Shastri Sisters 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani getting angry on the guys teasing her. They run and the people taunt her family. Shastri ji asks is she fine. Minty asks whom will she fight more. Anu sends Shastri ji and Devyaani home and answers Minty. She says she will not be able to shut everyone’s mouth, but she will make the guy get same punishment, she knows who is that guy, I also know, and promises her that she will bring Neil and video maker truth out soon. She goes.

Devyaani says she is feeling bad for her dad, he is feeling guilty, will he hate her more. Rohan asks why did she not call her. Anu says dad will not get angry if you teach them a lesson. Devyaani says its happening because of Neil. Anu says the person who made the video is at mistake. Alka says yes, it was made to defame us, once we get that person, we will not leave him. Anu asks Rohan who kept the CD in office, if they know this, they can get some clue. Rohan says I will try to find out. Alka says I will check the terrace. Anu says yes, lets go.

Minty calls Astha and says Anu challenged me that she will prove Neil is in the video, I m tensed, what to do. Astha asks her to chill as this time they will decide the end, there is no proof that Anu can proof anything. Minty asks sure. Astha says take rest and enjoy their worry. Minty says fine and ends the call. Alka and Anu come to terrace with Devyaani. Anu asks why did she not say that the website is hers too. Devyaani says she did not say as Neil asked her not to say. They try to find is there anything by which they can get any clue.

They don’t get anything. Anu says no stranger can come here, whoever came has to come from house. Devyaani says maybe any guest came as it was Rajat’s birthday. Anu says lets check guest list and find who can do this. Anu checks and says they don’t even know us, why will anyone do this. Devyaani says maybe Neil’s friends did this, they talk cheap. Anu says maybe, who else. Alka says maybe Neil told his friend to do recording. Anu says I will write his name too.

She asks Alka to think with whom they fought, and is there anyone who wants to hurt Devyaani. Devyaani says Bobby, I was getting some letters from him and tells everything. They are stunned. Anu says Neil did all this, and even then you trusted him. Alka says write that Bobby’s name. Anu says Astha also came in party, did she do this, no she can’t do this. Alka says no, we should doubt her, she can do anything, write her name. Devyaani says did Minty do this. Anu says no, she can’t do this, her focus was on me and Rajat, to break our relation, she can’t do this cheap thing as Neil was also there in MMS.

Alka says fine, we can doubt on this list names. Anu says yes, someone of them made the video. Minty tells Sareen that she knows Devyaani, and says against her values and character. He says no, wrong happened with her, did you see her face. She says she blamed my son, she is wrong. Anu comes and Sareen asks did she find anything. Anu says no, we are trying to find who made that CD. She says once we know it, then we can get some clue. He says yes, we can know who was the guy. Minty says it means you feel Devyaani is lying, and that guy is someone else. He says I know Neil is not lying, if he did not do wrong, I will defend him. Minty says yes. Anu gets teary eyed and goes to her room.

She gets sad by Sareen’s words. Rajat comes to her and helps her in work. He asks why is she upset. She says whenever I had problem, Sareen always supported me, today he feels Devyaani is lying, that guy can’t be Neil. She says when you told you disagree with me, I was sad, but when Sareen disagreed, I m more sad. He says tell me one thing, you agree that dad and I love you a lot, whatever the matter is. He says let them do anything, but we will always love you. He hugs her.

Neil bumps into Devyaani and she asks him to say why did he lie, did he cheat her always. Neil asks is she done, he wants to go. She scolds him. She says she will prove its him in video. He says we will talk when its proved. He leaves. Alka gets Rohan’s call and he tells that security guard does not know who has dropped the CD, he got a phone number and its unreachable. She says give me number, I will try. He gives her the number.

The girls try the number and it connects at last. The call connects and Anu asks did he come to drop CD for Narayan Shastri. Minty hears them. Anu asks can he say who told him to drop the Cd. Minty gets tensed.

Minty tells Astha that she is tensed, Shastri sisters are finding. Astha asks did they reach the CD guy. Minty says if Neil are caught, I will not leave you. Astha burns the original CD and other proof.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode I was not seen but neil ki baat sun kar mujhe lag raha hai he also fins the truth kyunki agar won devyani ki hurt karna chata toh ajj usko boora jaroora bolta but his every reply make a new question I think he still love devyani..woh shayad minty ko sahi raste par Lana chata hai or aab theek karna chata hai…next comment main kal repeat dekh Lena ki baad hi de sakta hoon ki how much I am right …

  2. i also think sanjeev you are right

  3. Neil still luvs devyaani.He is doing like this wit a clear damn sure

  4. Shastri sisters are rocking.You make south indians also to watch.Sisters will surely prove neil is the guy in video.

  5. Yes u r right Anonymous they made south indians to watch this. Including myself.. Going good

  6. Honey,are you a south indian?

  7. Again a CD drama….

  8. feeling bad 4 deviyani…..

  9. I now like the way rajat and anu’s relationship is evolving. Please keep it going

  10. I thnk anushka get plan something in precap the cal is fake they show to minty they found the proof she get tensed and make any usual mistake and they catch her color handed….

  11. starpluslover

    I want this Astha to be beaten with slipper in the mid of road….

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