Shastri Sisters 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka coming to meet Rajeev at the temple. She asks why did he call her here. He says he did not call her here to talk, but to hurt her, as she has come in between the lovers Alka and him. He says Alka would have been mine. Shastri ji says my wife died, I know parents do Kanyadaan, but what can I do now. Anushka says Alka got away from you that day she came to know you did not stand for her. He says this is a lie. Rajat comes there looking for Anu and says she should have realized the phone fell. Peeya says lets call Maa here. She brings her pic. Sareen says Shastri ji to do Alka’s kanyadaan with his wife’s pic. Devyaani asks pandit ji does he have any problem now. Everyone smile. Shastri ji holds his wife‘s pic and does Alka’s Kanyadaan.

Rajeev scolds Anushka and says Alka loves me. Anushka says no, she does not love you now, she is marrying Rohan by her wish, she is happy with him. Rajeev gets angry. The pandit ji asks for Alka’s brothers. Astha says they are sisters. Shastri ji says they are my daughters, but like sons too. He says my sisters will do the brother’s rituals. Rohan says yes, you are right. Hari taunts them. Bua asks Peeya to call Anushka. Rajat looks for Anu and says where did she go.

Devyaani says her phone is off. She asks Peeya not to tell dad. Minty asks them where is Anushka, come fast for the rituals. Neil comes and says Anushka is out, she is saying bye to guests. Minty asks why, get her fast. Devyaani asks Neil is Anushka really out. He says stupid, I was saving you, she is missing, go inside, I will look for her. Rajeev says Anushka that you made Alka against me, lovers forgive each other’s mistake. Anushka says stop this nonsense, marriage might be over by now, you can’t do anything. Alka and Rohan take the rounds. Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu…………………plays…………………. Rajeev is stunned and says lie, lie, it’s a lie.

Anushka says if you want respect in Alka’s eyes, delete all message and videos. She asys I had doubt on you that you are lying, you are a coward, what can we expect from you. She says you don’t love Alka, it’s a lie, and you lied to call me here, I m happy Rajeev that Alka is not marrying you, but Rohan. She asks him to be away from Alka. Rohan makes Alka wear the mangalsutra and applies the sindoor, thus completing the marriage. Anushka turns. Rajeev holds her and shows a knife. He says he will ruin her face, if his heart is hurt, he will hurt her face now.

Anushka is shocked. He says you ruined my love story, I will not leave you to love anyone. She says control your anger, you won’t get anyone by hurting me, you will regret. He says yes, you will also regret with me. He tries to hurt her by the knife. Everyone clap as marriage is done. Minty thanks Lord. Devyaani thinks where is Anushka. Rajat comes and beats Rajeev. Anushka hugs him being scared and looks at him. Rajat and Rajeev have a fight. Rajat says you were going to spoil her face, come I will spoil your face now. Rajat beats him red and blue. Rajeev says you don’t know me.

Rajat says fine. Rajat takes the knife and puts on his neck. Rajat says I know losers like you, you try to break girl’s confidence. Anushka stops Rajat and says leave him. She says no need for all this. Rajat says its needed for such people to send in jail, he is a criminal, don’t worry, he can’t hurt you, let me take him to police. Anushka thinks this can hurt Alka’s future too. Rajeev asks Anushka to stop Rajat. Anushka says no, we can’t go to police. Rajat says I know its personal, but its social problem too. Anushka folds hands and requests to him. She says its my problem. She sees the time and says maybe marriage is over by now.

She looks for her phone. Rahat says here it is, I was finding you to give you this and I came here and saw him hurting you. Anushka takes the phone. Minty is angry as Anushka is missing. She says I don’t have any hope from Devyaani, Sareen’s name will be spoiled. She says where is Shagun envelops, what will be give to guests. She asks Devyaani to call Anushka. Rajat gives his phone and asks Anushka to use it. Anushka calls Devyaani. Anushka asks where are you. Minty talks to her and scolds her. She asks about shagun envelops. Anushka says sorry and says its near the gifts, in green bag. Rajeev bites Rajat and runs.

Rajat takes the phone and ends the call. He says the criminal has run and you are worried for stupid envelops, lets follow him. She says I can’t come, I m going. Anushka comes back and Minty asks is your affair also started. Devyaani says she knows where was Anushka, she might have cried somewhere, missing our mum. Bua says we got the envelops, come. Minty says the marriage is done and leaves. Devyaani asks Anushka where did she go. Anushka says she went to meet Rajeev. She tells her everything.

Rajat tells Anushka that Rajeev is arrested. Anushka says about Alka’s marriage. Rajat says you can go later and give statement. She says no. He asks why do you want to save him. She says as I love him. Rajeev is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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