Shastri Sisters 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji getting angry seeing Devyaani. Anu says we have to forget it and he says no, its good your mum is not alive to see all this, she has made us small infront of all this, if your mum was here, she would have not been alive. Anu says can’t you forgive her. He says I can’t have pity on her, when I see her, I can’t see my daughter, I see my failed upbringing. He leaves. Devyaani gets sad and calls Neil. Anu comes to her and asks her to have food. Devyaani cries and asks did I do such big mistake that dad told about mum. Anu says no, give him some time, he is just angry, everything will be fine with time.

Devyaani says its my mistake, I wish I could do anything. Anu says you can do now too, tell us who is that guy, we know you are not like this, that guy would be after you and you got in his love, who is he. Devyaani says I can’t say, I m waiting for right time, I know everything will be fine. She hugs Anu and cries.

Veer comes to meet Anu and asks Alka to call her. Anu comes and meets Veer. She asks does he have any work. He asks is everything fine between her and Rajat. She says yes, its fine, why are you asking this. He says when Rajat was talking to you, you forgot to end call and I heard everything. She says you might have heard anything wrong, Rajat is not like this. Alka says but Minty is like this, you heard it right. She says nothing is fine between Anu and Rajat, its not you, Minty is the reason, don’t know what plans she is making to separate them.

She says sorry Anu, I think I should not tell this to Veer, but what Minty is doing is wrong with Veer too. She says its his right to know this. Veer says whats going on, I will talk to Rajat. Anu stops him and says I don’t want Minty’s respect to get down in his eyes. He says then what, shall we let this forceful extra martial affair go on. She says no, can you bring Priya to a café. He asks whats the plan and she tells him. Minty talks to Astha and says she is glad to see the CD. Astha says she will give big happiness one day. Minty asks who was the guy with Devyaani. Astha says why should we care, he was angel for us. Minty says yes, such bad guys, why should we care, I m happy.

She sees Anu showing something to Rajat and thinks whats going on. She ends the call. Anu asks Rajat to get her dress and gifts a dress to Minty. Minty likes the suit and asks her about it, is everything fine at home. Anu says I know everything will be fine with time, you give the tailor this dress and bring mine too. Rajat says I will drop Minty and she can take it. Anu asks her to go. Minty says let me take purse and goes. Anu smiles.

Minty and Rajat come there and he asks is this tailor shop here. She says yes, come and looks for bull. She sees Anu there and is stunned. Rajat asks her about the shop and she says she has seen Anu. He says Anu, how can she be here, she is at home. She says no, I saw her. He says she would have come with us if she wanted. She says we will find out, and asks him ti come. She shows him Anu and Anu smiles. Anu hides and he asks where did he go, she might be someone else.

Rajat says you are mistaken, why will she come here, whats the reason. They come to the café and she sees Veer, and says that’s the reason. She says now I understand why she made us leave from home, I was thinking why did she has love for me, she was making me mad, and I regret you are already mad by her love. He gets angry and says its enough now, I will clear everything, why she lies to me to meet Veer. She says this does not look good to talk in public. He says whatever, I will clear today and goes. Veer smiles seeing Rajat come. Minty is stunned seeing Anu standing behind tree and says if she is here, then who is it. She tries to stop Rajat.

Veer asks Rajat what is he doing here and says I liked a girl and you took her, now don’t see my GF. Rajat asks GF. Veer says yes and calls Priya. Rajat is stunned seeing Priya. Anu smiles. Minty holds her head and says my plan failed. Rajat says you did not tell me about her. Veer says its official now. Rajat says you were meeting her always. Veer says yes, I was showing her Delhi and went many places, Priya was with me in the club that day, when you called me. Rajat thinks when he thought Anu is with Veer, it means it was Priya. Veer asks him to sit, and Rajat says no, I will leave, I m glad seeing you. Veer says people get glad meeting me, and asks Priya to sit, he will come.

Veer says he did not tell Anu, so I m saying you, I m going out for work. Rajat says I need to say something. Veer asks him to take care of Anu, she loves him a lot, and trust each other always, you guys are meant to be together. Rajat says we will miss you. Veer hugs Rajat and asks him to go. Rajat comes to Minty and says I knew it, Anu can’t do this, I have seen Veer and the girl was Priya, I shouted on her, I have to do something special to make up to her. I will call her. Minty says no, you talk to her face to face, you go office and then you can plan surprise for her. He asks shall I drop you home. She says no, I m glad as this confusion got cleared, I will have some sweets.

He says have sweets of my share too and leaves. Anu comes to Minty and smiles. Anu says Rajat is happy today after many days, I m glad, you were going to have sweets, come. Minty asks was this your plan. Anu says yes, I got inspired by you, you made plan to show lie and I made plan to show truth, I will return your suitcase, its useless for me, lets go out home together. Minty gets angry.

Devyaani asks Neil to come and say everything that we are in this video. Neil says no, I think its someone else. Devyaani beats him and Minty looks on stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Happy for Anuraj :). Come on. What is happening in Nhiel and Dev love story.

  2. Today’s episode was god but feeling bad for devyani…maybe I should know Neil aisa hi kuch kehana wala hai because first time jis tatah usne phone par decyani ko chuk rehana ko kaha tha mujhe tabhi laga tha ki kuch galat home wala hai…devyani ko suffer karna padaga or wahi hua agar woh yeah kiski me presuure main kar raha hai toh its OK other he should be punished with dis sisters soon…..

  3. Yeah sab precap main dikhaya hai maybe aisa bhi ho sakta hai ki neil apne mom se sach keh dee or minty usko emoational blackmail kar ke kuch aur hi kehalwa dee neil ka pyar sach hai uska pyaar toh anuraj se bhi pehala ka hai woh devyani ko cheat hai kar sakta

  4. I think veer or Priya ki liya aaj ka episode last tha maybe we should not them in this programe….unka chepater close ho gaya maybe its time to enter new vamp or new problem….

  5. Oh Neil u cant do this to Devyani.MAY b he myt hv seen Minty cming up and just to make her belive he is doing like this…wish it turns out that way….

  6. I hope neetu is right..nice gess neetu maine toh yeah soucha hi nai tha… Guuuud

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