Shastri Sisters 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer taking Shastri ji to the hopsital. The receptionist calls Anu and asks her to come to hospital fast as her dad met with an accident. Anu is shocked nd comes there. Veer talks to the doctor. Anu asks who got him here and scolds Veera for being shameless and irresponsible. He says sorry, what are you saying. She does not listen to him and says if anything happens to my dad, I will…He says come here, and shows him, saying he is fine. Anu meets her dad and asks is she fine. He says yes, I m fine. He thanks Veer for bringing him here. Anu says he did not do any favor, he did the accident and got you here.

Shastri ji says no, I fainted on the road, he is a good man, he left his work and got me here. Veer smiles and says he is talking about me. The doctor asks them to sit outside.

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Veer smiles and asks Anu about her questions, he can answer now. He says he is responsible, he is from good family, her mum loves him, he does not have wife and jokes on her. He asks her not to take life serious. She says sorry, you helped me dad and I scolded you. He says relax, don’t take much tension. He says don’t move and makes her get free of tension. She smiles. The doctor says you can take Shastri ji home, don’t make him do much work. Anu says fine and takes her dad. Veer thanks the doctor. He sees Anu’s purse left there and takes it. He turns and sees she has gone. He smiles seeing it.

Devyaani says Anu said dad is fine, why did they not come till now. She sees a chit for her again, and goes to see it. Neil and Bobby look on hiding. She reads she has to meet him tomorrow in college. Neil says she will come, you tease her and I will save her, don’t; worry for money, I will pay you once work is over. Neil leaves. Bobby says the story has changed, villain has become hero and hero is out, the shooting is today. He laughs. Anu brings Shastri ji home.

Sareen comes and asks is he fine, as Devyaani said he fainted. Shastri ji says I m fine. Sareen says tell me if you need help. Shastri ji says no, I have to be on my own. He goes to his home upstairs. Rajat and Minty are on the way. Minty asks him till when will this go on, that he is near her and she does not know. She says you stay silent, and don’t react, no demand like before, I want my son back, who was fun loving. Rajat says its so much happened, you expect me to be normal. She says yes, sign the annulment papers as Anu did. A car comes behind and horns.

Minty asks him to move ahead in life. Rajat says I don’t care about Anu signing the papers. Minty says who is he, so much horn sound. Rajat says I m giving him space and whats his problem. He stops the car and gets down to see. Minty stops Rajat. Rajat and Veer come face to face. They smile and hug. Minty is shocked and smiles. Rajat and Veer are best friends who haven’t met since 5 years.

Veer greets her and asks who is she. Rajat says she is my mom, and reminds her his college friend Veer. Veer says she is becoming young day by day. She says I maintain somewhat. Veer says she is fully maintained, uncle is lucky. Rajat says he was always flirting. Minty asks her to come home. Veer says I shifted from Dehradun some days ago. Rajat gives his number and hugs him. Veer leaves. Minty thinks Rajat is happy after a some time, I wish he does not have anything to do with Shastri Sisters.

Devyaani is glad by the praise in love letters and offers help to take care of dad to Anu. Anu says she is fine. Devyaani says hen I will go college and I can come if you need any help. Anu asks whats this helping thing, you say this when you are going for something by lying. Devyaani says no. Anu asks her to go. Devyaani smiles and leaves. She thinks to go or not go, as she is lying to Anu. She says she will tell everyting to Anu, but no, she won’t let me go. She says if anyone teases me there, I can slap him, and prays.

She comes to college library and asks is anyone there. The light goes and she looks around. She sees someone and gets scared. She asks who is there. Bobby says the shayari and flirts with her. She asks who is he. He says I know everything about you, and I know you want to know about me, you started liking me right. Bobby asks her to tell something. She says don’t come bear me and runs to the door. She asks someone to open the door. Bobby smiles and says listen to me, what are you saying, its just you and me here, tell me you like me. She says I don’t know you, how can I like you. He says you like me, I wrote those letters to you, I saw you smiling reading the letters.

She pushes him, and runs. Bobby asks her to come out. She hides and thinks she did a big mistake, just to find who is writing letters, she took a big risk. He says I know you are playing hide and seek with me, we play it with the one whom we love, it means you love me. She gets tensed. She hides under a table. Anu waits for Devyaani and asks why did she not come, I knew she is lying, and prays for her safety. She calls Devyaani. Bobby catches her and asks where is she going. Devyaani says please leave me. Bobby says lets play a game of adults, you came here for this right, sit here, you might be tired. Devyaani says let me go. She says I don’t like you.

Bobby says you likes the letters, if you liked my shayari, then you have to like me, this is cheating and I can’t bear it. She cries.

A boy comes to Neil and says he gave a letter again to Devyaani and she was very glad. Neil is puzzled and calls her. She takes te call and says help, save me. Neil gets worried and Bobby throws the phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i hope that veer fall for anu and they both together will make rajat jealous. but veer will never betray his frnd rajat(think so). BTW veer and anu make a good pair and veer looks so cute <3<3

  2. I want anuraj together

  3. I hope veer will not love Anu

  4. But Rajat and Anu r the best

  5. dont mind rajat ; anu and veer look good together

    1. Yea they look good together

  6. veer and anu also make a good pair

  7. Are yaar looks like anu may fall for veer if her father insists. No….rajat n anu are the best pair

  8. It wil be glad if veer help them.

  9. i dnt want veer to come in between anu and rajat.

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