Shattered Soul (swasan ten shots) by Mars Shot 4

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Hello!!!Thank you so much for your lovely response and sorry for the delay.

Shattered Soul(swasan ten shots)

Shot 4:
Bose house:
Swara came inside running and directly went to adarsh’s room. As she was about to knock the door then only she listened adarsh and pari talking. The door was slightly open so she was able to listen clearfully.
Adarsh:finally pari now I will be the no. One businessman. That sanskar maheshwari will be under me now.
Pari: u are very intelligent adarsh ji. But how will u defeat sanskar?
Adarsh: I had broken him using my dear sister.Now he will be shattered after swara’s betrayal and will not be able to concentrate on his business.
Swara was standing shocked. She never expected all this.she went inside.
Swara:bhai why u took revenge from Sanskar what he did to you?
Adrash: so u had listened never mind my work is done now and he was acting as an obstacles in my path to be at top position.
Swara: u had used me.
Adarsh: I don’t mind as u are my sister.
Swara: becoz of you I had hurted Sanskar. He is far better than you I just hate you. And now I will heal sanskar and will never let him fall in front of you.
Adarsh:u can’t do anything as he won’t believe you now.
Swara: u don’t worry about that just wait for your destruction.
She ran from there to her room. She remembers how sanskar was pleading her not to leave and how badly she had crushed his feelings.
Swara: no I have to see Sanskar. I will tell him everything.
She went to maheshwari house.

Maheshwari house:
Sujata opened the door and got angrily to see swara.
Sujata: now what u want?
Swara got scared.
Swara (whisper): I want to meet Sanskar.
Sujata: no need already u had spoiled his life now don’t come near my son.
Swara(crying): plzz I want to talk to him.
Uttara came from behind.
Uttara: there is nothing left to talk swara.
Swara: uttara plzz I just want to see him. He is fine??
Sujata: don’t show your fake concern.
Uttara: swara I request you plz leave.
Swara left from there. She don’t know what to do. Her guilt is killing her. She is so innocent to handle such situation.
She went to her home and went to shomi.

Shomi’s room:
Swara came inside and hugged shomi and cried bitterly.
Shomi: what happened Swara?
Later swara explained everything what adarsh did and how she hurted Sanskar.
Shomi(shocked): I m ashamed of my son and how can u do this shona and u didn’t told me.
Swara: bhai told not to tell you I m sorry ma.What should I do now.
Swara: the wounds u had given to Sanskar can be healed by you only.
Swara:ma I don’t want to live with them and I had taken one decision.
Swara told her what she decided.
Swara:u will support me?
Shomi: yes and by this only u can repent.
Swara: I will go and talk to sanskar’s bade papa.
Swara lie on Shomi’s lap and slept.

Maheshwari house:
Sanskar’s room:
Sanskar opened his eyes and sit on the bed. His eyes got filled with tears remembering swara. Then only sujata came inside.
Sujata: Sanskar u woke up.
Sanskar (smiles): yes mom
Sujata felt happy seeing him normal.
Sujata:u r fine na?
Sanskar: ofcouse no one can break this Sanskar.
Sujata : that’s like my son.
Sanskar(thinks): I don’t want to hurt to all as I already did a lot. I will bury my pain inside only and will try to forget swara which is next to impossible for me.
Sujata: I will bring best girl for you just forget that swara.
Sanskar: hmm

Kavita enter inside.
Kavita: hi Sanskar
Sanskar: hello kavita u here?
Kavita: actually my mom went out of town for some days so I will be staying here.
Sanskar: that’s good.
Kavita: I get to know about swara.
Sanskar: yeah let it be.
Kavita: happy that u r fine
Sanskar: I m sorry kavita bcoz of me you were also humiliated.
Kavita: Sanskar no need of sorry we are friends.
Sanskar: thanks.
Later sujata and kavita left.
Sanskar went and fresh up and to divert his mind he started working.

Maheshwari industries:
Swara came inside and went to reception.
Swara:excuse me I want to meet Mr durga prasad maheshwari.
Recp: I will ask from him
Later receptionist ask her to go.

Dp’s cabin:
After getting permission swara entered inside.
Dp: yes why are u here.
Swara: firstly i m sorry bcoz of me Sanskar took the step and u faced insult.
Dp: come to the point.
Swara(took deep breathe): i want to marry sanskar.
Dp;but u left her.
Swara: I had done that mistake and now everything will be set if I marry him and no one will then point at you also.
Dp thought for few mins and said
Dp: okay but don’t u dare to run away later.
Swara: I will not break your trust. My mom will come to talk about marriage
Do: ask her to come tomorrow I will talk to sanskar till then.
Swara:okay thank you.
Swara left from there happily as finally she will pacify sanskar.

Sanskar is standing in front of mirror holding goggles which swara had gifted him. Tears are not ready to leave his dark brown eyes.He still remember the words which she said while gifting
(swara: see sanskar I choosed back colour you look very handsome in black. Many girls will die seeing you)
He smiles sadly as a tear fell from his eyes.
Uttara came inside and called him
Uttara; bhai
Sanskar immediately wipe his tear and turn
Sanskar: ha uttara.
Uttara: bade Papa is calling you.
Sanskar(tensed): why?
Uttara: I don’t know that.
Sanskari: he was angry?
Uttara: no and he is in study
Sanskar: okay will meet him.
Sanskar left to meet dp.

Sanskar hesitately knocked the door.
Dp: come
Sanskar went inside and stood nead dp
Sanskar: bade before you say something I want to ask sorry for everything. I was mad in swara’s love that I didn’t care for anyone.plzz give me one chance I will never disappoint you.
Dp: okay I will forgive you but I have a condition.
Sanskar: I m ready to accept all conditions.
Dp: you have to marry the girl which in will choose for you.
Sanskar got shocked but he can’t deny to him again. He can never give swara’s place to anyone but then he remembered swara’s words” I don’t love you sanskar all was fake”. He closed his eyes and said
Sanskar: I m ready
Dp; fine tomorrow they are coming see her and then soon marriage will be done directly.
Sanskar: okay
Dp: u can go now.
Sanskar nodded and left from there.

Sanskar (monologue): I know it will be difficult to adjust with someone else. May be i will never able to love my future wife but will never hurt her bcoz of my past. I will not sit and cry for swara. She betrayed me, made fun of my love and she don’t deserve me.Now I will never let her come in my life.
To be continued…

Precap: Sanskar(dangerously): u will face hell after marrying me Swara
Swara: I m ready.

Hope so it was not that boring.
Thank you
Take care.

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