Shastri Sisters 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu scolding Minty. Everyone look on shocked. Anu says Minty has seen everything and ignored it. She says Minty has always created scene and people joke on them. She says she made Rajat get engaged to Devyaani, and then she supported Karishma, she was always adamant. She says you created misunderstanding between her and Rajat, by getting Neil, she did the MMS case and her dad getting heart attack, all this was because she was stubborn. She says even today she is stubborn to support Kajal.

She says just once think about home more than her ego, then she will know whats right and whats wrong, if she forgot to run this home, then leave the control on me, atleast things will be fine. Minty gets speechless. Kajal smiles seeing Anu’s anger. Anu asks why is she silent and holds her head. She faints and Rajat holds her. Sareen asks Neil to call doctor. Rajat says I will take her to the room. Minty gets angry and says Anu does not have values, as her dad says, is this her values, I m her mum in law, Rajat’s mum, how can she talk to me like this.

Sareen asks her to calm down, maybe she was not well and got irritated. Minty argues. She asks Sareen to support her sometimes too. Sareen comes to Rajat and asks him. Rajat says I don’t know, I m confused too. Rajat says Anu never misbehaves, mum will be feeling bad, I think I should apologize. Sareen says she is very angry, don’t go there now, she will be calm tomorrow, then talk to her. Rajat says maybe you are right, and ,maybe Anu will realize she did not talk well and apologize to mum. Sareen says I wish so, take care now.

Alka says she is calling Rohan and not able to talk. Devyaani asks her to go, she will manage. Alka says she can’t manage so much work alone, she will make material list and then she will go. Devyaani asks why is she looking in tension. Alka tells her the whole story about Astha. Devyaani is stunned. She asks what are you saying, I did not hear about such disease. Alka says but doctor said this, and stopped us from telling Astha the truth. Devyaani says Astha is very clever and she can do any drama to spoil your life. Alkka asks what do you think, Astha is lying. Devyaani says Astha can lie easily. She asks her to double check everything, if Neil can cheat me, then why can’t Astha cheat, it was always tough to trust Astha. Alka recalls Astha’s words and her state.

Its morning, Rajat sees Anu sleeping and says she is still sleeping. He asks her to wake up. Everyone sit for breakfast. Sareen asks Minty not to be angry. Minty say she can’t forget how Anu spoke to her. Sareen says you are saying as if she talks daily in anger, she was unwell, forget it, she will apologize to you. Rajat comes and Sareen asks where is Anu. Rajat says she is still sleeping. Sareen says she wakes up first, what happened today. Rajat says I don’t know. He says this time it was Anu’s mistake, so I m sorry. Minty says you did not do mistake, Anu should apologize. Anu comes and asks who misbehaved. Rajat tells Anu and she does not remember anything. Anu says she will make something for his lunch. He says its fine, how are you now. She says I m fine.

He asks her to go and freshen up, she will feel better. Anu goes to her room. Rajat says I felt Anu does not remember anything. Minty says this is best way to skip any explanation. Kajal smiles. Alka talks to Rohan about Astha. Rohan says what is this disease, how can Astha think I m Sunil, we are not similar, shall I go to your home till you come from office, like Astha sees me and comes near me, I don’t like this, do Sunil and I look same. Alka says no, I got an idea, you make any excuse and take Astha out for half an hour. He asks why. She says you go, you will know it when you come back. Rohan leaves.

Neil sees Devyaani and Kajal looks at them. She comes and gains his sympathy. Devyaani leaves. Neil helps Kajal and asks why is she walking if she is hurt. She says she came to see Minty. He asks her to sit here. She acts sweet. He says don’t talk to me like this, I don’t like it, do you want anything. She says I have to go to market, will you take me. He says I will get. She says no, its girls items, I have to come along. He says fine come.

Devyaani works in office and the lady says Vicky will be angry if the work is not done. Devyaani asks why is everyone angry. The lady says Vicky does everything perfect and he does not like any imperfection. Devyaani says I think I have to meet him. The lady says fine, but complete all the work. Rohan brings Astha back home and Alka keeps Astha and Sunil’s pics. Astha gets tensed and starts acting. She asks whose pic in this, why is this in our room. Alka looks on. She comes talking to Sunil and says yes, you are coming in two three days, this is good news, Astha will be happy knowing this. Astha is stunned. Alka smiles.

Minty tells Anu that this is tea, she should not shout seeing this. Anu makes it fall and Minty says she has gone mad. She asks Kajal to come, else Anu will run after them. Kajal smiles. Anu holds her head and shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good episode

  2. I think so kajal has done something to anu or her food

  3. I thnk it’s tat stupid kajal’s plan coz she behave rude aftr eat tat sweet.

  4. I think she must have add some kind of drug in Anu’s food so anu will misbehave with minty and fall in every one’s eyes!!

    1. Ya Im also thinking that only

  5. Plz update fast

  6. I think it’s a game… Anu must be playing a game to get de hell out if Kajol. Or it could be possible that Kajol did something to Anu

  7. Why u r not updating full episode???

  8. shastri sisters i think becomes bad to worse as no twist in story. i really feel bad for neil and devyani love story. i think producer may give new meaning to their relations and audience may like them moreover TRP high. DON’T WORRY SERIAL FINDS ITS NEW HIGHTS

  9. Pls update full episode

  10. Plz update remaining episode

  11. still kajals drama it may lose viewers

  12. if ss pg will not become chatting pg then I will haunt it lol

  13. if there is someone who watched the episode , can u pls give a brief description??

    1. Ya I watched it
      anu is scolded minty about all her misdeed and later she forgot what all she did then devyani confronts alka about being so tensed then alka says all the things astha did and devyani will advice her that dont trust her as the person we trusted more betrayed us then she is astha and will think bout it will starte to xpose astha by saying that sunil is cmg and devyani is excited to meet Vicky

  14. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What’s wrong with anu? I think she would be doing this on purpose to be honest cuz she’s really determined to tell everyone about kajal’s true colours. I hate kajal soooooo much! She should’ve died when she wanted to commit suicide why did Leela have to come at the right time?

    1. MAYBE kajal added something in her food or its anu’s plan

    2. I don’t think anu would be doing this on purpose because why does she keep on fainting?

      Or maybe she faints on purpose

  15. Vicky will be devyani’s new love interest. When will neil-devyani reunite? They are the cutest couple and loved their background music played in earlier episodes during their romantic moments.

    1. Ya I same thinking I think so neel will be jealous and if that happens it wud be fun

  16. Vicky will start falling for Devyani and Neil may get jealous and Anu would show the true colours of kajal and then Neil would be single and then Neil Devyani wedding ? would be there and Vicky will change himself for Devyani and let her go to neil

    1. Very nice janhavi I agree with ur all points …I hope so aisa hi hooo

  17. Anu will show the true colours of kajal and Alka will show true colours of astha and astha and kajal would be out and Neil Devyani marriage would be there hope so……………

  18. I hate today’s episode and precap is too hate full….

    1. Its simple.. no need to watch

    2. Afterall There is no space for haters mr sanjeev

  19. Who r u ?

  20. I said today’s episode is hate full not full serial chata toh isse bahut pehale dekhna band kar dental but dill ke haatho mazboor hoon

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