Shastri Sisters 27th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 27th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka thinking about Rajeev and coming to meet him. Astha and Santo follow him. Astha is shocked seeing him and says Santo, he is the one who came as electrician, don’t know what they are talking, I can’t hear them. She takes their pics. Rajeev is glad seeing Alka and asks her to come inside. He says love has brought you here. She asks how dared he touch Anushka. Astha and Santo hear them going inside the house. Alka says she will hurt him as he has hurt her sister. He holds her and says he can’t live without her. She slaps him. Astha is shocked.

Alka says fine, then die. She says if you wi9ll live to harm my sister, then you die, if my husband doubts on me, then its good if you die. He says what are you saying. She says I m married, how can you lie to my husband, how can you scare me. She says she will punish him. She says go back Rajeev, you don’t have anything in this city, I will kill you and myself if you don’t go. She leaves. Astha and Santo hide. Astha says Alka came here to slap Rajeev, but I will tell everyone what I want, I will get her punished for the mistake she did not do. She smiles.

Alka calls Anushka and says she went to meet Rajeev and slapped her. She says she forgot everything, you are hurt because of me. Anushka asks her not to tell anyone where she went and she will meet her now. Alka says fine. Anushka tells Devyaani that she is going to Alka’s house. Devyaani asks whats the matter. Anushka says she will come back and say. Anushka bumps into Rajat and says sorry. He asks can’t you see and walk. She says no. Music plays……. He asks where is she going, can he help her. She says no, thanks. He asks is everything fine. She leaves.

Alka comes home and sees the family looking at her. Alka asks what happened. Vrindau shows her and Rajeev’s pic asking who is he. Hari says family friend? Relative? But not seen in marriage. Astha says no, he came here as electrician, and asks Alka why did she go to meet him. Alka cries. Rohan says nothing like this. Hari says will you tell us, or shall I ask Shastri ji. Alka says he was my friend. Astha says it looks in pic that he is much more than friend. Alka says yes, he was.

Alka says she was scared as he was in her past. She says she loves Rohan a lot and is afraid to lose him now. She says she went to tell Rajeev to stay away from her. Astha says good reasons but very late. Alka asks Vrinda to trust her. Rohan asks why did you not tell me this before. Anushka comes and asks him think being on her place. She says Alka left everyone and is trying to win everyone’s heart here, how can she tell her mistake to them. Hari says this is not the right thing. Rohan says I knew that Alka had a BF, but did not know she will still be in touch with him.

Alka cries and says its nothing like that., She says trust me please. Rohan thinks about Rajeev. He leaves. Hari scolds Alka for having an affair with Rajeev. He asks Alka to leave his house and go back to the Maayka. Everyone is shocked. Alka breaks down. Anushka requests Hari not to do this. She cries and folds her hands to understand this can ruin many lives. Astha smiles. Anushka asks Vrinda to trust Alka, as she has always supported her. Vrinda is quiet.

Astha says she will call Shastri ji and tell everything. Anushka stops her and says I will tell him. Hari asks Anushka to take Alka and leave. Alka and Anushka cry. They leave. Naino to ………………..Plays………..

Alka meets Rajeev and talks to him. The sisters bring Rohan there to expose Rajeev. Rajeev sees Rohan hiding and understands Alka’s plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate Astha, someone needs to do something to her

    1. Why hate astha. In fact shastri sisters has to be hated. Full liars. Always this way or that way hiding things from others. Astha maybe jealous of alka, but she always stand by her husband. Not like alka, inspite of Rohan being frank she is hiding things from him . being having a past is not bad but after marriage being honest is an important thing. She could have easily conveyed this to Rohan who is very understanding. But she didn’t do. So she has to suffer. Being duffer does not help in life. One gas to be very smart and has to set their priorities set . that way all the shastri sisters are badly brought up a full bunch of liars good for nothing liars

      1. Shut the actual f**k up. Go away from here if you ddon’t like it

  2. Ur right asha

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