Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 10th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaurya surprises Anokhi

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 10th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaurya thinking who has called Shagun and why. Shagun hides from him. Devi asks who are you finding. He says no one. She asks what happened to you. He says nothing, I m fine. She says you can’t lie to me. He says yes, I don’t know what’s happening, I felt like I have seen Shagun. She asks are you missing her, its not easy to forget first love, Shagun and your jodi was perfect, everything got ruined, we can talk to her if you want. Shaurya says no, its fine. Alok looks on. She says maybe you didn’t forget Shagun till now, you still love her. Shaurya says no. Devi says its true. Shaurya says I have to do holika work. He goes. Anokhi says I can’t face PS now. Shaurya comes to meet her. She smiles. Devi says we will not do this if you feel its wrong, I m doing this for Shaurya and your happiness.

Shagun says I didn’t mean that. Devi says you listen to your heart, lessen the distance, Shaurya’s holi wasn’t special, this can be special, you can make it special. Anokhi asks what happened, you had called. He asks why aren’t you ready. She asks how shall I do. He says I will make you ready, I m finding good clothes for you. She says I don’t want to go. He says you are the fest head, you have to go. She says we didn’t force any student. He says rules are rules. She asks why is it imp for me to come. He says you are imp.

Alok says you have come, no one told me. Shagun greets him. Alok says I think Devi called you, welcome. Devi says her parents stay here. Devi says Shaurya still loves Shagun, I won’t let Anokhi get the benefit, Shaurya will have a rich and classy partner. Alok says yes, make Shaurya and Shagun patch up. Devi says I want Shaurya to not let her go this time. Shaurya says you are imp, so you are chosen. Anokhi says no. They argue. He gets hurt. She says show me, are you hurt. He says I m fine.

She blows in his eyes. Meri raahein….plays… She falls over him. They fall on the bed. They have an eyelock. He says this will suit you if you say. Anokhi says if you go from here then… He goes out and waits for her. She gets ready and opens the door. He smiles seeing her. He asks her to come. She says you go, I will come. He says no, you go ahead, I will follow, so that you don’t change your intention. She goes. Devi says Shagun is lucky. Shaurya and Anokhi come there. Anokhi slips. Shaurya holds her. Devi and Alok see them and get angry. Shaurya comes to Devi. She asks him to go.

She asks Shagun to come in the holi function tomorrow. Shagun says yes. Devi says you should go today, it will be a problem if anyone see us. Shagun goes. Devi discusses her plan with Alok. Anokhi looks for her friends. Ahir comes and compliments her. He says I thought to celebrate holi with everyone. Shaurya looks on. Ahir compliments her. She thanks him. Shaurya comes to them. Ahir says I didn’t come on own, your family invited me to thank maybe, because I have found you that day. Shaurya says I should also thank you, you have saved me and helped us. Ahir says she is fine, you were missing. Shaurya goes. Ahir says you should have fun,, you should make friends. Reema asks will you be my friend. Ahir says ask Anokhi about it. Reema says you are smart. Students ask Shaurya to sing a song. He refuses. Everyone insists. Shaurya says I don’t want to sing. He sees Anokhi.

Shaurya says I have to do something of this ACP. Shaurya and Ahir get into an argument. Ahir arrests him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Samaila

    Mujhe laga ki Shaurya vineet ka dhulay karega but yeh toh ekdum 360 degree turn leliya

  2. Oh God,I fight a lot for the remote to watch this serial.Aaj ghar pe sare family hai.Mai tv pe nahi dekh paungi.Sabko na jaane kya dushmani SAAKK se.Koi dekhne hi nahi deti😭I wish the time slot changes.

  3. Honestly, Shaurya’s aunt needs to stop. She is so overbearing. Like he’s not even your son just your foster son who you claim and possess like a ghost. Lol what is this jabardasti dude he said no about liking Shagun but still you won’t stop pestering him about it. I swear she has some serious psychological problems and insecurity issues. Someone get her a doctor already. In my opinion she was just jealous of Aastha and Shaan for having a perfect life and family and that’s why she’s like let me go ruin it. I also only recently started following the show so I don’t know this for sure, but does the aunt have any kids?

  4. @srs_576, I dont think so no kids. she should to be exposed and shaurya need to see her true colour of what she did with astha ma and shaan .am really getting irritated of her character.

  5. The track is focusing on love between Shaurya and Anokhi now. But, as Shaurya is realizing his love, he should also realize his father’s love towards Aastha. Both father and son can help each other in getting the their loves in their lives. Shaurya can also go to Kapurthala to bond with his mom and meet his grandparents. The seniors are carrying a guilt of ruining their daughter’s life(Aastha) and also separating her from her son. May be Shaurya can meet them all,make them feel better. And the surprise would be when Shaan also joins them and it would be a happy occasion. And the Badi maa is shown her place. Yes, her fussing over Shaurya is irritating. Shaurya is a professor and he himself is dealing with many youngsters in college. This so called “betaaaaa…….kya huaaaaa.” can be toned down. Badi maa doesn’t have kids.ok So she wants all her aspirations to be fulfilled through Shaurya.
    And the show does not show that Anokhi’s brother (who shot Aastha ) is brought under the purview of law. He and Anokhi’s father (who have harassed Anokhi for long) must be taught a lesson.

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