Shastri Sisters 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sareen and Minty crying and pleading the officers not to arrest Rajat, as he can’t be a traitor. Karishma thinks she did not think Rajat will get trapped if I trap Anu, what should I do now. Neil asks Rajat not to worry as there will be some solution. Rajat looks at Anu and leaves. Minty cries. The neighbors comes and says whats the big deal f Rajat took the bribe, how much money did he get. The neighbors gossip about him, and taunt Minty. Sareen takes Minty inside. Neil scolds them. Karishma pacifies Minty. Neil says we have to do something, lets talk to any lawyer. Minty gets angry and says we should kick out this girls, then the things will change. Sareen says don’t say anything. Minty says when should I tell then.

She says she knows when she went out with Rajat, people used to praise Rajat and talk to me with respect, and today when I leave out from home, they are taunting me. We have lost all our respect. They will call Rajat a traitor. She cries and says nothing will be fine, till the culprit does not get punished. She says Rajat is having the real pain in the jail, we can just shout here, and the one who has given this pain to him, I will….. I will not even take her name. Shastri ji comes there. Minty gets more angry seeing him. She looks at Sareen. Sareen goes to Shastri ji. Shastri ji says I came to see that… Sareen says that I m alive or died by shame. He asks him to leave as the talk will end on wrong point. Sareen leaves. Minty asks Shastri ji to go and taunts him.

Shastri ji says I told you my daughter has not done this, even I m sad for what happened with Rajat, I came to offer help. He says my daughter is innocent as your son, find the real culprit. Karishma gets tensed. Devyaani calls Alka and she is busy in kitchen. Hari and Bua ji see the scam. Alka brings the tea. Rohan comes home and greets Bua ji. Rohan says Alka made me fine, she took care of me. He says don’t come close, else I can get hurt again. He jokes. Astha says the pandit is real and praises him.

Bua ji asks where is Karishma. Astha says she went to meet Rajat and Minty, she loves them, Minty called her to take her for jewelry shopping. Karishma comes home and throws her bag on table angrily. The hot tea falls on Alka’s hand and Rohan worriedly shouts Karishma. He scolds her. Astha supports Karishma. Bua ji says enough and asks Karishma why is she worried. Karishma says because of her sister. Alka asks what happened. Karishma tells about Rajat’s arrest because of Anu. Everyone is shocked.

Astha says maybe she got jealous and did this to Rajat as he is marrying Karishma. She taunts the Shastri Sisters. Alka defends Anu and says she can’t do this. Karishma cries. Karishma tells Bua ji to save Rajat else she will do anything. Bua ji says no, but I can’t do anything, its just he can do. She says if Rajat is in problem, its our duty to help him. She calls her husband and he asks about Karishma. She says about Rajat’s arrest and Karishma is very worried. He says he is coming, as his daughter’s happiness is everything. She hugs Karishma and says your dad is coming, everything will be fine now.

Alka sees Devyaani’s missed calls and calls home. Shastri ji talks to her. Alka asks about Rajat, and how is everyone, how is Sareen uncle. She says tell Anu I know she did not do anything wrong. He says yes, don’t know how the CD came there. Alka says I will come there as we sisters will be there in tough times, be with Anu and take care. Alka asks Rohan can she go her home. Rohan says he knows everyting, and says he will take her. Alka says she will go alone as he is hurt. Bua ji comes and is angry as for not asking her. Alka asks her can she go. Bua ji says she can’t go home.

She asks her to be at home and serve her husband. Anu cries. Devyaani comes to her. Anu says Rajat’s eyes had anger and doubt on me. Devyaani says I have seen love for you in his eyes. Anu says don’t know where they took Rajat, how should I save him. Devyaani says by catching the real culprit, I know you did not do this, and you know Rajat did not do this, but someone did this. She says we will find that person and this time that person can’t be saved, as we both are together. Anu smiles. Devyaani gives her hand and Anu holds her hand and hugs her.

Sareen tells the people how can they call Rajat a traitor and scolds them. He asks them to see themselves first and wipes Rajat’s name from the wall. The men put black color on his face and take his pics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. End this karishma she’s intolerable!

  2. plz bring anuraj together soon otherwise i will not watch the show untill anuraj wedding
    i love anuraj sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  3. arey yaar bus karo this drama ko.and bring rajat and anu together.we r fedup with this stupid karisma so jaldi se make the truth come out soon.we just watch it rajat anu.if not then no use to watch.thanks for update.

  4. Trust is the Thing which binds the Relationship. If rajat doubts Anu I never see this ever..

  5. I think anu was crying for rajat.
    so sad

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