Shastri Sisters 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat slapping Neil and scolding him for lying. He says we did not support Anu because of you, are you not ashamed to do this, atleast you could have cared for the girl whom you loved, why did you do this. Devyaani cries. Neil says I did all this for mum, you married without telling her and did not think about mum, and goes to hug Minty. He says she was very sad because of the Shastri sisters. He says I decided that day that I will also hurt them. Sareen slaps Neil more. Minty asks will you kill him now. Sareen says shut up, you both use minds to make things bad.

He says Neil would have showed Minty Anu’s goodness, but you took the wrong way, lessening our pain does not mean increase other’s pain, and scolds him being ashamed. He says his son is the one who uses innocent girls and make their MMS, we can’t show our face to anyone now. Neil says I agree that I was there in that video, trust me, I did not make that MMS and swears on Minty. Sareen says stop it, I will not trust you, I feel its all lies now. Shastri ji says he maybe saying truth if he is swearing on Minty, then who did the recording. Astha gets tensed.

Astha says Vrinda and Hari that its their personal matter, we should go home. Anu stops her and says you know very well its not just our matter, but yours too. Sunil asks what does she mean. Anu says Astha has made the video MMS. Astha says she is lying, all of them are liars. Anu says we don’t lie, its proved, what we say is always true. Anu says Devyaani was true that day and today I m saying true. Alka says we will tell the entire story, then maybe she can trust.

Anu tells them how Astha has recorded the video. She says I knew Devyaani is not lying and I wanted proof, so we made the guess list to know whom we can doubt, and tells everything how they went to Cd shop and found a woman made it. Anu says I went to Astha’s house and they did not get it in Alka’s room, and they thought maybe Astha took Cd along. Anu in FB shows that Astha will not take such risk. Anu and Devyaani see the pic frame turned upside down. Anu takes it and gets the CD hidden inside the frame.

Sunil asks Astha how can anyone be so bad, she is ruining the girls’ life, he is ashamed of her. He scolds her. Astha cries and says she is not so bad, and apologizes to him, putting all the blame on Minty. Rajat looks at Minty and everyone is stunned. Minty gets tensed. Astha says Minty provoked me and asked me to do this, I did not wish to do this. Sunil says I can’t bear all this and leaves. Vrinda cries and leaves with Hari. Minty calls liar. Astha goes crying.

Sareen looks at Minty and says this happened on your saying. Minty says no, she is lying, I swear on you, I did not know this, why will I make Neil’s MMS, I came to know later…. Sareen says fine, you knew its Neil even then you did this. He asks her to swear on Lord and him, its her mistake, you don’t know meaning being a woman and can play with girl’s respect, your son will be a cheap. He scolds her and she cries. He asks what did she teach Neil, to defame Devyaani and ruin her, it does not matter. Rajat feels ashamed.

Shastri ji asks him to calm down and asks Anu to get water. He says we both families lost our name, we should think that no one else should point to our children. Anu gives water to Sareen. Sareen apologizes to her and says I should know I did mistake by trusting Neil, I know you felt very bad, sorry. Anu says no, what are you saying. Shastri ji says Anu is like your daughter, don’t apologize, everything is fine. He asks Rajat to take care. He leaves. Rajat says where did Neil go and calls him.

Sareen and Rajat look for Neil and asks Jassi. He calls Neil again and says we can’t say anything if kids do mistake. Rajat says don’t worry, I know where he can be. They see Neil. Sareen scolds him, and asks him how can he do this with Devyaani, when he could die for her, now she is so broken. Neil asks him not to blame Minty. They take him. Minty calls Rajat and is relieved that they got Neil. She scolds Anu and says she will not leave her. Anu smiles and says yes, you can’t leave me, I will be always here.

Sareen asks Devyaani to forget everything and does she like Neil. Sareen asks Shastri ji for Devyaani’s hand for Neil. They all look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good atlast this video drama came to an end..

  2. S I think Devyani will not accept him

  3. Devyaani wont accept…also Neil isnt worh enuf for her

  4. Even rajat was nit worth anu but they still are marrued and love eachother this is the same for deviyanni

  5. Bit good episode for shastri and sereen family. Astha is catched by the help of cd. So good……….

  6. I have not word to explain…after dis episode I think I will start seening again and dis minty plz usko koi maar dalo varna main shooting par jaa kar main khud usko naar dalounga…kaminey kahi kii who Marne ke baad bhi nai sudhar sakti

  7. Waiting for the next episode

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