Shastri Sisters 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bobby asking Devyaani to like her. The boy asks Neil for money and says she has given chit even today to Devyaani, and she was very happy reading it. Neil gives him money and says Bobby has done this, I have to ask him. He calls Bobby. Bobby gets Neil’s call and does not pick it. He switches off the phone. He holds Devyaani’s hand and she asks him to leave. He asks why did she come to meet him. Neil gets puzzled and says I will call Devyaani. He calls her, and she takes the call. She shouts for help, she is in college library. Bobby throws the phone. Neil says Devyaani is in problem, and rushes there.

Bobby knows knife and says don’t make me angry, I write the shayari fro your beautiful face, lers go from here and talk. She says please let me go. He shuts her mouth. Her hand gets hurt and he says if she makes him angry, he will spoil her face. She says leave me. Neil comes there and beats Bobby. He says how dare you touch Devyaani. Bobby attacks with knife and Neil stops him. Devyaani looks on and worries for Neil. Devyaani hugs Neil and cries. He thinks he did a mistake by outing Devyaani in danger, he forgot she is his best friend, he does not deserve her, I m sorry Devyaani, I should have fought with her like she does, I was wrong. He asks is she fine. She says thanks, I have to go home, Anu called me. He says don’t be afraid, I m with you.

Rajat and Minty come home. Rajat and Anu see other and Saajna………..plays………….. Minty sees this and says I got happy for spending hours on shopping, and it ruined in one moment seeing this. She asks Rajat to come and asks him not to see Anu. Rajat says get Anu to us, I will stay at home always then. She says it was a bad joke, wasn’t funny. He says it was not a joke. She says even if you don’t sign annulment papers, she will sign on marriage papers with someone else, I think they started finding someone. She leaves.

Rajat says Anu loves me as I love her, she hides it and I can’t, Shastri uncle got her sign but he can’t make her marry someone else, I trust my Anu, she can’t do this with me. Anu hears this and cries. Neil and Devyaani are on the way home. Devyaani thinks she did big mistake which got her shaken, thanks to Neil, he saved me on time, he has always been good friend and I did not understand him. She holds him and stops the bike before home. He asks what happened. She says I will go from here, if Minty sees us together, it will be problem for us. He says I don’t have problem from mum, I will see you from here till you enter your home. She says thanks, you are very good.

She sees him and waves bye. They smile. Anu asks Devyaani where was she. Devyaani says she will just come and goes to her room. She calls Devyaani and thanks him. He says I m sorry. She asks why is he sorry, if he was not there, don’t know what would have happened. He says I m always there for you, don’t think much and sleep. She says bye and smiles. Alka and Rohan come to meet Shastri ji and talk about Veer. Alka says we should thank him. He says no, Anu has thanked him by scolding. Anu says I thought he did dad’s accident. Rohan says I would have done that Anu did. They all laugh. Rohan shows Veer’s pic to Shastri ji. Shastri ji asks is this Veer, he took me to hospital and Anu scolded him.

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Alka says its coincidence, maybe its Lord’s sign to say yes to him. Shastri ji says I like him, take talk ahead. Alka says we should talk to Anu once. Shastri ji says yes, but don’t know how to start. Astha tells Sunil that she did not cheat anyone. Sunil says you lied to me. Astha fools him saying she really felt she is pregnant, and then that report broke me. She says I was seeing Alka’s laughing face and was tensed. Alka and Rohan stay always together, she is lucky and my husband does not love me. She cries a lot. He says I m always with you, don’t say this. She asks why is he angry. He says I won’t be angry. She smiles and hugs him.

Rohan comes to return Anu’s purse to Shastri ji and says he got the address from the hospital. Shastri ji thinks he does not know his marriage talk is going on with Anu, and talks to him. He says he wants to thank him. Veer says he will make tea and goes to make. Anu comes there drying her hair and Veer sees her. He hides and smiles seeing her.

Veer’s mum sees Anu’s pic and likes her. Veer says I have also seen one, you reject her, when you meet my choice, you will like her. They bet about Anu not knowing its Anu they both are talking about.

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  1. I hope, Anu and Rajat will stay together but i guess Veer have to fall in love with Anu. I am sure that Anu don’t want marry with Veer but if her dad will say that its better if she marry with him and forget about Rajat because his mom. I think if Anu really does what her dad say then it will big trouble and Rajat will hate her. But I hope that Veer let Anu and Rajat marry together then it will happy 🙂
    Devyani should in love with Neil because he saved her and always be there. Devyani should think about him and then she has feelings for her.

    I hope, it will true what i writed. If you don’t like my plan then don’t insult me.

  2. I really don’t understand why Rajat is not not even making any attempts to make Minty realize her mistake about Minty. He s all about ultimatums that he won’t marry anyone but Anu. He got angry at Anu when she didnt give into his idea of consummation. what?!! Does he know Anushka Shastri at all? Isn’t it straight route to make his mother realize and make her apologize to Shastriji. Why all this senseless drama? At times I feel its better if they just separate. Lets see what the character of Veer is going to bring.

  3. It is better Anu and Veer to marry. Because when a woman has to be in her in laws house, mutual respect and trust should be there with relatives. Otherwise there will be bitterness. Love and support of husband is must. But along with atleast tolerance should be there with his parents-in law. When Minty despises the mere sight of Anu how could she live there happily. Should she live with insult all her life. And she could not get support of her father and sisters, because she will be forbidden by her mother in law. Not love but compromise will be there in life. So better part ways. Even heartbroken is better than live with without self respect and parents love.

  4. Nice episode and poor.

  5. veer or rajat….. kisi ek ka to dil tutega .. n i will feel bad either ways. both r so cute…but dis track shudnt go much… it wil be really borin n torturing

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