Shastri Sisters 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pammi telling Minty that Neil got slapped by her tenants. Minty goes to Neil and asks did he get slapped by those girls. Neil has his cheeks red and lies to her that he did not get slapped. Minty says tell me the truth. Neil says please go. Pammi says Neil is insulted by their slap sp he is hiding it from you. Minty says no, he would have told me, I m his mum. Pammi says my son told me he got slapped. Anushka and Devyaani argue on the slap matter. Devyaani says I will slap him always whenever I see him. Anushka says Peeya will find the solution for this. Peeya says me?

Anushka says yes, he scares you as you look afraid, don’t get afraid of him, then he will leave scaring you. Devyaani trains Peeya to make her bold. Anushka says lets call for dinner today, to end this fight. Alka gets Rajeev’s message and smile. Anushka says Neil’s parents are good. Debvyaani says but I don’t think Neil will come. Anushka says Alka will help us in cooking. Alka says no. Anushka says please. Alka says I will just come, having spices from the shop. She leaves to meet Rajeev in the park, where Minty and Pammi are having a walk.

Pammi shows Minty to see Alka and Rajeev. Minty thinks they have slapped Neil, now I will make them get slap from their dad. Rajeev holds Alka’s hand and gets closer, while Minty sees them smiling and thanks Lord. Anushka invites Sareen to come for dinner, and he agrees. She says Alka will make veg and you will forget non veg. Alka comes and Sareen praises her. Minty comes and Sareen says they called us for dinner. Minty asks Alka, from where are you coming. Alka says to buy curd. Minty says to Park?

Alka says no, I went to the shop. Minty says I felt I saw you in park. Alka lies. Sareen asks her to wear specs and jokes. Shastri ji is happy that the girls invited Sareen and his family for dinner. Devyaani takes the credit for Anushka’s idea. Sareen and Minty come and like the setup of the home. Anushka asks about Neil. Sareen says he won’t come, he is holding his cheek, don’t know why. Alka serves the food. Sareen praises the food. Minty starts her taunts on Alka, and asks Shastri ji what did he think about their marriage. He says he did not think yet.

She says true, these days children fix the date and tell parents, right Alka. Shastri ji says no, my daughters are not like this. Minty says Alka goes out to buy curd and milk. Devyaani thinks what she wants to say. Minty asks Alka to tell her to talk to Shastri ji, if she is shy. Alka says no, nothing like that. She says is there anyone from Kanpur. Alka says no. Shastri ji says I told you my daughters are not like this. Minty says yes, now I will find a guy for her, she is beautiful and many guys will line up to marry her. She cooks so well. Alka gets tensed.

Minty says I have perfect match for her, shall I talk to him. She asks Alka about it. Sareen jokes to lighten the situation. He says this proposal talk is good, if we get a good one for Alka, its good. Devyaani is excited about Alka’s marriage and thinks what will she wear. Shastri ji gets happy seeing his daughters happy and clicking pics. He says I know girls have to leave dad’s house one day, but it came pretty soon. Minty says it goes out soon too, don’t be late, fix her marriage. Alka leaves being tensed as Shastri ji asks Minty to fix the proposal for Alka if she comes across any good guy. He says she got shy and ran. Everyone smile. He says this is my values. Minty says yes, great values. Alka comes in her room and cries thinking about Minty’s words.

The sisters come and sing Mahendi laga ke rakhna ………….. Alka says enough. Devyaani teases her about Suhaagraat. She says I told you it will be good in Delhi. Alka asks what good. Devyaani says you are getting married and sounds excited. Alka asks about love? Anushka says love can happen after marriage, like our parents. Alka is upset. Anushka says don’t worry, dad will agree when he likes it. Shastri ji comes and looks at them. Alka leaves. He explains them that when a girl has to go far from her family, will their mind work well. Peeya says I will always stay with you. He says its not so easy. They hug him. He says I wish girls always stay with their dad, it does not happen. He says if this relation is good, Alka has to go, prepare her mentally. Alka hears this and cries.

Shastri ji shows a guy’s pic to Alka and she thinks about Rajeev’s words. Minty says its Alka’s yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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