Shastri Sisters 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha acting again. Alka says this is Rohan, don’t worry, when Sunil comes back in 2-3 days, she will remember anything. Astha says what nonsense, I m having head ache. Alka says don’t worry, take rest. Astha gets worried. Rohan asks Alka about Sunil. Alka says I was just acting, and thinks she will know Astha is really ill or acting. Astha looks on. Kajal and Neil are on the way. She thinks its good she took him, else Neil would be after Devyaani again, but how will I meet Ajay. She asks Neil to get chilli chicken spice, she has to mae it for Minty, till then she will take medicines.

She goes to meet Ajay and walks to him seeing him far. Neil comes out and does not see her. He says where did she go now. Ajay gives her some medicine for making Anu ill. He asks did she get money. She asks him to give her some time. He says he should get money, else he will give this medicine to her too. Neil thinks with whom is she talking. Ajay says fine, I will give some time. She sees Neil coming towards her and starts acting. Neil asks what is she doing here. Kajal says he was asking me the kirana shop address, I was saying him, I want to go home, my legs is hurting. He says come.

Kajal asks Anu can she help her. Anu angrily refuses and asks her to go. She reacts in anger and her dupatta catches fire. Minty comes there and saves Anu. Anu holds her head and is in shock. Minty asks what happened to her. Kajal says maybe she was in anger so this happened. Minty asks what is this anger. Anu says I was… She holds her head and leaves. Minty says what happened to her and calls Sareen.

She asks Sareen to come home fast, his bahu has done a big thing this time. Devyaani works in the fashion house and gets a call. She says I gave the designs, don’t call me. She says things get tough by a good job, I don’t know will the work end till deadline. She gets message from Priya and sits chatting. Neil chats with her and smiles. He asks whats the problem. She says work is much and helpers are very less. He says I wish I could help her. She asks will you join my team. Neil gets thinking and replies no, I m sorry, I m very busy these days.

Devyaani says its fine, but thanks for giving ideas. Neil says no need to thank me, I m doing all this so that I can say sorry to you. Minty tells Sareen and Rajat that Anu is shouting and then sitting holding her head. Rajat says I think we should consult a doctor. Minty says what will happen to show her to doctor, she used to care and now she speaks up. She says nothing will happen, be strict to her, she will be fine. Sareen asks shall I talk to you strictly, nonsense. He asks Rajat to wiat for 1-2 days, then they will call doctor. Minty says she is fine now, and asks Rajat to go for work, she will call him if Anu does anything. Kajal brings tea for Anu and asks her to have it, she will feel fresh. Anu starts scolding her and says don’t know what you have put in it.

Anu gets angry and Minty comes. She says you were pregnant, don’t know what you told that you proved me wrong. Minty says this is just tea and finds Anu’s behavior weird. She takes Kajal and leaves. Kajal recalls Ajay gave her the medicine that will make her angry in secs and everyone will get disappointed with her. Kajal mixes that medicines in her food and says Anu will be going from this house, and adds 5 tablets in the sweets, which made Anu react in anger on Minty at night. She thinks her work will be done and everyone will think Anu is mad, time will say who is mad. Anu holds her head and sits. Kajal leaves.

Kajal gives tea to Anu and Rajat and recalls Ajay’s words. Rajat’s tea falls and Anu offers him to have her tea. Kajal gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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