Shastri Sisters 6th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 6th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha telling Shastri ji that she has caught Alka and Rajeev red handed. Hari asks Sareen what wrong did they do that he brought Alka’s proposal for them. He taunts Sareen and Minty asking them not to do with anyone else. They leave. Shastri ji gets tears in her eyes and looks at Alka. Alka cries. Shastri ji asks Alka what did Hari say, tell me is it true. He asks did she go to meet Rajeev. She says yes. They are shocked. She tells them everything how Rajeev followed her and made Rohan get thr wrong impression. She says I went to him to say to be away from my family.

Shastri ji gets angry and says why did you do this, you did not act smart, you studied in college and thought you will manage everything, now society will punish you. He says Alka has ruined her life and scolds her. He asks her to understand the tough situation, think about the future, you have ended everything now. She says she did not wish to hurt him, but she got cheated. She asks him to forgive her one last time and cries. He takes his hand off. She falls in his feet and he leaves. Sareen consoles her.

Minty acts annoyed. Peeya brings Alka in the room. She calls Anushka and tells everything. Anushka is shocked. Minty says she would have called Rohan’s family if she knew all this. Sareen asks Shastri ji to talk to Alka. Shastri ji says no. Anushka cries and asks Peeya to take care of dad and Alka. She rushes to Devyaani and does not find her. Riya says Devyaani went on trekking. Anushka calls her and can’t connect. She says she will go alone if Devyaani can’t come, she has to leave without telling anyone. She says she will leave a letter for Devyaani.

Shastri ji says why does my daughters do mistakes, then fight and take support of lies. Sareen says they don’t know right and wrong, as they did no have mother. Shastri ji says but their dad is alive, I did not die. He cries. Peeya gives water to Alka and asks what else will she have. Alka says she does not want anything now. Alka asks Peeya to take care of their dad. Anushka rushes to her camp and writes the letter in which she states about Alka’s problem, and she is leaving to support Alka. Alka talks to Lord and prays for Shastri ji. Alka says she will go far from home. Peeya comes and says dad went somewhere. Alka is shocked.

Peeya says he went somewhere in anger and Sareen went to find him. Anushka sees the route through GPS and road way is long and jungle way is short. She thinks she will go through jungle way. Raat talks to his staff and says the jungle is not safe, I will talk to everyone. Anushka sees Rajat coming and runs. Alka cries and asks Minty where did dad go. Minty scolds her for always troubling Shastri ji., She says she does not wish to talk to her, she is very angry on her, why did she go to meet Rajeev. Minty says he went to camp to talk to Anushka and Devyaani. Anushka goes on the jungle and does not see the leopard caution sign.

Anushka gets lost in the jungle. Devyaani tells everyone that Anushka is nowhere. Neil asks her not to worry. Rajat says he will find her with his team and asks Neil to take care of Devyaani. Anushka falls into the river.

Rajat looks for Anushka in the jungle. Shastri ji asks where is Anushka. Neil says maybe she is lost on jungle. He gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Guys please answer basically on new promo for shastri sisters on you tube something happens and I cant umderstand pleasseee can domeone translate it pls thanks xxc

  2. anu gets lost in jungle & she slips and falls into a river,rajat goes on a search for anu in jungle….anu shouts for help.rajat finds anu in river & jumps in to water to save anu & finally he carries her out of the water,shastriji & mr.sareen reaches the camp & asks for anu.neil says she got lost into jungle.thy get tensed.the night falls,so rajat & anu stays @ a hut…spending some cute moments 2gether.he gives his shirt to anu to wear.nxt mrng,everyone r out of d hut & sees anu in d arms of rajat.all r shocked.shastri ji slaps anu for crossng limits & breakng his trust ovr thm.shastriji says now i will bring limits in ur lyf seeng anu.

    1. Thank u soooooo much!!!!!

  3. Although I dont get ending of promo what hes guna bring

  4. Limits…. what tgat supposed to mean sorry im a bit dumb lol

  5. Limits mean, to discipline child when they cross the line by doing wrong thing so father make rule for all daughters to follow.

  6. But I don’t gey what did anushka do???? Thats soo bad?

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