Shastri Sisters 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat finding Anushka. Anushka drowns in the river and shouts for help. Rahat sees her and jumps in the river. He swims and reaches her. He brings her out. Shastri ji and Sareen are on the way. Shastri ji thinks about Anushka’s lies. Shastri ji comes there to the camp and comes to know Anushka is lost. He scolds the staff and is worried. Sareen says till Rajat is with her, she is safe, don’t worry. Rajat takes Anushka to a place and asks for help. Sareen tells Devyaani that Shastri ji came to know about Alka, don’t make him more angry now. Rajat sees Anushka not responding and pumps off water.

He thinks to give mouth to mouth respiration. Anushka wakes up and pushes him. She asks what were you doing, are you not ashamed, how can you fall so low. He says I was saving your life. She says this way. He says this is called CPR, bones are not to kiss, but to fill air in lungs too. She says yes I fell in water. He says he saved her life twice, if I did wrong, then tell me. She says I m sorry, and thinks about Alka. She says she has to go home and is unable to get up. He says your leg is hurt maybe. She says she has to go.

He says the jungle is full of animals, it will be night now. She says its important for her to go. He says you are hurt and can catch cold too, as your clothes got wet, I will arrange wood to make fire, you stay here. Devyaani gives food to Shastri ji and he refuses to have it. Rajat ignites the fire and talks to Anushka saying he did fencing as its leopard area, but leopard is afraid of fire and we are safe now. He asks is she very much hurt. She starts feeling cold.

He removes his shirt and covers her. Music plays…………. He says wear his. She asks why. He says its very old shirt, I think uts good to give you than throwing, ok, you are feeling cold, use this. She asks why do you talk as if you know whats going on in my heart. He says why do you talk as if I did any mistake, I always saved you and showing concern, what wrong did I do. She says whats normal here, I have to go home. He says yes, what should I do to make your mood fine. He says he has a daring heart and will do what she says. She says get a chocolate for me. He smiles and says I will try, if any animal comes here, then you manage. He leaves.

Devyaani tells Neil that Papa came to know about Alka’s problem, he is much worried. She cries and says don’t know where is Anushka. She hugs him and says till we get Anushka, you please be with me. Rajat comes and gives berries to Anushka. He says its flavor is like chocs, I have earned it. She smiles and eats it. He says its great, that you smile. He says when everything is normal, tell me why did you come in jungle. She says Papa came to know Alka Didi’s problem so I was going home, don’t know how did he reacted. Rajat says he might be angry. She says yes.

He says I think your dad is very close to you, you become his friend, mum and grandmum. She says yes, he never got angry on me, he got scolded by me. He says you did not leave him too. She says I m his life, I can’t leave him. I will stay without marriage too, but I will always be with him. He says if you get any Ghar Jamai. She says then I will think. He says if someone around home. She says who. He says anyone. They have a talk. Its morning, Rajat wakes up and sees Anushka sleeping. He smiles seeing her.

He wakes up Anushka and says gives her bamboo tea. He says its boiled water, its safe to have. He says he got some roots, they can have it. He says lets go to camp now. Anushka is unable to move and Rajat says it got swelling. She says how will we go now. Shastri ji tells Neil that he will also come with him. Neil says its hard way. Sareen says don’t be adamant, they are army people and will go, we can’t go. They are shocked seeing Rajat bringing Anushka carrying her in his arms. Anushka is shocked seeing her dad.

Shastri ji cries and scolds all his daughters. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. wow yaar anu and rajat u guys r amazing by day i like the show very much.

  2. Me toooo

  3. me too because rajat was helping anushka

  4. rahat is not rajit name

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