Shastri Sisters 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty telling Rajat that she knows who has the CD she names Anu and points to her, shocking everyone. Anu says what are you saying, why will I do this. Minty says she will do this to take revenge from Rajat. Anu looks at Rajat. Minty says this is why she took Cd to take revenge for insult, and give pain to Rajat what pain she got. Anu cries. Minty says you got jealous seeing Rajat and Karishma. Anu says I can’t do this, I can’t even think this. Minty says she knows her thinking, as she fought with her. Anu says you all can search our house, I did not do this. Minty asks the officers to search Anu’s house. Rajat says mom….. Minty asks them to come. They all go to Shastri’s floor.

Alka arranges Karishma’s cupboard and a saree falls. She says this saree looks like a worker clothes, and sees the utensils basket. Rohan calls her and she goes out. Sareen asks Minty what she wants to prove. Minty says my son’s innocence. They start searching the house. Shastri ji comes and Sareen apologizes to her. Shastri ji says its fine, even I want to know the truth. He says we know they won’t get the CD here. Anu nods Rajat its fine. Karishma gets angry seeing their eyelock and thinks they won’t see each other even with love. They get the CD in Anu’s cupboard. Rohan calls Alka for coffee/juice. Alka says she is worried about Anu.

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She gets emotional and cries. He holds her hand. She says she is worried what Bua ji will think if Anu does not come. He says Bua ji will think goo, only I have a problem, as you stay away from me. He asks did her love end for him, and she wants to be away and using the excuse of pandit ji. She cries. He holds his ears and says I m sorry, I was joking. She says my love is special, don’t joke. He says sure, I will never joke on it, I promise. She moves away and says she will get juice for him. He gets upset. The officer shows the CD hidden, and Anu and everyone are shocked seeing it. Rajat looks at Anu. Karishma smiles.

Devyaani looks at Anu. The senior asks them to play the Cd on a laptop and check. Minty says I told you. They check the CD and it’s the confidential CD of Operation. He says the CD is of the operation. Everyone is shocked. Anu says CD, in my room, Papa ….. She tells Rajat that she does not know anything about the CD, tell something. . Minty gets angry and goes to slap Anu. She says now I understand what you were threatening me, that we have seen your good side and we should see your bad side, is this your bad side, I did not know its so bad, your aim was so good that you ruined my son’s life. Rajat geats tears in his eyes. Anu says no, I don’t know anything about this.

Minty says then how did the CD come in your room. Minty raises her hand, and Shastri ji holds her Cd. He says don’t dare to slap my daughter. He says if Anu has said she did not do anything, it meas she did not do anything. He says every seen truth is wrong for us, if world got blind, I will not get blind. Minty shouts saying he is blind to not see the truth, the CD is found here. He says then bring proof to show Anu has hidden it here. The senior says anyone would bring it, but Rajat fialed to do his duty, so Rajat Sareen is suspended from his post. He says all his medals will be taken away. Anu requests him not to d this. She says its proved that its not Rajat’s mistake, Rajat is cheated, please don’t take his duty.

The official says Anu is civilian and he will inform police, and he has to take Rajat for further interrogation. Minty says why, you got the Cd. He says lets go, and takes Rajat. Anu asks them to stop and holds Rajat’s hand, asking him not to worry, as truth will come out soon. Rajat signs her to stop it, and shocks Anu. Saajna………….plays………….. he is taken away. Anu cries. Rajat thinks about Minty’s words and the CD found with Anu. The neighbors start gossiping about Rajat. He thinks about Anu and cries as he is handcuffed and taken. Rajat and Anu’s moments are shown in reverse form.

Karishma tells Bua ji to save Rajat else she will do anything. Bua ji says no, but I can’t do anything, its just he can do. She calls her husband and he asks about Karishma. She says about Rajat’s arrest and Karishma is very worried. He says he is coming, as his daughter’s happiness is everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. its really worse epidose.rajat how can u not truth ur anu.its really bad.i thought to leave the serial.but after cing the spoiler iam excited to watah thd expose the truth of karisma and rajat anu ka marriage also.egarly waiting for that moment.

  2. Y always this nonsense moments happening for Anu and rajat… I hate that stupid dramatic queen astha and foolish karishma.. Both them will have a big slap soon…… By the Anu rajat marriage……

  3. Why do u guys talk about boring stuff??? Ramal n priyaroli

  4. Ummmm…this one too is turning into a crap show….

  5. spoiler is good…. lets seeeee…

  6. what is most important self respect or Love?
    Why Anu & Devyani do not suggest to leave from here and stay with self respect and Pride and chase their love. They were more brave in the beginning of the show now it is going down the drain with other people’s action. Portait all characters in upward directions not same old bad people vs good people

  7. Then u talk about the interesting stuff sugarrrrrr…….

  8. hmm……..something interesting…….I cant wait to see Karishma get caught in front of everone………And I think this entire plot was planned by Astha and Minty to seperate Rajat and Anu…….

  9. I think it is all rajat’s mistake. He knew that karishma was behind him so it was simple logic that he had to change the password once karishma went.

  10. I read the spoilers I am excited about the I also watch behind the scene rajat wiil marry anu

  11. Interesting

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