Shastri Sisters 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sareen coming to Anu and seeing her cry. He says your words have touched my heart that day and I did not stop you to make Rajat realize his mistake. He pacifies her and asks her to come with him. Shastri ji comes and hugs Sareen. Sareen jokes and makes them smile calling Shastri ji old, and asking him to perform bhaangra. All neighbors talk in Rajat’s favor. A man comes and congratulates Sareen. Sareen recalls he is the one who has thrown ink on his face. Anu scolds the man and asks him to balance the wrong by doing right. She brings a cloth and gives him. She says erase your mistakes and we will forgive you, apologize to us. Neil hugs Minty and Sareen. The man cleans the wall on which he named Rajat the traitor. Sareen and everyone smile, and cry happily. Sareen hugs Anu.

Alka calls Rohan and tells him about messages and he asks her to meet that man. She says I won’t go alone. He says meet me there, we will go together. The boss tells Rajat that department wants to promote you, on this assignment condition. He shows the letter of transfer. Rajat is shocked. He says I know your reaction will be this as you are newly married, you might be thinking about your wife. Neil comes to Anu and asks her to make food, as Minty is not at home. She says you can come to me, even if mum is at home. She cooks and serves him food.

He indirectly talks about Rajat, and asks him to take care of him. Rajat thinks Anu did not come to meet me, she does not care, and accepts the assignment. The boss asks is he sure. Neil says Rajat’s ego is somewhat big. Devyaani comes and says no, its very big, he should have told sorry. Neil says yes, call him and scold him. Rajat calls Neil. Neil puts it on speaker. Rajat says I m trying mum’s phone, where is he. Neil says she went to kitty party. Rajat says I m getting promotion, and I have to take transfer to Dehradun, I m going tomorrow morning. They get shocked.

Rajat says yes, I have agreed for this transfer. He ends the call. Anu gets sad. Devyaani and Neil ask Anu to stop Rajat, and he won’t go anywhere. Anu says no, he would have told me before saying yes, but he told me now, it means he does not want anyone to interfere in his decision, so I won’t do anything. She leaves. Devyaani tells Neil that they both will not call and sing sad songs, I have an idea, they should meet in private and they will ignite the spark, and hearts will beat. He says on terrace. She says on calm place, dad will call Anu here and romance can’t happen, think. He smiles.

Alka tells Vrinda that she is going to meet Rohan. Astha asks don’t you meet at home. She says Rohan has to be on shop. Alka says its matter of sometime, I will come soon. Vrinda smiles and says fine, go. Sareen asks Rajat how did he say yes, by asking whom. Rajat says I was getting good chance of promotion so I said yes. Sareen says you are lying to me, you are afraid if you stay near Anu, you can’t be far, so you are going. Minty says he is adult, and can take his decisions, you can go. Sareen scolds her. He says Anu will not be knowing this.

Neil says she knows, as I was there when Rajat called. He says why will she come of Rajat decided. Rajat says yes I decided, I don’t have any reason to stay here. Neil says I will give you reason, and looks at Sareen. He leaves. Sareen asks Rajat to go if he wants, but after this point, he can’t come back to Anu.

Alka meets Rohan in hotel and says I got more messages. He smiles and says maybe that guy loves you. She says I will scold him. He gets glad. Neil talks to Rajat and asks him to stay here for him. Rajat says you are doing drama being with Devyaani, tell me where to go. Neil says café and smiles. Peeya and Devyaani see Anu upset. Anu says I was not at home for two days and its all mess, I m cleaning. Devyaani asks her to clean her ego, and not work to keep her mind busy. She asks Anu to stop Rajat, else she will be sad and will make her sad too. Anu says don’t say this, I want to be strong, I need my sisters in this hard time, if you are with me, I will try to get happy and will make you happy too. They hug Anu. Devyaani says lets go to coffee shop to make your mood good.

Rajat is at café and says Anu would have called me once. Anu comes there and he does not see her. Devyaani asks Anu to see seats and she will come. Anu asks the waiter. Neil and Devyaani looks on, as Anu is given the same table. Anu and Rajat are shocked seeing each other. Saajna…………..plays………………

Rajat says he is running away, sorry dad. Anu looks on. Rajat sees her crying. Saajna……………plays………….. He leaves in the car.

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  1. I have good news I saw a behind scene I saw rajat give to big hug they will be together

  2. Ada ponga da.. Eppavum avanga 2 perayum kaatitu mudichireenga. Next day Raj oru pakkam Anu oru pakkama poiraainga… 🙁

  3. Hes gunna go n den stop half way for he realizes his love for anu n on da ova hnd anu is goin to confess her love for rajat

  4. Hmm… good episode but this is gettig SAD and HORRIBLE!!! I mean stop this drama rajat and go and tell anu you love her.
    I hope we can watch more romantic scenes from anuraj… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Yaar the road to true luv is never a cake walk. So yh sab hona hi vtha. At the end they will b b together

  6. Babs …. Don’t worry. Anu and raj will be together quickly… And we all know… This is the thing which is 2 b happening… Then y yaar…..!!!!! Just chilllll….

  7. Wah Hussain shayari achi hai.

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