Shastri Sisters 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu bringing the purse and giving Astha. Shastri ji says I have given good values to my daughter, and now I think I have to teach them something. He tells Alka not to bear any blame and give a good reply. Hari says end it now, she got money and matter ends. Shastri ji says no, matter did not end, your bahu Astha blamed Alka to be thief and you did not tell anything, when she got the purse and you feel this is not imp, the happiness went from my daughter’s face. Vrinda says what happened was bad, we will leave now, we should forget this. Astha thinks she did not think Shastri ji will also say such thing.

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Anu says she got another thing with the bag and shows the notepad. Astha recalls the chits and sees Minty. Anu asks Astha what was she trying to do. She says you tried to make problems for us before too, don’t do this, else it will be tough for me to be quiet. Astha leaves and Minty gets relieved. Rohan‘s family goes. Minty says lets go Anu and takes her. She asks her why did she not ask Astha in detail, its good else she would have troubled Alka, I will talk to Astha. Anu says thanks for thinking about Alka, no need to talk to Astha. She says fine. Anu smiles.

Minty sees Rajat and gets tensed. She stops Anu and asks why did she see her when she got the notepad. Rajat comes to them. Minty asks did she doubt on her, she felt I have written chits and send you. Anu sees Rajat. Rajat asks is she saying about chits, you told me someone has sent it, why this discussion now. Minty acts and says Anu does not believe me, she feels I want to break your relation, so my blessings she feels is lie. She cries and says what should I do that you believe I want to see you both happy, and I changed.

Anu goes to her and says I m really sorry, you are saying right, I felt for a second, but how to tell you that I m feeling very bad to think that, forgive me. She says I m ashamed. Rajat says mum you scold her and make her do household work, but forgive her please. Minty smiles and says she can do anything for his happiness. She blesses them and joins their hands. Rajat and Anu smile. Vrinda calls Rohan and Sunil for dinner.

Rohan says wait, and talks to everyone. He says Astha did not do this right. She asks what did she do. Rohan says I understand you find reasons to insult me and Alka, don’t you find this weird. Astha argues and Roahn scolds her. He says we are not greedy, we are happy in whatever we have. He says we will earn with hardwork, don’t take our respect infront of everyone, I respect you and talking to you at home, else I would have spoke to you if I wanted. She says if you told anything against the owner of this house, I would have thrown you out.

Vrinda asks Astha to think before saying, who is she to kick her son out. Astha says I m the owner of this house. Rohan says he will leave the house, and they all are shocked. She says don’t take anything from here, but have food, don’t know when will you get such good food. Vrinda asks whats happening, such little fights happen, people don’t leave home. Rohan says no, I decided. Alka cries and holds his hand, saying she is proud of him, she wanted such a husband whose self esteem is very imp for him.

Astha sees Minty’s calls and says she trapped me, and now calling. She call Minty and asks why did she call her, she has backstabbed her infront of Anu. Minty says I m feeling very sorry, I was helpless, Anu is so clever. Astha says let it be, you trapped me, you flopped my plan. Minty says sorry, don’t worry, we are together and will make many plans. Astha says I don’t need to worry now, you make your plans, Alka and Rohan are gone leaving home. Minty says its good news, I wish this happened here. Astha says you cheated me, I will not cheat you, I can do anything to ruin the Shastri sisters. Minty smiles.

Rajat says Anu should have told me if she called Veer. Minty asks him to spend time withAnu, so that her fondness with Veer gets les. Rajat sees Anu and Veer being friendly and gets upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. varsha menon

    are rajat plz dont blindly believe in minty plz anu is very good. veer help them to get rid of minty

  2. u aastha v all hate u 2 d core.and varsha u were ryt veer shld help them.

  3. What the hell happened in todays episode. I dont like todays epi. Even tomorrows episode is going to be bad i think.. Kick off this Astha and Minty..

  4. y no romance in this weeks episodes…only arguments going on producers please make it an intresting episodes in the coming weeks.

  5. hate rajat like already he is being suspicious on her and veer

  6. Devyani and Niel must reveal Minty’s and Astha’s evil doing ,,the younger sister creates a web site for abused women from there in-laws,Anu realises her mistake for marrying Rajat because he is a mama’s boy and a wimp divorces him and marry Veer who still loves her

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