Shastri Sisters 30th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 30th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal bring glad seeing Anu disturbed in her sleep and talking to Leela. Leela asks her to come with her, she has to say something. Kajal comes and tells Minty that she tried to wake up Anu, but she is sleeping. Rajat says why is Anu sleeping so much. He asks Sareen to take care of her and take her to doctor. Sareen says I worry for her, you go, we will take care of her. Neil says taxi has come. Anu comes late and sees Rajat. She asks Minty to do his aarti. Minty says its good you woke up, and asks her to do the aarti as she wants it. Anu says if I willed, I would have not asked you, don’t taunt me.

Minty says what did I say, what do you mean. Sareen says Rajat is getting late. Anu asks Rajat how can he go without meeting her. Rajat says I m sorry. She does his tilak and aarti. She makes him have the curd and asks him to come back soon. He asks her to take care, she is unwell else she does not sleep late, even Kajal came to wake you. Sareen asks Rajat to leave now. Rajat hugs Minty and Sareen and leaves. Anu gets head ache and feels dizzy. Kajal smiles and sees Minty’s phone.

She puts oil there and makes Minty go to take her phone. Minty falls down and gets hurt. Kajal helps her and Anu comes worried. Anu goes to bring aid. Minty says its oil fallen. Kajal asks how and says just Anu went there, it means she has put the oil there to make you fall and take revenge.

She fills Minty’s ears against Anu. Minty says I don’t think so. Kajal still tells her against Anu. Minty gets thinking. Anu brings the ointment and Minty asks her to be away, first she has made her fall and now acting, I don’t want your fake concern. Anu asks what is she saying and what did she do. Minty says I m fed up now. Stop this drama and confusion. Anu asks what happened, tell me. Minty says you made me fall there. Anu says what and holds her head. Kajal says I think she is ill. Minty says now its time to answer and she got ill.

Anu gets angry and argues with Minty. Sareen and Neil are stunned seeing this. Anu goes. Sunil tells Rohan and Alka that Astha has killed their relation. Rohan asks him to listen to Astha once. He says he has come as Alka called him, but he will do his work and go, Astha is a bad woman. Astha hears this and gets angry on Alka. She says I m not interested in Sunil anymore. Sunil asks Alka to call Astha. Alka calls Astha. Astha cries and asks Sunil to wait. Sunil gets her sign and asks Rohan and Alka to free from her soon. Astha cries. Alka takes Astha to her room. Astha smiles.

Everyone sit for dinner. Minty asks did Rajat call. Sareen says he said he reached Ambala well, he called Anu and she did not take his call. Minty says don’t know what happened to her, she did not come to cook today. Anu comes and sits for dinner. She takes food in anger and throws it. She asks whats this. Everyone is shocked. Minty says its food. Anu argues and says its salty and spicy, is this food. Minty says they all are eating it. Kajal and Leela smile.

Minty says we have manners, if not you. Anu says you will make any plan with Astha, or do you feel you are enough alone. She scolds Minty and says she will answer to Minty as the work she does. Sareen says Anu you are saying wrong. Anu says what right did you do, Rajat called, why did you not call me, you call me for work, why not now. Minty asks whats this way to talk to Sareen, if you have to stay here then.. Anu says I will stay as I want, as this house is mine too. Minty holds her head.

Sareen sees Anu going in Minty’s room and Kajal tells Sareen that Minty is not getting up. Sareen is shocked seeing Minty unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. First

    1. Anushka rajat sareen

      Hai pradishma

  2. day by day anu gets irritated. lets see where this story will ends. anu story eat entire today episode. producer sahib plz leave some space for neil love story for high TRP.

  3. so funny

  4. Arrey with any getting irritated.. Even viewers are getting irritated …change storyline

  5. its very bad…I am sure anu ko rajat kay aane she pehale hi mental hospital bhej diya jayaga tabhi toh usko ambala bheja gaya hai….patha nai or kya kya face karena padaga anu ko…mian chata hoon ki kajal ki sachai minty ko pata lagjaya…phir uska decision dekhtae hai ki woh anu ko support kartu hai apne ghar ko bachane ki liya yaa kajal ko support karte hai anu ko rajat ki life se nikal me kaa liya…anu ko help ki jaroorat hai kyunki woh medicine ke aasar se bahar hi nai aapa rahi toh kajal ki liya proof kya dhunde gaye…..

  6. I hate anu rajat plz show Neil divyani love story and send kajal to hell…. ..

    1. Oh Vivian you’ve got to wait..ab Vicky ka track bhi hai

  7. Oh God…where is Devyani & Alka..hope they will save Anu..otherwise it is sure that they will send her to mental hospital as she misbehaved with Sareen too

  8. Also the precap is not good…

  9. Don’t say like this guys.When it showed nice episodes u supported it.Now its bad time for sisters.It will change.If u guys love it by heart u will not say like this.I love anuraj and deveel

  10. good night prads.miss u dear

    1. Sweet dreams sweetie 🙂 miss u 2

  11. Pls change this track
    I dont want to see Anulike this
    I don want that idiot kajal to win all dvtime

  12. guys I am reading this page after so many days.. why s Anu behaving like this????

    1. Kajal added drug in her food due to which she gets angry on small small reasons

  13. hey athu darling i want to tell you something
    i dont actually like you i think you are a big show off

    1. Hey stupid,stop your drama and don’t call me darling u choriyan khanikar

  14. Cheap khanikar stop ur drama

  15. This episode is getting worse and worse everyday make kajal go to hell and anu to get better and expose kajal.
    Why does kajal have to be so irritating to Neil

  16. Oh neil… Show deveil scenes pls. Love them. Unite them soon. And i hope neil will not turn negative again in future.

  17. Oh noo!!! I can’t see anu like this!!! Poor any! Plz alka devyani peeya plz come and help ur sister…….she iz not well……and as rajat went to ambala….. No anuraj scenes……..writers plz at least show deveeel!! Plzz. 🙁

  18. uff what is this! can’t see Anu like this

  19. I am comig here afer many days.Whats happening here?Shastri sisters was my fav serial.mow its falling down.Anu should be soon recovered.And i want anuraj scenes.Please

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