Shastri Sisters 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil saying I have the recording, I have hidden it, you go to room and I will come. He keeps the projector and leaves. Astha sees it and thinks what recording are they talking about. Rajat comes to the room and sees Anushka tying her backlace. He says I m sorry I came to take my phone, I will leave taking it. He walks to her being stunned by her mesmerizing looks and stares at her. They have an eyelock. Saajna………..plays…………..He bends to take his phone and leaves. She says even I m ready to leave, but just from this room. She wears her dupatta and leaves. She goes out toattend guests and Bua ji gets angry seeing her. She reminds Minty that she is bearing so much pain because of Anu, then what is she doing here.

Minty says I feel bad seeing Anu here. She says I have invited her to show her place. Anu gives tea to Lalit and he turns. Minty says Anu is like maid infront of Karishma, and when she serves Karishma, she will get shock. Lalit says he won’t even have water by Anu’s hands. Sareen says its not proved that Anu has hurt Karishma, till then think she is my daughter and have tea. Karishma shows the love proof to her which she has given to everyone, and shows her wrist. She says its her turn now, if she really loves Rajat, just go, why do you want to claim your right, Rajat is getting hurt by this, Rajat got his love and you will also get some day. She takes the tea cup.

Anu says just tonight, and everyone will be fine, and the one who loves Rajat will stay in this house. She serves tea to others. Astha comes to Karishma. Minty says she does not want it. Alka asks Anu is she doing this by thinking. Anu nods yes and gives her tea. Astha tells Karishma that its not time to have tea, but to take tension, the Shastri sisters planned something against us, Neil and Devyaani got projector and were talking about recording. Karishma asks what. Astha says I don’t know. Karishma says Anu is looking very calm today. Astha says it means she has planned and prepared to make someone else uncalm.

Karishma says I will just come and goes with Astha. Neil and Devyaani check the tape and have a talk. Neil asks her to be positive. She thanks him and smiles. Astha and Karishma look on. Karishma says what recording they got. Astha says think how will we get it. She gets an idea. Devyaani says there is someone outside the door. Neil says its fine, why are we worried, and jokes. She says she has checked the projector. Astha drops the vase. Neil and Devyaani run to see hearing someone scream. Astha and Karishma hide and get inside the room. Devyaani says there is no one here. Neil says but we heard the sound from here and sees the broken vase.

Karishma and Astha see the recording and get tensed seeing Karishma’s face in it. She says its seen that I stole the CD. Astha asks her to delete it. Karishma deletes it and smiles. Neil talks to Anu and Alka, and says the recording is inside. They run inside and see there is no one. Devyaani says check once. Neil says leave it, we will go out and show everything to them. Devyaani says fine, but don’t leave laptop alone. Neil takes the laptop and they leave. Astha and Karishma hide behind the bed.

Astha says the laptop is gone, what will we do now. Karishma says don’t worry, the recording is deleted. They are relieved and smile. Karishma says Anu will guve lecture and show the proof, and what will they show, nothing. They leave. Neil and Devyaani arrange the projector. Karishma says Shastri sisters will fail again this time. Alka tells Rohan that they are proving the wrong as wrong and right as right. Minty tells Pammi that Anu won’t be able to prove anything. Pammi says I don’t think so. Anu and Rajat see each other, and Bua ji and Lalit look at them. Saajna…………….plays…………..

Astha tells Karishma about being sure of deleting video, as they can show the video in the screen. Karishma says the face will be shown of shastri sisters, and that too upset. Devyaani addresses all the guests and welcomes them. She says I know you won’t like me standing here and talking, but I m sure you will dislike someone else after some time. She says we are going to show love and jealous story by dance, and the truth will be out till the end. Anu looks on.

Neil, Devyaani and Peeya do the play as Rajat, Ansuhka and Karishma, and explain everyone. They show the recording too. Karishma and everyone are shocked to see Karishma is the mastermind behind all problems.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good. .o my god so happy with the recap

  2. Sorry precap

  3. wish in new year we will get the truth out.thanks for update.and guys a very pleasant advance happy new year.i wish to welcome 2015 with a smile.

  4. so finaly, gud gift by u on this new year. xcited 4 precap.

  5. Wishing u all a wonderful new year.

  6. too much excited precape,,,,,finally truth will be coming soon….
    happy new year 2015

  7. Finally da truth is out 🙂 rajat didn’t help anu tie her back string but dey r gunna get bak together does dis mean dah da shws endin cuz anu nme gunna be cleared rajat is goin to get back his possessions (anu n his job) n astha is gunna get found out Neil n deviyaani togeta wah else its a happy endin /win-win for all

  8. soooooooooo happpppppppppy

  9. Super precap. i luv it

  10. love u sisters,,,,, n finally rajat n anu will be togeter

  11. I am so excited the truth come out

  12. The show will end yes or no can anybody tell me please I don’t want this happen

  13. Please please please let that not be a dream

  14. Please can you tell me

    1. No Erika it won’t end as devyaani and neil is yet to marry well first devyaani must fall in love with Neil though

  15. guys wish u all very happy new year.welcome 2015 with smile and happiness.may god bless u all.happy new year.lets celebrate.

  16. This is not a drm bab.. Its truth.. So don’t worry.. Enjoy the new yr epi

  17. Happiee new yr fnds… Enjoy new anuraj…. In the new yr..

  18. i wish truth wil cum out soon after dat anu wil leave the house n rajat forever for nt trusting her. Rajat get lesson for trusting his ladylove. Then start anu ko firse patao mission. That wil b interesting

  19. Agree with sonali. Like uma z will it b a dream?

  20. Early Happy new year ppl! Nd yes anu wins i wonda wat rajats gonna do now! …….

  21. Like I said m not a serial watcher… This is d first Hindi serial I followed and learnt my lesson. Such a anxiety, mental torture we get for each episode. This m not used to probably.
    Finally I was happy to see d precap.
    Hope things will be sorted now.
    My new year resolution stop watching serials though I shall watch tomorrow episode

  22. Finally the truth will be out in this new year….thank you so much….i really love this serial….really excited for the precap……Iast thing i wanted to say is Happy new year guyz….wish you have a prosperous new year…..

  23. Stupidity at its BEST!!! Simple question is if you have proof then why would you speak loud to be heard and leave the proof in the open to be destroyed. Weird and mindless writer!!! Hope this show ends latest by January 1, 2015.

  24. Happy new year everyone

  25. Even though Karishma gets caught I bet her dad saves her from prison because of his power and buaji fails to notice her faults as she is ther stupid laadli daughter, but she will probably punish Alka and also there is no mention of Astha in the clip so unless Karishma says Astha worked with her, Astha gets away free. Grr! Happy New Year from London!

  26. nice thanku. for updating wish u a very happy new year


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