Shastri Sisters 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha talking on phone. She gets tensed seeing Vrinda and says she was talking to her mum. Vrinda says its 4 years of marriage now, start your family, we will be glad. Astha smiles and Vrinda blesses her. Alka tells Anu that she took a bold step, and she will support her. She says what Anu is saying is right, what should I advice her, I can’t forget that Rohan did not need any proof from me, and believed me. She recalls Rohan’s words and smiles, thanking Lord to give her a good husband like Rohan, and prays for Anu. Rohan comes and asks why is she crying. She hugs him. She says she was thanking Lord for giving him. Rohan asks what did he do. She praises him. He says I m lucky to get you.

She gets shy and he makes her smile. She asks what is he doing. Vrinda calls Alka, and Rohan stops Alka holding her hand. She then leaves. Rohan smiles. Devyaani waits for Neil and says where is he, he called me in cold and did not come till now. Neil gets ready and smiles. He comes to her and sees her waiting. He thinks sorry Devyaani, nothing changed for me, even if I see you today, I keep seeing you, I wish you love me too. Devyaani talks to him, and asks what did he get to eat, if they have to celebrate. She takes hi jacket and wears it, asking him to sit in cold. Neil goes and comes, saying surprise.

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He brings champagne, and they sit to drink. They talk about Rajat and Anu, and they can bring them close. She says promise me, you won’t do such foolishness again. He promises her and gets hurt. She cares for him. She blows in his eyes and music plays………….. he thinks can he become more than friend for her. She says tell me, are you ready to become my partner. He asks partner, in what? She says to unite Rajat and Anu, we are not starting any business. He says yes, and they shake hands. They smile.

Its morning, Rajat wakes up and sees Anu’s pic at the bed side table. Neil smiles seeing Rajat staring at the pic. He says he is happy seeing pic, he will be happy seeing Anu, go to Anu and share your feelings. Anu sees Rajat’s pic in her room, and Devyaani looks from far. She smiles and says all annoyance will be gone seeing one look. Rajat gets up and keeps the pic in drawer. Neil says whats this, I asked him to get feelings out, and he has put pic in drawer, my part failed, I hope Devyaani’s plan succeeds. Anu takes cutter to remove pic. Saajna………………plays………….. Devyaani tells Peeya that Anu might have recalled all annoyance. Anu removes the pic and folds it. Devyaani says thank God. Anu keeps it in drawer.

Sareen asks Rajat why is he coming to meet me like this. Rajat says don’t know, we will know in sometime, I will see outside. Neil smiles and messages Devyaani that Rajat is going out. Devyaani gets the message and smiles.

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Devyaani sends Anu by some excuse. Anu walks and bumps into Rajat. She falls and he holds her, having an eyelock. Saajna……………….plays…………….Devyaani and Neil see them. She says if two people are having problems to be together, it means they are made for each other. Neil says I also feel the same. She moves away from Neil. Rajat leaves Anu.

Rajat’s senior tells Sareen and Rajat that Anu cleared all doubts, and department wants Rajat to join duty again. Rajat and Sareen are glad. Rajat wears uniform and looks at Anu. Saajna……………….plays………………..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. What a epi.waiting for tomorrow’s epi eagerly.and Mr writers please jald se clear doubts and pls marry ANURAJ v want to c them as a married couple and thank u writers v are getting triple romance I mean rohanalka,anuraj.neildeviyaani.thank u.nazar na lage.

  2. want them together but rajat did mistake again again.he couldn’t realise what anu want from him.

  3. T story s moving good .. nice to watch tis…

  4. Awwwwwwww sooo sweet yaaar, i love today’s storyline it actually looks good, and deviyani and Neil love story starting soon. Peeya where is your love story?

  5. Woooooooo….. Nice epi yaar…. But y u guys need a quick forgiveness for Raj… Just wait yaar… This distance love is sooooooo good.. Raj must realize his fault. And the Neil devyani romands also so nice ..

  6. Peeya’s love has a long time to come , doesn’t …!! The people who want a new love story pls like the comment!;)

  7. wow after a long time back they r showing all good good scene.bus rajat now its ur turn say sry to anu and say that u cant leave without her.waiting for upcoming epidose.and so happy to c my one of my serial is back on track.thanks for update yaar amena.

  8. I like the show now because anu her self respect back(and in other shows it just goes on).
    I think every girl should be like this characher. 🙂

    1. *wants her self respect

  9. Fantastic Episode Yaar……

  10. Fantastic Episode Yaar……
    <3 Jeet Liye

  11. rajat quickly say sorry to anu and bring back to home and marry her

  12. I like the episode of yestraday it was not boring

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