Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Babli warns Anokhi

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahir and Babli looking for Anokhi. Anokhi looks for Shaurya. Shaurya says why would Anokhi come here, she is upset with me. He imagines her. Pehli baar….plays… Anokhi asks why can’t I meet PS. She sees a man flying the drone camera. She takes his help. The drone reaches Shaurya’s balcony. Shaurya looks on. Anokhi comes there. Shaurya turns away. She goes back. He looks for her. He says I came here to stay away from you, its a punishment for me. Anokhi comes to him and says you didn’t tell anyone where you are going. She splashes water on him. He gets shocked and says you are actually here, what are you doing here.

She says you troubled me and I came here finding you. He asks did I trouble you. She says you didn’t inform me and came here, I had called you. He says we would have just fought, I came here to avoid that, problem won’t be there without me. She asks who said you are the problem, you didn’t feel what you should. He says I wasn’t able to control myself, why did you come. She says I also couldn’t control. He asks what are you saying, don’t say I m manipulating you, you don’t trust me. She says I would have not come so far if I didn’t trust you, you said I should come when I have an answer. He says it means you have an answer. She says I… He asks I what. He stops her. She says whatever you told yesterday, can you say that again, you told in anger, I didn’t understand. He says I won’t say it again, you want me to say it again, say it in a perfect moment, it should be our moment, I want it to be special. He holds her hand. Babli comes and shouts Nikki. Anokhi gets away from him. Babli scolds Anokhi. Shaurya interrupts. Babli says its your birthday tomorrow, mum is asking if she can come, what if she comes. She scolds Shaurya also.

Anokhi says he didn’t call me, I have come on own, he didn’t know that I m here. Shaurya says yes, right. Babli asks who paid for the ticket. Anokhi thinks Kanchan booked the ticket, taxi and hotel room. He thinks thanks Kanchan. Babli says I will go there and scold Kanchan, let it be, don’t imitate the rich people, I came here to take you. She asks Shaurya and Anokhi to shut up. She says you don’t know men, they just know to dominate us. Anokhi says PS isn’t such. Babli says you came to study, what are you doing, come to senses, don’t fall in love. Shaurya says I m confident, she will fight and win also, she is a smart and confident girl, she inspires everyone, I was sitting confused here, your stupid sister changed my mood in seconds. Anokhi says you called me stupid. He says you don’t listen to anyone else, I have changed.

Babli says you aren’t suitable for her. He says I would have agreed before, but I m a changed person, calm down, no need to hate me, I m not a bad person. Babli takes Anokhi with her. Anokhi asks what is Ahir doing here. Babli says Ahir got me here. Anokhi says Ahir has imp work. Ahir says I took a 7 day leave to spend time in Goa. Babli says I wish I could stay. Anokhi says we will stay. Ahir says you can tell family about the event. Anokhi thanks them for coming. Babli gets Vineet’s call. She says I reached the resort, I m with the family, it will take one week, its a big function, I will talk to you later. Anokhi says sorry, you had to come here. Ahir says no, thanks that I came here because of you. Anokhi says thanks for always helping me.

Anokhi goes to Babli and says sorry. Babli says you love Shaurya, who doesn’t love you. Anokhi says he has changed. Babli says he will break your heart, be careful. Anokhi says no, I trust him a lot, I m in love with him, I just fell in love, you also know these feelings, right. Babli cries. She says I told you once that you do everything that I couldn’t do, you study, fall in love, I will be the most happiest person if you succeed in love, I will be much hurt if anyone breaks your heart, don’t permit anyone to break your faith. Anokhi says it won’t happen. She wipes her tears. Shaurya says who will come between us now, its Anokhi’s birthday. He thinks it can’t be a better day than tomorrow to confess it. Anokhi hugs Babli and smiles.

Anokhi comes to meet Shaurya. Music plays…. They celebrate Anokhi’s birthday. Anokhi smiles. Devi says its her birthday, I will give her such a gift that she always remembers.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Babli how can she gives lecture to her sister wen she herself was in love bfore marrying vineet . How can she says father will not like all zese . As if her father love them more than his ego . Wat hap to babli brother who shoot ashta mam . Nothing was shown about it .

  2. I am literally scared about this devi and shagun planning plotting. There where already so many antagonists on the story why the hell did they add shagun. I hope ACP Ahir is also not a villain, can’t handle soo many antagonists against our shakhi and Thier love story is it necessary that a love story should be complicated every time with antagonists at the win can’t it be a bit peaceful. I hope this devi and shagun ki jodi won’t spoil our shakhi moments in Goa . Nahi tho it will be seriously hectic for us fans .

    1. Liz

      This Devi is a Cruela … I mean Devil 😈 she’s going to create a mess of all things …..

  3. And another thing is that let at least one daily soap be unique all daily soap have almost similar plotting with the antagonists spoiling the love story of lead pair ,then separation or hate story. Even the triangular love story In which one will turn a villain seriously sick of such tracks I know wits none of my business to share it here but thought of just sharing my views so that I can come to a conclusion whether I am wrong or right in this matter.

  4. Can anyone tell me is my opinion right or wrong I don’t mind criticisms too

    1. You are actually a genuine person……your thoughts are great I love it… I also don’t want any other person to spoil their love story waiting for the day both confess their love..

    2. Thank you itishna for understanding my point of view

  5. I would love for Devi’s plan to backfire

    Shagun ends up falling in love with Ahir 😂🤣 that woulr make my day forever 😏🙃

    1. This ideas isn’t bad though

    2. Hahaha my thoughts exactly! They’ll make a cute couple :))

  6. @Neehaa, am getting scared too cos devi character in this serial is bad . dont want watch the episode I wish all her plans fail. Where is shaan sir and astha maa?

    1. Exactly my point all the antagonists are in the peak of their plans and supporting roles are all invicible

  7. I love your serial. I am from Mauritius.
    Love the actors.would like to c artist with other outfits other that formal . Like jeans n colorful tops. Will add some life to this sober moment of pandemic. Shaurya is very natural.

  8. After watching precap ,I hope one of gift giving to Anokhi will not contain shaurya and shagun wedding card😡😡.cos devi said she will give anokhi such gift that she will always remember

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