Shastri Sisters 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty asking Rajat to spend time with Anu, and asks him to take her out as his honeymoon did not complete. Rajat says you are so sweet and hugs her. He says thanks for accepting her, she loves Chinese, I will book a table. He goes to Anu and asks her to give him once chance to become an ideal dinner. He says he planned a romantic dinner, mum will do this work, you just manage me. Minty looks on and shows him thumps up. Rajat smiles.

Shastri ji recalls Astha’s words and is tensed. Rohan and Alka come to him and he is shocked seeing them. He welcomes them and says he can understand why he came here, as he has self esteem. Rohan asks can Alka stay here till I arrange some place, I can’t stay here. Shastri ji says I will not let Alka stay here alone, this is my decision. Rohan says fine and agrees to stay.

Sareen jokes on Minty and says her heart is beautiful, as she planned dinner for Rajat and Anu. Anu gets ready and comes. Sareen compliments her. Minty sees watch and waits. Sareen blesses them. Rajat says Anu that she is looking hot, he can cancel dinner and go somewhere else. She says lets go. Minty asks them whats the hurry and makes them busy. She acts sweet to Anu and blesses them. Sareen says before her mood changes, you both go. Rajat says we will go, as we booked a table and will get late. Minty thinks to stop them, else her plan will fail.

She says take the home keys, as we may also go for dinner, I will get the keys, wait here. Sareen asks her why their dinner now. Veer comes and asks Rajat about being ready to welcome him. Rajat is shocked. Veer greets everyone and says he came on time for dinner plan, as Anu messaged me. Rajat is shocked, and looks at Anu. Veer asks whats wrong, did I make a mistake, wherever I go, people get happy, but here you all got tensed, is dinner here or shall I go. Anu says no, its my mistake, not yours, I forgot after I messaged you, and everyone is glad seeing you here, sit with dad, I will get something.

Sareen says he will get the drinks and takes Veer. Minty asks Anu why did she call Veer, they did not make dinner, fine we will make the dinner, else you will think we don’t respect your friend. She asks Anu why did she forget. Anu says I did not message, maybe its misunderstanding, I lied as it was getting awkward for Veer. Minty says we will make Matar Paneer, I wil serve cold drinks. Anu thinks and says why did Veer feel I invited him, when I did not message him.

Minty says I know he is lying. Anu asks what. Minty says I mean he loves you, you got married, but he is alone, his time may not be passing. Anu says he should move on. Minty says I feel till he does not get any other girl, you will be stuck in his thoughts. Anu says then what to do. Minty says we should get him married to some nice girl. Anu says no, Veer will not agree. Minty asks her to try and see, if Veer marries, he will settle like Rajat. Anu says you are saying right, I will talk to Veer. Minty says yes, take the cold drinks.

Anu goes out and Rajat asks where is Anu. Minty says she went to sit with Veer. Rajat says I was in room to cancel bookings. Minty says she gave you a shock in return to your surprise, she should have told you about Veer, I understand you are feeling bad, but I m feeling more bad as this was my plan, I m very sorry. Rajat asks why are you being sorry, its Anu’s mistake, she would have told me if she invited Veer. She says its not normal relation, this would have not happened if I did not do the mistake, its awkward now, but everything will be fine, spend time with her so that she forgets bonding with Veer. He asks about Neil. She says he is in room upstairs, don’t know what happened to him.

Devyaani works on some design and sees a short dress. Neil looks on and smiles. He asks her to wear this dress. Devyaani asks who is he, and are we friends. Neil says this goes on in friends. She says fine, friends fight and have fun, not ask to wear short dress. He says she is more than a friend. She reminds him she felt this, but he said they are just friends. He says sorry, please wear this dress. She says this thing is asked a GF to do, I feel uncomfortable to wear such short dress. He gets upset. She looks at him and sees the dress.

Anu talks to Veer about cricket and Rajat looks on. Rajat opposes about cricket and Veer says this can end our friendship. Anu holds Veer and laughs on his joke. Rajat is stunned. Anu serves him the cold drink. She says I will go to mummy, and he recalls her words.

Anu holds her ears and he forgives her. She makes a lunch plan and he gets a message that Anu is with Veer at some café. He is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanks for the fast updates amena..thumbs up..

  2. Finally rajath doubts about anu. Here if Rajath loves her he wont do that. Happy for new relation between Nhile and Dev

  3. Neil and devyaani foreva xox

  4. I like neil dev.

  5. These story lines are so boring seen them before in so many series ,not watching it any more

  6. I shamed on minty why she do that it’s a super b I t e c h someone plz killer her before I kill that b I t e c h…enough that

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