Shastri Sisters 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha coming to Bua ji’s room. She says Bua ji should not know shocking thing, else she can get heart attack, what can I do, let her get heart attack, but no one should know I m behind this, I want Bua ji to know everything. She brings the divorce papers and keeps it near the bed. She says today Bua ji will sleep peacefully. She thinks to keep the medicine in the drawer, as Bua ji will get the papers in same drawer. Bua ji calls her and Astha comes out. She asks Santo to keep the medicine bottle in the papers in drawer. Santo goes while having ghee on her hands. Sareen packs many things for Rajat. He asks him about the special girl. Peeya comes to him and gives the halwa made by Anushka, saying she has sent it. Rajat smiles and says thank her. Peeya says fine, have a safe journey. Peeya leaves. Rajat smiles seeing the tiffin.

He keeps it in the bag. Sareen says great, he does not have place for my items, and has for Anu, is Anu your special girl. Rajat says don’t think much. Sareen says tell me the girl’s name. Rajat says I will say it infront of mum. Sareen goes to see him off. Rajat thinks if someone is going far whom you love, the person wants to see and feel incomplete. He turns and sees Shastri home. He thinks she will come to see me if she loves me. Sareen sees Rajat looking upstairs. Anu comes to see Rajat and they smile. Saajna tere bin nai lagta dil mera……………….plays………….. Sareen sees Rajat and Anu smiling. Devyaani comes there and smiles too.

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Sareen gets confused. Minty and Nikki come there and are angry seeing the girls eyeing Rajat. Sareen asks Minty where was she. Rajat says I want to tell some thing imp. Minty looks at the girls and thinks it should not be related to Shastri sisters. Rajat says I m in love mum. Sareen smiles. Minty and Nikki get angry. Rajat says the girl is in blue suit there. Rajat smiles seeing Anushka. Nikki sees both of them wearing blue dress and thinks to use this. She thinks I told Minty we will get a chance, be ready to push. Sareen says Shastri ji’s daughter, I also wanted to get her as my bahu, you made me happy. Rajat asks Minty is she happy.

Minty says you want to know if I m happy or not, so hear it, I ….. Nikki stops her and signs her. She says I will talk. She says don’t worry, we both are happy by your choice. Minty is shocked. Nikki says she is a very good girl, good choice, she is looking beautiful in blue dress. Rajat asks Minty. Nikki calms Minty. Sareen says my wish is fulfilled, I m very happy, I also wanted this, but your mum scared me. Nikki says you should go now, you will be late. Rajat hugs Minty. He leaves. Anushka and Devyaani wave him bye. Minty asks Nikki what was she saying. Nikki takes her inside.

Bua ji is angry as she does not get the medicine. She asks Vrinda to call everyone and find out. She says she will be unwell if she does not get medicines. Everyone come to her in her room. Bua ji looks at them angrily. Bua ji asks Alka about it, as she has cleaned the room. Alka says yes, but bottle was here. Bua ji says it means someone moved it. Astha acts innocent and smiles. Shea sls Bua ji to check drawer. Bua ji gets the bottle and does not see papers. She asks Astha how does she know the bottle is in drawer.

Astha says she just guessed. Bua ji says she does not believe her, she wants to know who has kept it there. She gets angry. Astha looks at Santo. She says just see the drawer once. Bua ji says shut up. She asks who kept it and sees the ghee marks on the bottle. She says it has ghee on it. Astha and Santo are shocked. Santo hides her hands and Bua ji looks at her. Nikki talks to Minty. Minty says she can’t fix Rajat’s proposal. Nikki says sit and listen to me, I know what you are thinking, my plan is different, Rajat likes Anu and we have seen Anu also likes him. Minty says Anu likes Rajat, that’s our problem. Nikki says did you see how Devyaani was seeing Rajat. Minty is shocked.

She thinks about Rajat and Anushka, and Devyaani staring too. She says Devyaani was feeling weak that day, it means she kept Karwachauth fast for Rajat, why did I not understand this that time. Nikki tells her plan that they will take Rajat’s proposal for Devyaani and Shastri ji will agree, then Rajat will refuse, then it will be big issue. She hugs Minty asking her not to worry.

Alka tells Anushka that Devyaani too loves Rajat. Anushka is shocked. She looks at Devyaani.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i like the episode but rajat was telling he love anu he did not tell the name. and then nikki mausi did wrong thing

  2. Such a sad episode please make anu amd rajat together pls

  3. Omggg i wont watch this show if rajat marries devyani. Nikki is disgusting this is not the way to take revenge. U should not take revenge with lives of 4 ppl. Anu n devyani are girls even u r a woman u should know that u should never play with lives of girls. It will effect their future u dumb nikki

  4. wt ever it be i just want rajat and anu together.and i damn sure in engazement rajat will say that he loves only anu.we known devyaani must be get hurt.phir bhi anu should not say no to rajat becoz of sister.becoz devyaani has just cursh of rajat not love.but coming to rajat and anu they have only love in them.i always rajat and anu together.and i watch the serial for them.if not then i will wont watch it.

  5. Yar Ye Mausi Q Chup Khali Pili Taang Adaa Rhi He???
    Or Kaassshhh K Aisa Hota ;
    Rajat Or Anu Ki Engagmnt Ho Jati???

  6. i don’t understand one thing,,. hw come and why minty and nikki hides neel suicide issue before rajat and sareen,.., why cannt neel tell abt his love matter to his own bro rajat,.,.

  7. I.agree with u lot i think that anu and rajat are a gud match i hate dev u b*t*h if rajat and anushka dnt get together im gonna do suicide honestly lol

  8. Someone agree with me at least

  9. I too agree with u

  10. Just hate devyani she is coming between aun and rajat

  11. I know Anu and Rajat should be together, however Devyaani doesn’t realise she is doing this…

  12. I jst hte ds devyani..whatever happen with her i jst dont care…i want anu nd rajat together….

  13. my name is anushka, annu and rajat should start romancing in front of devyani just to make her jealous

  14. This drama is too much for me. My heart feels pain for Neil and anuskha. No women should play with the life of others. If Nikki had any daughters or sons of her own she would think twice.

  15. nikki is goimg to take revenge her own sister family indirectly. sareen ask nikki not to interfere ur matter. we are also 4 sisters. v r60 and above still v r helping to each other .nikki u r not having even 5 sense .stop stupit of the nonsense of theis idea

  16. at lastb dev is vgoing to marry pappu

  17. This two ladies going to ruin neil and rajat’s life….i will stop watching this show if anything like this happen.

  18. This two ladies going to ruin neil and rajat’s life….i will stop watching this show if anything like this happen. Have anyone watched latest promo of this show

  19. no neil and anu.
    yes rajat and anu.
    there new promo of shastri sisters in facebook

    1. I see the promo i don’t understand the promo what’s going on

  20. guys nikki maasi ne achcha nhi kara….we agree that rajat loves anu n she too but usne ek galti ki that usne ye bolla ki she is standing in blue suit…nikki n minty knows that he is talking about anu but unko ek mauka mil gya nuisance creat krne ka..vry bad rajat… 🙁

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