Shastri Sisters 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji asking Alka to go. Sareen stops Shastri ji and says I will also decide for Anu’s stay here, I m not her uncle but more than it. He says I have seen it, they have taken seven rounds and they are married. Minty says I don’t believe this. Sareen says fine, she did not force him to take rounds, when Anu gave her hand, he has held her hand by his wish. Rajat says she cheated me. He says she has lied to me. Sareen says she wanted to marry you, but she can’t hurt anyone, if she is saying she did not steal CD, it means she did not, and if she is saying Karishma has kidnapped her, it means she did, if Karishma cuts her nerve then I don’t care, I will believe what Anu is saying. Neil says this is right, I will also be with Anu. Rajat says its easy to trust these Shastri Sisters, but you all will realize you are making mistake.

Neil says I will make sure you realize that Anu is innocent. Rajat says Karishma is innocent, and Anu is wrong, mum and I are together, Anu and my marriage is just a cheat. Sareen says if this is cheat, Anu did not cheat you, Lord has done this, and Shastri ji to accept it. He says Lord makes marriages, if Karishma was destined to marry you, she would have married. Shastri ji says if you explaining the groom so much, I can’t leave my daughter her, I don’t accept this marriage, come. Anu stops and says no Papa, I will not leave from here till I clean my name and remove the burden off my shoulders. Sareen smiles. She says I will end this drama and come, I may break you trust and respect, but I will not let down your values. He says you have done that completely. Minty says yes, if drama is over, go home, else I will call police.

Anu shows stop to her, and asks what will you tell police, you want to make your bahu out, the marriage has happened infront of Lord, my name is not Anushka Shastri, but Anushka Sareen. Shastri ji asks how can you force yourself in their house, I m saying last time to come with me. Sareen asks what are you saying. Shastri ji says I m sorry, I still have right to talk to you. Anushka says no, this is my fate now. This is my life and fight. She says this is my house now. Anu cries. Rajat looks on.

Shastri ji cries and says fine Sareen, Anushka is not my daughter now, I don’t have any right on her. He folds hands to greet them and leaves. He asks Devyaani and Peeya to come. Anu walks after Shastri ji and stops. He recalls Anu. She also thinks about her dad. Devyaani and Peeya leave. Rajat says we should go to hospital, I m worried for Karishma. Minty asks Sareen is he coming. Sareen says I would have come, but I have imp work here to do my bahu’s grah pravesh. Minnty says he has gone mad. She asks Neil will he come or be here. Neil says no, I won’t come, Karishma has everyone there and Anu is alone here.

Minty scolds him. Rajat says we will leave, I have seen Anu’s truth, they will also know it soon. He says Karishma needs me. He leaves with Minty. Anu cries holding her broken mangalsutra. Sareen says a girl always dreams of her marriage and you have sacrificed everything for Rajat, don’t know when will he say thanks to you, but I thank you. She asks why is he saying thanks. Sareen says I m saying thanks to my experience, if you did not come today, I would have lost. Neil asks him not to cry.

Neil brings the aarti. Sareen asks Anu what to do now. Anu guides them the steps. Sareen does his aarti. They sing Tumhi ho Mata tumhi peeta ho……………. She smiles and guides him. Sareen says you did the style scene, and it was very filmi. Neil acts and Sareen scolds him. Neil asks Anu to hit the kalash and come. Anu’s grahpravesh is done. She walks indie and touches Sareen’s feet. He blesses her. Neil says and mine? Sareen says I will touch your feet later. Sareen blesses Anu that she controls over Minty and get Rajat’s love, make me have ghee parathas and don’t make Neil have anything, he is very fat. Anu says sorry, this should be happy moments for everyone, and I can see this family breaking because of me. Sareen blesses her and smiles hugging her.

Rajat says Anu and I can’t be on one side dad, you have to decide on whose side are you, me or Anu? Anu says if I can’t prove myself innocent till tomorrow, I swear on my mum, I will leave from here without saying anything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ab Or Kitne Din Lega Bhai Anu Or Rajat Ko Innocent Btane Me????

  2. OMG sareen is so sweet!

  3. wow sareen uncle and neil is just superb.and rajat ur father and bro r trusting anu but not u.then where is love goan rajat.we just love to c rajat and anu together.anu saying in one day she will prove her innocent.i dont believe it will happen.phir bhi agar it happens than hum rajat anu fans will so happy.but i dont get wheather it will happens r not.and agar anu prove her that she right then rajat where will keep ur face better be ready to say sry to her.

  4. tis s anu’s last chance.. if it brokes ..then i wil hate tis serial.. plss tak serial good…

  5. Sik epi tdy cnt wait 4 tomorrows epi

  6. Stry lines kinda lyk meri Ashaqui tum Sai he

  7. allllll the best anu

  8. This is getting INTERESTING and GOOD….
    But it’s still STUPID!

  9. Neil and sareen rockng yar .so sweet

  10. Hope at least this time anu will prove herself innocent and please don’t accept rajat without giving a tight slap. ..

  11. Same things happens in all the serials.. When raj loves anu, she doesn’t listen him. Now Anu loves Raj and she need to prove herself. He doesn’t listen her. But the nice thing is Sareen trust Anu… Hereafter it may be interesting…. Hmmn paapom..

  12. I wish alka and anu were my sisters :'( they are the strongest daughters ever.


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