Shastri Sisters 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Peeya hurting her hand and diverting Shastri ji. Its Neil and his friends who are doing this. Devyaani takes the phone and scolds them. The guys asks her to get ready as he is coming. Neil smiles knowing Devyaani was scared a lot. They plan to take revenge for that slap on Neil and smile. The girls are much stupid according to Neil. Shastri ji cares for Peeya’s finger and leaves. Devyaani thanks Peeya for saving her and gives her earrings to Peeya as she wanted it. She hugs her and Alka hugs Anushka.

Sareen talks to Minty and he flirts with her, seeing her worried for Alka, and fixing her with Rohan. Sareen says Alka has to like Rohan. Devyaani is scared and says she won’t come in Chowki. Anushka says dad will be there, don’t worry. Devyaano says if he comes infront of them, it will be a problem. Anushka cheers her. Neil plans to do everything infront of everyone so bring shame to Devyaani and ruin her character. Anushka promises Devyaani that she will expose that guy, we have to fight for girls. Devyaani asks is she not scared. Anushka says no.

Neil says he is not scared of anyone. Neil says he has to teach them a lesson. The planning will be perfect and no one will know us. Anushka says no one is perfect, he will make some mistake, if Mata gives him chance to come in Chowki to punish him, trust Mata and come with me, I can’t leave you alone like this. Neil says I will make Devyaani out of her house, she has humiliated me infront of my dad, I will humiliate them infront of my dad. The Mata Ki Chowki starts and Minty sees Alka looking stunning.

She asks is anyone special coming today. Alka says no. Minty says why, he can come, don’t worry, you will know everything in some time. Alka gets Anushka and thinks to tell her everything about Rajeev. Rohan comes with his parents. Roli from Sasural Simar Ka comes with Mata ji and her younger sister. They are welcomed well.

Alka tells Anushka about her love and feelings, but Anushka does not hear her. Minty sees Alka saying I love Rajeev ji, tell me what should I do Anu. She turns and sees Anushka gone. Minty looks on. Neil gives a phone to Devyaani and says it’s a call for you. He signs his friend. He keeps the mic on her and the guy’s sound is heard to everyone. Neil smiles. Everyone is shocked. Shastri ji is shocked hearing about Devyaani. The ladies gossip about Devyaani. Rohan feels bad too. Roli looks on. Shastri ji brings down Devyaani from the stage. Anushka comes and says Papa, wont you like to know who was it. Everyone look at her.

Everyone ask Anushka to tell the name of the guy. Pammi asks then how is Devyaani getting the calls. Anushka defends Devyaani. Roli’s Mami ji asks her to tell the name, if she knows the truth. Anushka says yes, first I will ask aunty ji one question, if any girl gets a call like this, she should be ashamed, if he son did this, then what. Pammi asks what do you mean. Anushka looks on.

Roli gives a lecture on sister power who are protective shield and Maa’s blessings to each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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