Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anokhi gets the admission

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 23rd January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya asking Anokhi to explain economics with an example. Alok says think you are the teacher and we are your students, what’s economics, money? Anokhi asks can I use this board. Alok says yes, please. She says we will assume this to be a family who has 5000rs, they pay the hotel bill 5000rs, hotel bought the material from supplier and they pay the money to the supplier, the supplier pays the same amount to someone else, the hotel gets 5000rs back from the meat vendor, the family complains about the food and asks for refund, he gets 5000rs back, the money has paid everyone’s loans, if resource is used by different people of the society, we call it economics. Alok says she has explained it easily. The lady says its fine, but we pay attention to student’s academics and extracurricular cultural activities.

Anokhi says yes, I can sing and dance as well, I can sing now. Shaurya says its not a drama competition, its an admission interview. Shaan says we asked her about cultural activities, we will hear her singing. Anokhi sings Hum Honge kamyaab….. Shaan smiles. Shaurya says you answered about English and Economics, we shall ask about Hindi subject. He asks what’s password called in Hindi. Alok smiles. Shaurya begins the timer. Anokhi thinks and says Sanketik Shabd. Shaan smiles seeing Shaurya. Tej says you can go out and know our decision soon. She thanks them. She asks how was my interview. Tej asks her to wait outside. She says sorry and goes. Shaan says she answered all the questions right. Shaurya says yes, she was prepared. Alok says Shaan would have given her some tips. Shaan says Shaurya had set the questions, we got to know it after coming here, Alok is saying senseless things, she answered everything right, she is a brilliant student, you can’t deny it. Shaurya says yes, we are giving her much imp, why did she need recommendation, why are you supporting her. Alok says she is oversmart, the other kids will get spoiled by her. Shaan says I m glad to recommend her, she is a star student, she will make our college name shine, trust me. Anokhi waits outside.

Shaurya says I don’t think she has something special, she is just an average student. Shaan says you really think so, you are saying right, you are venting personal enmity on her. Lady asks what, do you know her already. Shaurya says no, I met her two days back at the library and saw her oversmartness, she broke the rules, she stayed in the library without anyone’s permission. Lady says its wrong, she shouldn’t get admission. Shaan says I gave her permission. Alok asks did we see permission on college letterhead. He says this girl will break more rules, its NO from my side. Shaan says if she doesn’t get admission, then I will think we are partial towards her. Shaurya says you have to decide now. Tej thinks. Shaan goes to Anokhi. She says I thought the interview went well, I should pass, but…. Shaan says you think right, you passed in the interview, you are selected, submit documents soon, then you will be officially a student of SIAC. She thanks him and cries. She says I will make everyone proud. He blesses her. Shaurya looks on. Anokhi happily dances. She says I will get the admission now. Shaurya says the SIAC rules will refuse the admission now. He goes home.

He recalls Shaan’s words and throws a glass. Devi asks what happened, tell me. He says I m much angry, you know that girl passed the interview, Aastha prepared her well to snatch my joy and peace. She calms him down. She says that’s why I asked you to stay away from Aastha, she left you, but I was there for you, didn’t you learn this from me, why are you getting affected, who is Aastha, no one, what can she do, nothing, how does it matter if Anokhi gets admission, there are many students in the college, she is one of them. Shaurya says this happened for the first time, we gave her admission after second term, why is dad supporting her, that girl did magic, dad wants to help her, I felt if he came back to institute, then I m the reason, but the reason is someone else. She calms him down. He says its our institute, not Aastha’s, we can’t let that girl succeed. Kanchan looks on.

Anokhi sees Shaurya. He says your admission isn’t confirmed until you submit transfer certificate and basic fees. She says I m a scholarship student. He asks her to pay 50000rs.

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  1. This Shaurya is getting too annoying. What is wrong with him. He wants to stop Anokhi bcs of the hatred he has for his mother
    Devi the wicked one, one day your secret will lick out

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