Shastri Sisters 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone coming home after Holi. Astha asks Alka to get her purse which she gave her to keep, and Alka goes to get it. Astha thinks in FB how she took the purse and now Alka will not get it. Rajat sings and Anu asks him to go and have bath. She recalls Simar’s words. She says was she talking about the chits, you has sent it to me. Rajat comes from bath and says his back got rashes by the colors and asks her to apply body lotion. She says sure. He says thanks and smiles. She applies the lotion. He thinks what is she doing, applying lotion or washing utensils, it looks a body massage more than romantic thing.

He puts water on her and says its holi. She asks does he want to play more and they have a sweet moment. They get close and Saajna……………plays…………. Astha asks Alka to get purse soon. Alka says I m not getting it, I found everywhere in the room. Astha says it will be there, I will see. Shastri ji comes and asks what happened. Alka says she did not get it. He asks her to see again. Astha says don’t say this, it had 25000rs. She asks Alka did she tell anyone. Alka says no. Astha says then who will give me my purse, I gave you, you have to give it, are you troubling you, I will hold your feet, please give me my purse. Alka says why will I do this.

Astha blames Alka and Sunil asks her what is she saying, what does she mean. Astha says I mean its 25000rs which is big amount for Rohan and Alka. Rohan feels insulted. Astha says I know you both need money, but this is wrong to do this, you should have asked money from me, and also insults Shastri ji. She asks did he not teach his daughters that stealing is bad and legal crime. He looks at her. Rohan says stop it, I will return your money. Astha says no need, you don’t have money and will need to sell Alka’s jewelry as it happened before. Shastri ji asks what. Alka says nothing. Astha says why have you hidden it from your dad, its time you should tell the truth. He asks what truth.

Astha smiles and Alka gets tensed. Anu gets a call from some relative and says I will tell dad you called, tell me your number, I will make him call you back. She notes the number on notepad. Anu sees the hindi letters written in it and recalls its same handwriting as she got in chits. She says it means someone has sent me note from this, Simar told me this not to get any doubt in heart and clear it. Anus thinks whom should I ask. Minty comes and says you look fresh. Anu asks her whose notepad is this. Minty says no, why.

Anu tells her about someone sending her chits, it means its that person’s notepad. Minty recalls how Astha gave her purse to hide. In FB, Minty keeps Astha’s bag in sofa as she gets Sareen’s call. Minty sees a purse and asks whats this, whose purse is this, maybe this notepad belongs to this person. Minty thinks sorry Astha, I had to sacrifice you to save myself, else Rajat would have known and broken relation with me. Anu sees the money in the bag.

Shastri ji asks whats wrong in this, Rohan is hardworking and I respect him a lot to get independent. He asks Rohan not to be ashamed. Astha says its good, but what about my money, why did they steal 25000rs, they should have asked me. He says the blame is not proved and about money, I will give you even 50000rs, but don’t say such bad things. He asks Devyaani to get 50000rs. Rohan stops him and folds hands, saying he is feeling very small by all this, if he gives money, he can’t raise his head. Shastri ji says I will be ashamed if I don’t help my children. Rohan says I will return money to Astha for my self respect.

Minty says so much money. Anu says this purse is of Astha. Minty says really, how do you know. Anu says she told Alka to keep this purse carefully, she might be upstairs, I will go and talk to her. Minty thinks Astha will blame everything on me and stops Anu, saying give her later. Anu says I want to know who has sent me all the chits and why. Minty gets tensed.

Anu gives Astha the purse and confronts her about notepad, what was she trying to do. Minty signs no to Astha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I wish anu and rajath should know Mintys plan..

  2. Agreed with Honey.

    Astha and Minty shud b thrown out

  3. Minty and Astha need to stop with the tricking and ur right neetu they need to be thrown out xx

  4. The episode is very nice

  5. Wow rajat nice trick to getting close anushka to u…its a very beautiful time

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