Shastri Sisters 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka talking to Astha. Astha says this house don’t have place for you. Alka says lets see, if I did not do any mistake, its mistake to bear the punishment, I won’t let you do this, I promise. Devyaani talks to Neil and asks tell me, if a guy gifts a girl, what does that mean, just like or love. He says tell me, if a girl asks a guy about gift, what does this mean, she likes him or loves him. She says my line on me, first you say. He says it depends, if its card, its timepass, its roses, it means he likes it, if its jewelry, then its love. She gets happy thinking Rajat gifted her anklet. She slips and Neil holds her. The sweet dish falls on a lady and she looks at them.

She says who did this and says Neil…… Neil is shocked seeing her. She asks who is she, she spoiled my dress. Devyaani says my sweet dish fall on you. They argue. Minty comes and sees them. She says Nikki and welcomes her. Nikki shows her dress. Neil says she is my Nikki Mausi. Devyaani says I felt this. Nikki says Devyaani did this to my dress. Devyaani talks in her usual manner. Nikki scares Neil and asks did he greet and hug her. Neil hugs her. Devyaani acts sweet. Nikki asks Minty is she the one. Minty says no, younger one, come, I will tell the story.

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Neil and Devyaani have a talk. He says he will save her always. She says its hard to impress Minty. He asks why. She says I will tell you when time comes. He says I will tell you shortcut, you impress Nikki, the sisters have much love. Its morning, Nikki asks Minty not to worry. Minty says but tarot card reader, Rajat smiles seeing Anushka, even Sareen was like him seeing me. Nikki says yes it happens, don’t worry, Rajat is going out, we will do his setting. Rajat comes and greets them. They have a laugh. He says I m going for work. Nikki says she will come to airforce canteen. He says not today. Minty asks him to take her and reminds Nikki have bath to him in childhood.

Rajat says come, fine. Nikki asks Minty to come along. They go to get the bags. He thinks to meet Anushka, but can’t meet now. Devyaani practices to impress Nikki, and Neil hears her smiling. He laughs and says I don’t think Maasi will be impressed. She asks what to do now. She says come with me, Maasi is not at home. She says but why, tell me. He takes her to the surprise. She is surprises seeing the room decorated with lights. Neil comes there and sings the song I love you…….. She signs whats all this. He dances with her. She asks what is he doing.

He says let me complete, be quiet. He sits on his knees and shows the ring. He says I love you Devyaani. She is shocked. He says when girls ask for gift, it means the girl loves the guy. She asks is he joking. She says no. She says but I don’t love you. He asks what. He says don’t joke. She says she is not joking. He is shocked. She says I care for you, so I m telling you that I don’t love you. He asks what was all that, being with me, sharing secrets. She says I can do this with any formal friend. He asks about Karwachauth fast kept for him. She says I did not keep fast for you. He says you are lying, you love ,why are you saying this, tell me.

She says sorry if I misled you, I swear on Lord that I did nto wish to hurt you and can’t see anyone hurting you, but I don’t love you. Neil holds the ring and moves away. She says she kept fast for the one she loves. She says I m really sorry and leaves. Neil cries. Devyaani comes in her room and says what was the need of this stupid to love me, this can affect me and Rajat too. She calls Alka and tells her everything. She says Neil loves me. Alka is shocked. She asks how does she know. Devyaani says he proposed me now and I refused him, I love Rajat, I don’t know what to do. Alka says what can you do, its good to say no to him, but I m feeling bad for him. She says don’t blame yourself, its not your mistake. Neil thinks about Devyaani and cries. He ruins the room and breaks his fav guitar.

Minty reads the letter from Neil . Neil goes to commit suicide. Minty is shocked reading he went to end his life for Devyaani.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Precap……itz ol coz of devyani

  2. Devyani is destroying 3 lives(neil rajath aur anu) if she just adjust , all 4 can live happily. Even rajat doesnt love her. So it will b bad if rajat marries devyani . She wont get any love from him whereas she can get thrice the love from neil

  3. I completely agree with u tanya

  4. oh neil come on yaar.dont do this stupid act.whatever happens atlast u will get devyanni yaar.and only rajat today and no anu feeling low.koi baath nayi there r the best.thank for update.

  5. What about the trailer its realllyy very shocking

  6. Devyaani is not playing her game right, Neil is such a nice character

  7. Can anyone tell me the background song is from which movie… its really awesome

  8. Is Neil really gunna die? 🙁

  9. You can’t blame Deviyani. Neil misread the signs, the same way she’s misread the signs from Rajat. She thinks Rajat loves her but he loves Anu. It’s a big mess! Neil shouldn’t end his life and Rajat shouldn’t marry Deviyani. I think after Anu finds out she says to Rajat if you reply love me you will not break my sisters heart and you will marry Deviyani as I can never hurt my sister by marrying you. They are all being so melodramatic…it’s funny!

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