Shastri Sisters 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 3rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu saying she will leave the house, as she failed to prove she can be trusted and she can be loved. Sareen says Rajat loves you. Anu says what is this love, where I have to prove that he should trust me. She says I thought love is special relation and its happiness to have someone with you, and difficulties look simple, and only we can trust and no doubt. She says I felt all this when I met Rajat, why did he not have this feelings. She cries and asks Rajat why did he doubt her when CD was stolen, she did not know what to do and find out the culprit, she was sure that Rajat did not do any mistake in it, why don’t you feel this about me.

She says even if Lord told me that you have sold the Cd, I would have not trusted, why did you not trust me, if you told me you will be happy with Karishma, I would have sacrificed my love, I cried infront of you and you did not care, why. She says our relation is weak, that I need to prove myself again and again. She gives the mangalsutra to Rajat, asking him to decide whether to join or break it, or give anyone else, I m giving this right to you. Rajat asks don’t you love me? Anu cries and asks do you still need to ask me, I love you a lot. Saajna…………………plays…………….

He holds her hand, and she turns to leave. She says not on my self esteem price….. He frees her hand and says my dad gave me this values, I m helpless by heart so I can’t say that I hope that you break my mangalsutra with thread of trust and return me, I want your love, trust and self esteem, I will wait for you. She walks out. Neil and Sareen try to stop her. She recalls Rajat’s words and cries.

Rajat turns. Anu looks at him and leaves. Saajna mere saajna……………plays……………. Rajat looks at the mangalsutra. Anu stands outside the gate and thinks about Shastri ji’s words. She sees her dad infront of her. He convinces her to come home, while she was leaving. She apologizes to him and goes home. Rajat looks on. He comes to his room and thinks. Sareen comes and asks Rajat to stop A nu, else a big break will come in their love story. Rajat says let her go, maybe she is happy going from here. Sareen says she was not happy, she would be happy if you stopped her, you did big mistake by not stopping her.

Devyaani tells Shastri ji about Anu, why did he take Anu home. He asks what should I do, she is my daughter. Devyaani says I told you everything, that you have to tell Anu that she can’t come here, she would have not stayed alone on road and got back to Rajat’s home. She says you have ruined my plan, why. She asks Anu why did she not ask her. Anu says what could I do, why should we make someone believe me, can I stay with him. Devyaani says its Rajat for whom we did this, if you leave him, Karishma will win.

Anu says relations are made by emotions, what happened when I proved I m innocent, and Karishma is culprit, I was waiting that Rajat will come to me and apologize to me. Even if he told me that he trusts now, I would have supported him to give all tests of life, when I was leaving today, I wanted him to stop me once. She cries and says this did not happen.

Rajat looks at Anu’s pic. Neil sees him and says just go and share your feelings with him. Anu sees Rajat’s pic. Devyaani says if she sees him once, she will forget everything. Anu bumps into Rajat and he holds her, having an eyelock. Saajna……………..plays………………..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Pre cap is so good. …:)

  2. varsha menon

    precap i loved it . please bring anu near rajat…. thnx for update………

  3. nice episode moday,s episode is gonna be intresting

  4. i like the precap, please rajat bring home anu

  5. I really like the precap!!!!

  6. whatever anu said today is superb.i like it.even i guess same thing.and about precap it show the love start again which we rajat anu fans r this love story we will get love moments and a bonus love also.mera mathalab devyaani and neil ka.and iam sure of it.finally the story is in right track.bus keep it all the time and show us good scenes.thanks for update.

  7. Very nice episode

  8. I said the precep was good I am so excited about this also devyani and Neil starting their love story

  9. Devyani n neil are dating in real life also

  10. Love the precap

  11. I like it more if anu went back to Rajat, she could have annoyed minty ma’am. But noo she had to go back home. I want it to move on to deviyani drama not anu and Rajat all the time… 🙁

    1. No I love anuraj story precap was good and I have to say I really liked devayni plan about her dad.sayin no I jus hope they get back together xxx

  12. aneesa Iqbal

    It was emotional at the beginning

  13. It was just awesome now just want anu and rajat together

  14. Love this distance love

  15. i wish rajat and anu be like how they were before

  16. i wish that rajat would relise his mistake and sorry to anu

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