Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Shagun frames Anokhi

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anokhi saying this accusation is a lie, I can’t do this against my family. Shaurya says yes, why would she do this, how did Priyanka change her statement, maybe she has some pressure. Alok says when I said I m saying the truth, then Priyanka was saying the truth, now she has become a liar. Shaan asks why did Priyanka attract the media and students. Alok says Anokhi told her. Anokhi says I want to talk to Priyanka once. Alok argues. Shagun says Anokhi should get a chance as well, I will call Priyanka. Priyanka comes. Tej asks her to just say the truth. Anokhi asks why did you do this. Shagun says I will ask her, I m the neutral person in this case. She asks Priyanka not to get scared.

Shagun asks her to say, did she write this letter herself. Priyanka says yes. Anokhi worries. Shagun asks did Anokhi force her. Priyanka says I have Anokhi’s recordings. Shagun plays the recordings. Everyone gets shocked. Priyanka recalls refusing to Shagun to blame Anokhi. Shagun says don’t think of Anokhi, think of yourself, you can’t afford your fees. She asks Priyanka to decide it, if she is happy to make Alok apologize, then remember that everyone will forget everything in two days, if she chooses to blame Anokhi, then she will get her scholarship and also a job for her brother. She tears the apology letter. Shagun goes to Alok. She says we have audio recording of Anokhi’s debate competition. They hear Anokhi’s audio. Alok says I will edit this audio, don’t worry. Shagun asks Priyanka to check the recording, play it in the meeting. FB ends. Everyone gets shocked. Anokhi asks what’s this nonsense, I didn’t do this. She asks Priyanka to say something. Alok says Anokhi is cunning. Tej scolds Anokhi for her hatred. He says I didn’t know you can fall to this level to defame us, you are sharp in conspiring against anyone. Anokhi asks him to get the authenticity test of the recording. She asks Shaurya to believe her. Shaan says I trust Anokhi, she can never do such a cheap thing.

Alok says wow, I m your younger brother, you don’t trust me, you trust Anokhi, its better that I don’t have a brother like you. Anokhi cries. Shagun asks Priyanka to go. Tej and everyone leave. Anokhi asks Shaurya to trust her. Shaurya goes. Shaan hugs Anokhi and consoles. Vineet asks what, Ahir and Babli’s marriage. Sharma says yes, they are getting married this week. Vineet says I will see them. Anokhi calls Shaurya. Reema says I know they are falsely accusing you, I was with you that time, I will tell them. Anokhi says no use. Kitty and Bebo come with students, and protest against Anokhi.

Shaan asks everyone to get back to their classes. He asks Anokhi not to get scared of them. She says no, I m not scared of them, I know I didn’t do anything wrong, I need Shaurya with me at this time. He says maybe he is at home. They go home. Devi says I m worried for Shaurya, he is embarrassed after Anokhi did this. Tej and everyone talk. Tej says I had doubted Alok. Alok thanks Shagun for all the help. She says its okay. Devi asks Gayatri and Kanchan to see what Anokhi did to break the family. Anokhi and Shaan come. Devi stops Anokhi. She says if you can make such a cheap plan to insult us, then we have no place for you here. Shaan says she is our bahu. Devi asks him not to talk in between. Anokhi says I don’t want to tell anything, you will think I m lying. Tej says no need to say anything, we will not believe you, our family would have got broken because of you, pack your bags and just leave. Anokhi says I will go, but before that, I want to meet Shaurya. Devi says he isn’t at home, he is so ashamed of your doing, he didn’t come back home, don’t know where is he, before he comes back home and you emotionally blackmail him, just pack your bags and leave from here.

Shaan takes Anokhi to Aastha’s place. Anokhi leaves Saberwal house. Shaurya asks how did you let Anokhi leave, I trust her a lot. Anokhi says I don’t think he trusts me. Shaurya says she can fight for others, but she can never lie.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. 4 more days to go – Zindagi Mere ghar Aana !
    Let’s see if it will win our hearts or not !

    1. Our hearts are already taken by SAAKK …Not at all interested for other mahaan show🙏

    2. Now udariyan will rule the 7pm slot….
      Saak was the best show ..i feel very emotional…will really miss debvir😭

  2. Exactly…
    Our soul and heart are already taken by SAAKK..
    It’s really unfair wz our show…and for us too…
    Me too not interested in any of their mahanadi show

  3. Absolutely ,they removed a beautiful show that people were interested in,nothing worthwhile watching on STARPLUS,hoping for season two of SAAKK,

    1. Jayanyi Seeram

      Agreed the best show ever let’s see how the few episodes are

  4. this is the best tvseries seen I don’t think I will watch their new show

  5. Jayanyi Seeram

    Hooe the couple of episodes are of a much happier ones and all bad issues are dealt with.
    Would love to see Alok and Shagun in prison. At least handsome Shaurya believes in Anokhi.
    Need to see all the episodes again.

  6. Love this show so much will surely miss it tremendously. Will switch to Zee and Sony

  7. pls are you all using startimes because the starplus on startimes is saying no service

  8. Priyanka you are soooooo cheap if you can sell someone who went against all her family & hubby to help you , then u can sell your soul; you, evil shagun, & aaloo alok should rot in jail

  9. Best show , keep this show please remove another .

  10. I absolutely love love this show. Will it so sosooo much. Love Shaurya.
    Absolutely the BEST soapie on tv.
    If Anokhi gets rusticated, so shld priyanka for making a spectacle of such a seroius matter, to help Alok bring the college reputation down.
    Poor Shaurya he does not even know what to think, so tired of all the drama. He just wants a peacefiul time in his start of marriage.
    Really hope there is a miracle around the corner where another tv station buy the rigjts and we can have a season 2 of this best ever soapie. All the best SAAKK.

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