Shastri Sisters 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu telling Alka that everything happeend as they planned and asks about Devyaani. Alka says Devyaani said everything will be fine till evening, and she will say about the guy. Anu says thank Lord and ends the call. Devyaani calls Neil and worries as he does not take her call. Neil calls her and she asks where is he, why was he not taking call. He says sorry, my phone was on silent. She says I have so much pressure. He says I will come in evening and will manage everything, take care. Rajat comes home and Anu asks shall I get water for you. He nods no and goes to his room.

Minty looks on and thinks what happened now, he was very excited in morning and now his mood is off. Anu goes to room and knocks the door. She opens the door and sees many cards with I m sorry, please forgive me. Saajna……………plays……………….

Anu smiles seeing him and he moves the card showing I am an Idiot, Forgive me please, I love you. She asks whats all this. He says its proof that I m a big fool. She asks what is he saying. He says yes, I m really sorry, I was behaving wrong since few days and was thinking wrong, I m ashamed, I was thinking what face to take home. She says smiling one. He says sorry, will you not love me. She says I will love you more and you too have to love me more. He says its deal, I will love you a lot, we will go for dinner. She says fine.

He says Veer went to Mumbai. She asks when will he come back. He says he will not come back. She says he did not say me. He says he went for business, it was urgent so he did not meet us. She thinks Veer went as he did not want any misunderstanding between us, he is a good friend. Devyaani gets Neil’s message and goes to meet him. She thanks Lord and runs to him.

She hugs him and cries. She thanks him for coming, and says now everything will be fine, lets go and tell everyone the truth. He says sure, can I see video. She says yes, how are you behaving normal seeing me in tension. She shows him the video in CD. He sees the video and his face is not shown in it. She says come, lets tell everyone. Minty comes there and looks on. Neil says first tell me the truth Devyaani. Devyaani says that we are in this video. He says but I don’t feel so, are you sure, I think its someone else. Devyaani is shocked and cries.

Devyaani asks what is he saying, the truth is its them in video, he was after her since months and she has seen him as friends and then fell in love with him. He says thanks for recap, but there are many guys after you, tell me the truth. She says is he is joking, then stop it, I can’t bear it, he can joke later, everyone is waiting. He says he is not joking and asks who is the guy, many people come to meet her on terrace. She asks what nonsense is he saying, he said he will make everything fine. He says yes, but take the help of the guy in this video.

She scolds him and holds his collar, saying you cheated me. He says relax Devyaani, I can understand your problem, I have work, you can go, I want to give advice as a friend, you go to some psychiatrist, I feel you are ill. She cries and leaves. Minty hides and gets angry. Everyone wait for Devyaani. Shastri ji asks why did you call me. Anu says Devyaani wants to say something to us, listen to her once. Anu says Devyaani is not so bad, lets give her chance to know why she did this. Rohan says we should find who made the video, as its not our well wisher. Minty comes to Neil. He asks what happened, why are you angry. She says now I know why you used to be here for hours. He says I just play games here.

She scolds him and says she is not Sareen to believe him, she has heard everything, I came to know you were in video, is she not ashamed, she did not think about her once, why did he do as Rajat, she has given her a big shock. She cries and holds her head. She says if Sareen knows this, he will not leave you. Neil cries and says the issue was when Rajat and Anu got married, I will not walk on Rajat’s path, I m trying to make it right, you were sad after Rajat’s marriage, I remember your state. He recalls how Minty cried after Rajat married Anu.

FB shows Minty saying Rajat married Anu, it will make me feel that I don’t have any value in this house. He says that day he decided, he will make Shastri Sisters suffer and hurt them. Minty says I did not know my son grew up, thanks son. She hugs him and cries. She says don’t take tension, they can’t blame you, as I m with you, does Devyaani has any proof. He says no, she does not have any message which can show we are more than friends, I don’t know who did our recording. Minty recalls Astha.

Devyaani comes and Alka asks her what was she going to say. Anu asks her to say as dad agreed by much difficulty. Devyaani cries. Alka asks her about the guy in video. Devyaani goes to her dad and says the guy in video is Neil. They all are stunned.

Neil denies infront of everyone and Minty taunts Devyaani. Shastri ji defends Devyaani and says if she said its Neil is video, then its Neil, matter ends here. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. woah what happend to neil why is he acting like this rude.

  2. What?! I didnt expected this from Nhiel. I dont like this twist. Feeling bad for Dev. Hate Nhiel. Now I just want to know that whose side will Rajath & Shreen stand. Either Nhiel or Dev..?!

  3. I hate Neil why he is acting like dis

  4. Neil is just actimg or wat? Im confused.because when devyaani enters his room his expression says he is feeling bad for her.dunno wat twist in this?ihate this

  5. So happy about ANURAJ.but sad for DEVEEL.I think neel is taking revenge for once devyaani rejected his love.

  6. I know Neil still love devyani but minty kii wajah se woh mukkar raha hai It will be fine soon maybe dis navratri tak

  7. What the hell.. Neel.. You can’t be bad like your mom.. You are sweetest. Please prove. This as a drama to get to know the culprit who’s behind the video

  8. I hope olive is correct

  9. its relly bad epi. Nil goes to minty. Sad………

  10. idiot neel

  11. I don’t believe it ki Neil aisa kar Santa hai if Neil really main aaisa hi hai Toh woh bahut kuch deserve nai karta devyani ko anuahka rajat or Mr sareen jaise family members woh sirf minty jaise maa hi deaerve hi karta hai minty B I T E C H and his Neil is D O G….

  12. I think neil is doing this all to find out about the real culprit i.e. astha.
    it can be that he is planning sumthing to find about who recorded the vedio by doing this

  13. Ho…bechari dhevyanii..feeling bad for here….

  14. u guys r frm kyy ryt

  15. hi sara yes I m but I watch shastri sisters too
    its my second favourite

  16. hey guys I am here

  17. Neil denies his relationship with Devyaani and points to her ill character. Devyaani gets shattered seeing Neil change and does not know the reason. Minty confronts Neil and he tells her that he did this to take revenge from Shastri Sisters for her tears. Minty feels proud of him and promises to support him. Devyaani breaks out Neil’s name infront of her family, shocking Rajat and Anu. Shastri ji believes her and calls Sareen family. Minty defends Neil and calls Devyaani of bad character. Shastri ji tells his trust on Devyaani and says if she has named Neil, then it has to be him. Sareen also believes Devyaani, but Neil denies the matter. Anu and Alka support Devyaani and Anu tells Neil that she will get the proof against him. Neil destroys the CD and Devyaani worries. The locality boys passes bad comments on Devyaani and she breaks down. Minty calls Astha and tells her how the girls got after Neil to expose him. Astha asks Minty to chill as she has the original video. Anu and Alka plan to take the video from Astha. Will Neil realize his mistake or did he do this drama of denial to expose Astha?

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