Shastri Sisters 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat making a gift for Anushka and keeping it. He sees the bill with Rajat Sareen’s name and keeps it. Anushka has a talk with Peeya and Devyaani. Peeya misses Alka. Alka comes home and sees Rohan. She talks to him. He says he has made space in cupboard for her luggage, he still cares for her, so saying don’t get attached with this house, else it will be hard for you, you came here for Bua ji as we can’t tell her the truth, thanks for coming here and doing a favor on our family. She says you made me away as you don’t know me, I came here to end the misunderstanding. She says I don’t want space in cupboard but in your heart.

Its morning, Rajat stops Anushka outside the house. They have an eyelock. He says what are you seeing, we know each other, and reminds of their storeroom meeting. He says sorry. She says what do you want. He says this vegs and starts a talk. He gifts her and says I guess this anklet likes you, and wants to touch your feet. He says take it thinking its prize for your help in charity function. She say why are you doing this, everything is getting awkward between us. He stops her and gives her, saying tell me how did you like it. She smiles.

Minty talks to Dolly and she gets the anklet bill on Rajat’s name. Dolly says congrats, maybe he found a girl for himself. Minty says maybe it came by mistake. Dolly says she is sure. Minty is worried and says she won’t let the girls win over her. Anushka comes home and Devyaani talks to her. She helps her and gets the gift. She thinks Rajat gifted her and likes it. Anushka thinks how to tell Devyaani that its for her. Peeya asks Anushka why is she tensed. Anushka changes the topic. Anushka says she does not know why is she worried. Devyaani likes the anklet and messaes Rajat saying thanks for the gift. He gets the message.

He reads its Devyaani’s message and says why is Devyaani thanking on Anu’s behalf, did Anu tell her, they confuse me, he sends a happy smiley and Devyaani smiles. Anushka sees Devyaani talking to Rajat. Devyaani says she called him to say she liked his gift. Rajat is shocked and says did Anu tell you. She says we sisters share everything. He says fine, did Anu like the gift. She says she does not like gifts. He says did she tell you. She says no, I know her. He says fine, I have work now. She says if you chose me to work, it would have been good. He says don’t make me guilty, I can’t invite you as passes are less, else I would have. She thanks him and smiles.

Anushka smiles. Peeya sees her and says its symptoms of love. Anushka is shocked and says no. Peeya says sorry, I was joking. Anushka thinks of Rajat and smiles. Peeya gets the anklet as she is finding the matching jewelry with the dress. She likes it and gives to Anushka. Anushka says its very good. Peeya asks her to get ready. Astha and Santo come to Alka to taunt her. Santo says Bua ji is calling you and Alka goes. Astha asks Santo to go and spoils her work. Bua ji comes there and Astha tries to lie. Bua ji asks what is she doing with scissor. Bua ji gets angry and Alka covers up for Astha.

Bua ji smiles and praises Alka. Alka says its her duty to respect Astha. Bua ji is impressed and asks her to respect her talent too. She leaves. Alka taunts Astha and says she will earn a good place in this house. Astha says she is behind everything what happened with her. Alka smiles as she knew it before.

Anushka falls in Rajat’s arms and runs. Rajat smiles and Minty looks on hearing his words that he has made an impact on Anu’s heart. He is shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. aww so sweet rajat and anu

  2. wow yaar its so sweet and awesome of rajat and anu.per i dont like the way devyaani take the gift from anu.devyani try to understand naa.rajat is ur hona wala jiju hai.not lover.any ways rajat anu u guys superb asusual.thank for update.

  3. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  4. Can anyone tell about the background song played for anu and rajat.

    1. Yes please iwould like to know as well pleasseeeee

  5. i like when anu thinking about anu. I didn’t when devyani take from anu the gift

  6. Sabrina Jahan

    Did you guys see the new advertisements of shastri sisters. Rajat and Devyani are getting engaged where Anu was crying and watching them getting engaged while Rajat was hesitating getting engaged and Niel he was crying so bitterly near the mountain.

  7. yes I already watch that is sad and already know that

  8. rajat is not happy because he want to marry anu

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