Shastri Sisters 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guests waiting for Alka. Vrinda and Astha attend them with the help of the maid Santo. Vrinda does not like the ladies taunting about Alka. The sisters miss Alka and thinks what might be doing now. Peeya says she will be missing me. Devyaani says no, me. Peeya calls out Anushka and says see Devyaani is teasing me. She says explain Devyaani I never cry and start crying. Anushka says we will talk to Alka later. Peeya sees the Saas ki Pitari bag and shows Anushka. They are shocked. The ladies say we will wait for sometime and then we will go. Alka says what to do now, Saas ki pitaari is not here, if they taunt my dad then. She worries and misses Anushka and Devyaani to find the solution.

The ladies as Vrinda to call Alka. Vrinda asks Astha to get Alka. Astha signs Santo and goes to Alka. She knocks her door smiling. She talks to Santo and says she will taunt educated bahus like Alka. Santu looks through the door keyhole and says Alka is not here. Astha is happy and goes to talk to Vrinda. Santo says its good, she run away herself, lazy woman. Astha brings Vrinda here and says Alks is not giving any reply, please check her. Vrinda knocks the door and asks Alka to open the door. She says everyone is waiting, come.

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Vrinda gets tensed as Alka does not open the door. Astha smiles. Alka comes out dressed well and with the saas kit pitaari items. Astha and Santo are shocked. Alka thinks how Devyaani called her and came with Neil to give her the saas ki pitaari to her. Alka says fine, come soon. Astha says we were calling you, why did you not reply. Alka says I was in washroom. Astha says fine, and looks inside. Astha goes inside the room. Alka thinks Devyaani is still at the window. Devyaani passed the bag from the window. Astha hears Devyaani and Neil arguing but does not see them, as Vrinda asks her to come.

Vrinda says its very late because of Alka, come now. They leave. Devyaani falls and asks Neil to give his hand. He holds her hand. Iss lamhe ko rok doon………………………..plays……………. He stares at her with love and smiles. Devyaani says she does not hate him now and she knows he does now hate her else he would have not helped him. He says he does not hate her now. She says fine, lets go home. They leave for home. Vrinda introduces Alka to her relatives. Alka greets their feet and takes their blessings. Alka gives him the gifts. Vrinda says Alka made this saree border herself.

The guests does not like the gifts and taunt. Astha smiles. Alka asks Vrinda to sit. Vrinda sits with Hari and Alka gifts them clothes. Vrinda blesses her. The lady calls Vrinda. Astha goes to them. The lady says I m practical, you know I won’t wear such saree, why did you give this to me, we are not greedy, saree is good, but out taste is different. Astha says yes, your choice is costly, but this saree is cheap. Alka feels bad. Rohan looks on. Vrinda says I will keep this saree, its my taste. Hari says Rohan and Vrinda’s taste is unique, they like the things which no one likes. Astha says Alka, don’t think we are talking about her.

Vrinda says no, why will she, everyone likes her. Hari says yes, we wait for her a lot. Vrinda praises Alka and Rohan smiles. Hari compares Alka with Astha. The ladies leave. Rohan wants to go but Hari stops him. Hari taunts him. Rohan leaves seeing Alka. Alka looks at him. Rohan smiles. Rajat works out at home. Sareen talks to him and backbites about Minty. Rajat says mum is right, you are always after her. Sareen says I love her. He talks about Shastri sisters and says they did all the work. Rajat asks about any other marriage nearby. Sareen says its marriage season, so many going on. Sareen asks why are you asking. Sareen jokes. Rajat laughs. Sareen leaves.

Rajat thinks about Anushka. He thinks why is she coming in his mind again and again. Devyaani and Anushka talk about Alka. Peeya says Rohan is with Alka. Devyaani teases her. Anushka says she is going on terrace to dry clothes. Devyaani jokes and she leaves. Anushka comes on the terrace and puts clothes on the wire. She sees Rajat there and he turns. They are shocked seeing each other.

Alka comes home crying with Rohan. Shastri ji talks to her. He says how did you come, its not patphere ritual, is there any problem at home. The sisters hugs Alka. Astha smiles and tells Vrinda that Alka went. Vrinday says no, Alka can’t go without asking me. Astha says call Rohan and ask. They call Rohan while they are coming back home.

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  1. Love this sereial.hope in the upcomming episode we can see anushka and rajat together PLEASE…

  2. I agree ishani xx

  3. I don’t like neil actually

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