Shastri Sisters 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sareen praising Anu and talking to Shastri ji. Shastri ji says yes, Lord has helped Anu and proved that Anu can never do anything wrong, and I should be proud of her being a father. Sareen says I will start the party now, and jokes. Sareen says he will do their garhpravesh by all rituals and asks Minty to welcome Anu. He jokes on her and says Anu will be your official bahu. Minty says I don’t understand, whats the good thing, the matter is still same. Sareen asks her to do grahpravesh. Minty refuses. Sareen says don’t make me angry, just go and do arrangements. Minty leaves. Sareen asks everyone to be happy now, and not to worry, as Minty is sharp by tongue, but she will adjust seeing Rajat’s happiness, and we know Rajat’s happiness is in Anu.

Rajat looks at Anu. Bua ji apologizes to Alka for being wrong and blaming Anu. She cries and says she lost the right to talk to her as elder, forgive me. Alka says no, if your right ends, I will lose my right to ask your love and blessings. Bua ji says you won my heart twice and got my everything, you have right on my love, Shastri ji gave you good values, I wish I had given this values to my daughter Karishma. Astha says don’t say this about Karishma, she was in love and did mistake. Bua ji says leave her, and you are doing mistake calling her right. She scolds Astha. Astha says Karishma and Lalit went to Allahabad.

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Bua ji says its time she also leaves now. Vrinda stops her and asks her to go after few days. Bua ji says no, its already late, I don’t want to be more late now, I want to bring my daughter on right path, and make Lalit realize the truth of life. She asks them not to get sad, as she will come back if she gets any good news. She asks Alka to give good news of a little daughter, or a boy like Rohan. Alka and Rohan take her blessings. Bua ji asks Astha to start family life, and its 4 years to her marriage now. Astha smiles. Bua ji goes to pack her luggage. Astha thinks Bua ji’s lecture is too much now, just leave, whats need to say me to start my family, I will get into problem.

Anu thinks about Rajat’s words. Devyaani and Peeya talk to Anu, and see her lost. Devyaani shakes Anu. Anu says sorry, I was thinking something. Devyaani asks Anu to wear her bridal dress and get ready fast. Sareen asks Rajat to get ready fast and gives new clothes. Rajat says he is shaken, he does not know whats happening, he wanted to marry Anu and could not, then many storms came and life did not go as planned. Sareen smiles and says the things which get linked to us which real meaning to life, don’t take it seriously, get lesson from it and move ahead, the planning started with Anu and it ended on Anu itself. Rajat says don’t you think Anu is hurt by proving this, and got silent. Sareen says yes, what happened with her was bad, and she is worried. She also planned to spend life with you, then Karishma…. It was all wrong.

Sareen says so she is so silent now. Devyaani slips and Neil holds her. Dil se meri dosti…………….plays……….. Neil says I feel glad that you are happy. She says me too. He says you won’t change. She says but you are changing, and becoming good day by day, thanks. He says welcome, shall I drop you., She says she has to go upstairs. He asks can he come along. She says come. He asks can we meet after grahpravesh on the terrace, as dad says its good to celebrate for good time, shall we celebrate. She says if uncle says this, how can I say no, sure. She smiles and waves bye. Neil smiles and says if I have to smile seeing you, I have to think, I get afraid that you can know I love you even today.

Sareen asks Minty to smile, and jokes that she is jealous. Minty says I m not in mood to joke, you told me to prepare for grahpravesh, so I got this, don’t expect me to do Anu’s aarti, I m not so good. Rajat comes and Sareen says he is looking handsome like me, where is Anu. Devyaani and Peeya come. Anu comes with her bag. Sareen asks whats this Anu. Anu says I told I will leave till evening, I m going. Rajat and everyone are shocked.

Anu returns the mangalsutra to Rajat, and asks him to either break or keep it, she is giving this right to him, and leaving. She walks towards the door and turns to see him. She cries as Rajat turns.

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  2. How u guys easily pardon Raj. He doesn’t even talk to Anu still. He must have his punishment for the distrust of his love.. He must waiting for anu’s love and realize himself.. and how shameless thing he done to her..

    1. True
      Men wants easy to be forgiven

  3. Waiting fa anu n rajat romantic scenes

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