Shastri Sisters 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan hearing a sound from Astha’s room and goes there. She holds the glass pieces. He asks her to leave it and she gets adamant being after him. He asks her to leave all this, her hand is bleeding. She says do you care about me. He requests her and says he cares. She smiles and asks him to do the first aid. Rohan gets the medical kit and holds her to make her sit on the bed. He applies the ointment to her hand while she looks on shamelessly. Anu and Rajat come to Neil’s room and sees him drunk and sleeping. Rajat says let him rest and leaves. Kajal looks on and shuts the window and door.

Alka comes to Rohan and he signs her to go outside. He moves Astha’s hand and leaves silently. She asks what happened to her. He says she tried to hurt herself. She asks why. He says she is not believing I m Rohan, she believes I m Sunil, her husband. Alka asks what will he do now. Rohan says we have to find some way, she is getting emotional and this can be wrong, the truth will come out one day, before this we need to find some way.

Its morning, Neil wakes up and gets stunned seeing Kajal by his side. He asks what is she doing here. She says I was just obeying you. He asks what, tell me. She starts her drama and says our relation went ahead than friendship yesterday night and smiles. She says the truth is she never felt she can take Devyaani’s place in his life. He asks what is this nonsense, don’t lie. She says I swear on Minty, it was very special and asks him not to insult her by calling her a liar. She says he was drunk and was saying truth, why is he saying she is lying, trust me. He asks her to stop her drama, he does not remember anything, but forget it, else her life will be in problem.

She says he was drunk, not she, she can never forget this. She cries and says she has to do something that the story ends here itself. Kajal acts and goes out in the hall. She tells Leela to start acting and cries. Leela says save Kajal, she has gone mad. Anu asks what happened. Leela says I don’t know whats the matter, Kajal said she can die to give happiness to Neil. Anu says calm down, I will see her. Anu goes to her on terrace and asks whats this new drama.

Kajal stands on the balcony and starts her acting, saying she wishes her husband to love her and when she knows it was all an lie, what will the girl do, suicide… Anu says we knows this very well that she is lying, and asks her not to waste time. Kajal says her life is ruined, she did as Neil said and he is saying as if nothing happened. Anu says yes, nothing happened, and asks her why is she doing this. Kajal says she has to prove it by dying. Anu asks her to jump. Kajal looks down and Anu says jump, come on, is she afraid. She says you have random things in mind, she can’t do this. She asks her to stop the drama, its of no use. Kajal asks does she think she is lying. Minty comes running and Kajal says she will jump to prove herself. Kajal jumps down.

Minty and Anu are left shocked. Leela keeps a mattress on the ground and saves Kajal. Minty says thank Lord. Kajal says she fell down because of her, why did she not kept two mattresses. Sareen and Rajat come and ask what happened. Leela says she tried to end her life. Kajal says she got hurt and acts. Neil comes there. Minty asks Kajal the reason of her step. People gather there and gossip on Sareen family. Anu says we will take her inside and call doctor.

The doctor checks Kajal’s leg and says she has a sprain. He asks her to do xray once and gives some pain killers. Anu thinks if Kajal can do this with herself, she can do anything with them, how to save family from her. Neil goes to Anu and says its his mistake. Anu asks what. Neil says why can’t I make things fine, he has hurt Devyaani and now Kajal. Kajal says what can I do mummy ji, Neil does not accept me as wife and Anu does not believe me. Anu asks what happened. Neil tells Anu what he told Kajal in drunken state about divorce and Kajal told me in morning that…. Anu asks what. Minty says she did wrong thing, why did she do this, whats the reason, tell me. Kajal says Anu.

Sareen comes and asks Kajal for xray, they can know is there any fracture. Neil takes Kajal to the car. Minty tells Anu that she has made Kajal commit suicide, I did not do anything like this. Anu says what are you saying. Minty says you always tried to prove Kajal wrong. Anu says she is acting. Minty says she jumped from terrace and broke her leg. Anu says yes, this is her plan to make you on her side and make Neil feel guilty. Minty asks who told her. Anu says Neil has told me everything himself. Minty asks what did he say. Anu says she is doing as Neil did not accept her as wife, Neil told her about divorce. Minty is shocked.

Anu says Kajal told Neil in morning that…. Minty says tell me. Anu says she said that Neil has told her to come close in drunken state and when he said she is lying, she did this drama to die, she is playing with our emotions so that Neil does not give her divorce, she wants our sympathy. She says Neil can’t love her, trust me, she does not love Neil, if you don’t believe me, trust Neil, you ask him the truth. Minty thinks.

Anu brings juice for Kajal and Kajal taunts her for losing and taking care of her. She promises she will make everyone dance on her fingers. Anu promises she will make Minty kick her out, and asks her to keep her bag ready.

Update Credit to: Amena

    1. I told i will come after 3days.But,now i came after a week

  1. wen wil tis kajal nd asthas’ drama end!

  2. Kajal is still tolerable xozbits obvious shell b chucked oytn BT asthas part is way to cheap. the script writer should bring in some better drama then this crap. Ek woman mei aise portray krna chahte h ? No wonder is show ko band krne ka topic ata h br br. They have such good characters n plot bus thing ki story le aye

  3. This is one of the worst serial. First I like dis serial a lot but day by day it is going worst & worst. Asha character is so worst. There is no improvement in dis show. I hope Director will have to think new

  4. A once enjoyable serial is sliding downhill – please improve script – the astha-kajal angle is headache inducing

  5. Specially kajal a headache and aastha a stupid charchterbdo something new in it or other wise remove kajal and astha

  6. Lovely episode.

  7. I think aab minty bhi anushka ko support karage…

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