Shastri Sisters 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alka giving dhoop in Astha’s room and keeping a black thread there. Alka leaves. Astha sees the thread, then shouts and calls Vrinda and her husband. She says this time Alka really did black magic and shows them. Vrinda takes it and hides. Astha says I really saw it, there is no baby, it means something will happen to me. Vrinda asks what did she say. Astha says I mean the baby is not born now, I m here, it means I will die, Alka has really done black magic. Vrinda asks why is she so scared now. Astha says I have done it before. Vrinda catches her lie.

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Vrinda asks what happened. Astha says I saw those things for the first time and this now, so my fear is double. Vrinda asks sure, is there anything else. Astha tells Sunil that Alka is harming their baby. Sunil says don’t think so, and asks Vrinda to go. Astha says I saw it, where did it go. Rohan asks Alka did Astha tell anything. Alka says no, I was standing outside her room, but she did no say, I m feeling bad to play this games. Rohan says we should explain her in her way, but why is Astha insecure, she has everything. He gets Shastri ji’s call and says he called us, about annulment matter, lets leave, I will tell everything on the way. They reach Sareen home and meet everyone. Rohan gives the annulment papers.

Rajat says stop wasting time, I won’t sign, and not even Anu. Alka says Anu has already signed on it. Rajat is shocked and says no, you both are lying, she can’t sign, you are saying so that I sign on it. He asks Minty is this her idea. Minty says see Anu’s sign. Rajat takes the papers and sees Anu’s signs. Rohan says its Anu’s decision, no one forced her. Rajat says I won’t believe if Lord says, if Anu smiles and signs infront of me, even then I won’t believe its her decision, tell this to uncle that I won’t sign. Rohan says it will be better if you both separate. Rajat says you and Alka’s matter was also ahead, why did you not leave Alka when your family was involved, answer me.

He says I will also not leave Anu. He says you have come to show me Anu’s sign on the papers, go and tell her and uncle that I did not sign on this, I will never sign to get separated from Anu, this place will always be vacant. He throws the papers.

Minty says Anu has signed, you also sign it, you have bear a lot. Rajat refuses and says Anu can keep or break the relation, if she loves me or not, whatever she wants, I will never leave loving her. Rohan and Alka leave. Neil meets Devyaani and they argue about Anu signing the papers. She says Anu has signed as Minty has troubled her, if you missed Lohri party, ask everyone what Minty told her to leave her son. Neil says will she love only if love is easy, if she loves him, she could not kept it, Rajat did not sign on anyone’s saying, not even mum’s. Devyaani says what.

Neil says we Sareen brothers love like this, not like Shastri Sisters. He asks her to go college as her time might be getting wasted being with him. He asks did Anu go college. She says no, its not easy for signing papers, but you won’t understand, as Sareen brothers always blame Shastri sisters, we also have heart but sometimes we sacrifice our happiness for loved ones, and Anu is ahead. She leaves. Neil calls his friend Bobby and asks him to see the girl passing by him. Bobby sees Devyaani. Neil says she is the one, I will tell you what to do, first send something in her praising, then I will say. Bobby walks to Devyaani.

Rohan and Alka tell Shastri ji that Rajat did not sign on the papers. Shastri ji says Minty will make him sign. Rohan gets a call and says its for Anu, its from recruitment cell of college. Anu takes the call and a man Dr Bhatia, a psychologist is finding an intern and asks her to come for interview at his office. Anu tells this to everyone. They smile and say its good news, she should go. Rohan says I will drop you tomorrow. Shastri ji also agrees. He says I think Lord wants this, say yes. She asks who has sent my resume. The man sees Rajat sitting infront of him. Rajat signs no. He says yes, and tells Rajat that Anu is coming tomorrow, he is taking risk as you recommended else I m very choosy. Rajat says you meet me and see, she is very sincere. He thinks he knows Anu has signed papers, but she still loves me.

Alka makes Anu have sweets. Rajat thinks Anu will try to go away from him, he will give her reasons to get close to him, her love will not leave fighting for her. Anu thinks its tough to get away from Rajat, but she has to do this job, maybe it can help her in coming out of his memories.

Shastri ji feels unwell and faints on the road infront of a car. A guy comes to him and asks uncle are you fine. New entry is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Har serial me yahich Chlte Rehta.
    Pehle Director Hero Heroin ko Qareeb Lata;
    Bad Me Dono Ko Alag Krta Or Aise Kr K Serial Ko Lmba Kr Dete?
    Na Mza Na Maati?

  2. so nice rajat,i love u both together anu and rajat.

  3. Rajat u did a great job

  4. in the facebook say that veer will entry in 28 January but I am seeing tomorrow entry he will shoot tomorrow

  5. CRAP!!!! i hav stopped watching dis serial… its goin to have 2 love triangles…. anu-rajat-veer and neel-devyani-bobby!!! wth??? cant cum up with anythng else or wat???

  6. Good precap

  7. It was okay today episode and good precap

  8. please even at end keep anu and rajat together

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