Shastri Sisters 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani welcomes her relatives and Pappu and showing their new home. Minty welcomes Astha with shagun mahendi and asks Sareen not to drink today. Sareen says then how will rituals start. Minty asks Shastri ji to explain Sareen. Devyaani takes Pappu to show the house. He likes the house and asks does she miss Kanpur. She says no, but I miss you. She bumps into Astha and mahendi falls on Astha’s saree. Devyaani apologizes. Astha scolds her and Peeya comes. She says she will clean it. Astha says I don’t wear washed clothes. Devyaani says fine, you wash and give us. Astha taunts Devyaani. Devyaani says enough now, enjoy the party.

Astha taunts her more and Pappu scolds her. Devyaani answers Astha well and says she is beautiful and she does not need any artificial beauty or costly clothes. Pappu says Devyaani is right. Astha challenges her for a dance competition else she will have to clean her shoes. Even Devyaani says the same and accepts her challenge. The women start dancing. Alka comes wearing the beautiful saree and looking gorgeous. Everyone smile. Shastri ji asks Anushka why does Alka not look happy, is she thinking about Rajeev. Anushka says no, she hates him, after knowing you got insulted, she is sad as she is going to leave us and go. He says talk to her and say she can come here anytime as Rohan’s home is nearby. She says don’t worry, see how I make her smile.

The mahendi function starts. Anushka dances on the song Mahendi hai rachne wali………………… The sisters make everyone dance. Alka gets the mahendi applied. Its night, Anushka asks Devyaani why did she take the challenge. Devyaani says Astha taunted me. Astha is upset and talks to the maid Santo. Santo calls her beautiful. Anushka says why does people only trouble you. Devyaani says she is rough and tough. Peeya says Astha was adamant. Santo asks Astha to go ahead and asks her plan. Astha says she has a plan, lets make few relatives who knows good dance. They plan and laugh.

Devyaani says she will die if she wants to clean the shoes. Anushka says if dad knows this, he will be angry. Devyaani says how will he know, Astha said this thing will be in between us. Anushka says how can you trust he, if anything happens, Alka has to pay for it. Devyaani asks Alka to say what to do, she will move back if she says, but if Astha troubles her, she will not leave her. Alka asks Devyaani to go ahead. Pappu says no one can defeat Devyaani. Anushka asks him to go while he stares at Devyaani. Anushka pushes him out and asks him to sleep with Neil in his room.

Neil imagines Devyaani and says whats happening to me. Pappu comes. He says he has to practice dance with Devyaani, she is his best friend and praises her. He says its about Devyaani’s reputation and if she loses, she has to………… He tells everything. Neil smiles. Its morning, Minty does not like it dance challenge idea. Sareen says its fine and they argue. She says why did she challenge, where will we have stage and call DJ. Neil says don’t worry, I will do all arrangements. She asks Sareen how did Neil change so much. She says what is he going to do.

Alka comes to Shastri ji with tea. She wakes him up. She shows her mahendi. They have a talk. He says Vrinda is nice, but Astha is sharp, its good that Rohan is a nice guy. She looks upset. He asks what happened. Alka says she will always care for him, and he can’t stop her. He smiles as she worries who will cook for him now. He says his secret that he is a good cook and did not tell them as they will make him cook always. He says I did not know you all grew up so soon. She rests her head in his lap and smiles. Alka thinks she is doing this for his happiness. Anushka comes and is glad seeing them.

The Sangeet function starts and the sisters dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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