Shastri Sisters 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal hiding seeing Shastri family. She asks the nurse about them and comes to know someone has hurt Devyaani with a knife and gets shocked. Everyone met Devyaani after her dressing. Devyaani asks is it looking very bad. Shastri ji says no, be thankful you are fine, everything will get fine. They all cry seeing her. She asks him to say is the wound deep, whats the truth. Shastri ji asks Peeya not to cry and tells Devyaani its fine. Devyaani asks nurse to give mirror. Alka gives her phone and Devyaani sees her face in the camera.

Devyaani cries and says she used to say she is very beautiful. She asks the nurse will it leave a mark. The nurse says it was deep wound and she got stitches too. Devyaani says she can’t do anything now, she can’t go out of home. Anu asks why is she talking like losers, does person change with scars, she is still strong and impressive Devyaani. She says the man did this to make you stat at home, don’t let him win. Devyaani asks her to make her change clothes, it has blood. Anu says sure and asks nurse to get the gown.

Shastri ji leaves. Devyaani asks Anu does she know who did this. Anu asks who, I don’t know. Devyaani says its Neil. Anu asks does she really think he can fall so low. Devyaani says yes, I understood he can fall so low, who else can do this, is she not sure, he has warned her that day. Kajal gets her pregnancy news from doctor and worries. The doctor asks her to get her husband along and gives her reports. Anu comes out and says Devyaani is fine. Anu thinks about Neil’s words and cries.

She thinks can Neil fall so low. Kajal thinks how did she do this mistake, how will she give this news to anyone. She says it will be visible in few days. She bumps into Anu and her file falls. Anu sees the reports and Kajal says its her friend’s reports and lies to her. She asks how come she is in hospital. Anu says someone attacked Devyaani. Kajal asks who, please let me meet her. Anu says no, she is sleeping, meet her at home. Kajal asks who did this, Devyaani is sweet like her. Anu says don’t worry, tell Minty that Rajat and I are here. Kajal says fine, I will go home and cook food.

She comes home and sits worried. Leela asks her what news she got. Minty comes and asks Kajal. Kajal says Anu is in hospital, as Devyaan is stabbed by someone, she is in hospital and Rajat is also there. Neil hears this and is shocked. He worries and goes. Minty says she is scared to come home. She asks Kajal to go to Neil and be with him. Minty says Neil still feels for Devyaani.

Anu cries and thinks what to do, if Neil did this, then she has to tell everyone, he can do anything, but if Devyaani is wrong, the relation between families will go more wrong. Rajat gives the medicines to Rohan and sits with Anu. He asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. He says cosmetic surgery can remove any scar, why is she worried. He asks whats the matter. Anu tells about Neil and Devyaani’s fight, and she is sure Neil has attacked her. Neil is restless to see Devyaani and says who can attack Devyaani, is she much hurt.

Rajat says what. Neil says Anu and Devyaani would be thinking I did all this. Anu says don’t know whats true. Rajat says if this is true, I will send Neil to jail. Anu says we don’t have proof, maybe Devyaani is wrong. Rajat says she can’t be wrong, what does she think. Anu says I don’t know. Rajat says I will find out.

The inspector comes to arrest Neil for attacking Devyaani. Minty is shocked and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Fast update

  2. Great story…
    Neil should go to jail…

  3. Anyone tell me what about kajal

  4. Hope neel will realize his love for devyani soon

  5. 2nd marriage track will be boring.They must take a new jodi for devyaani and turn kajal into nice.Anyway i love this serial

    1. i think they shud take pappu for devyani
      pappu, the one who loves devyani,from kanpur

  6. whose baby is kajal bearing? !!!!!

  7. sometimes by chance it will be neil.when neil was in drunken state,anything must have happened.

  8. No way yaar…it can’t be neil’s baby….I want neil and deviyani togather …they are cute pair….pls don’t make them apart…and this stupid kajal should go to jail ( 4 life time )

  9. I dont think its neils baby…if its his baby then y she is worried? She shud have happily trap minty in the name of pregnancy then.Some story behind her entry for sure….

    1. Yeah neetu I agree with u
      So finally at least we can be happy that as soon this kajal track will be finished.
      Love to see rajat supporting anu without any solid proof…..

  10. loveisthegoal

    but neil didn’t attack devyanni. i know he still has some feelings for her even now. no matter how immature he is, he can never stoop this low as to attack her. hope they find out its bobby soon.

  11. In last day episode anu look gouries in lite green suite….very nice episode

  12. I think anushka or devyani main bahass hone wali hai…kyunki undono ki soch alag ho gayi hai…or agar anu bhi Neil ko guilty samajh lagyi toh sabke samne sach kaun layaga…I through aisa ho Sankta hai….

  13. Kyunki first expression hi last expression hota hai…jiss tarah devyani ki kehane par anu ne neil ko protect kiya tha ki woh aisa nai kar sakta….or rajat she bhi yahi kaha tha…..I have to sure anu Neil ka hi saath deagi..apne family ke against jaa kar….or is baar uske liya thoda hard hi skta hai kyunki with shayad akale hi ho kynki alka bhi Neil ko hi guilty mainte hai….but last main anu ki win hogi I am sure..or shyad minty ka mind bhi wash ho jaye..

  14. Neel will go to meet devyani but anu will not let him and Police will arrest him on rajats complain .
    Later anu and rajat will go to meet neel and anu will feel that is innocent.

  15. U means I am right anu Neil ko innocent prove karage….thx pradishma……

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