very well said but i want ahir to go so shaurya confess and they be together then i will die happily.

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