Shastri Sisters 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani asking Anu to go ahead and prove herself innocent. Minty asks Sareen to stop Rajat, as Lalit has threatened to ruin us. Neil tells Sareen that Rajat and Anu are not marrying, they are acting, it’s a plan. Sareen asks why. Neil says to expose the one who did this, Karishma. He tells him everything. Sareen is shocked. He says Rajat has agreed after lot of convincing, and see its affecting. Sareen smiles happily, and sees Minty worrying. Minty asks what happened, what was Neil saying.

Sareen says Neil said Rajat will not agree, and I don’t want to make any issue, we can’t do anything, we can just bless. She says I won’t give. Devyaani tells Karishma that you did a lot for Rajat, you did not tell him, and all went in vain, Rajat knows Anu loves him

a lot, even if she is right or wrong, he will love her, so he has left me too. Lalit tells Karishma that Rajat does not deserve you, I will ruin Rajat. Karishma says I will win or lose, I will not leave the fight mid way.

Karishma says I know Rajat, he can’t forget it so easily what Anu did with him, and what did I do for him, the seven rounds are still there, he will stop at any rounds. Devyaani tells Karishma that people came here to see marriage, and asks pandit to start the rituals. The pandit asks Rajat and Anu to make each other wear garlands. Rajat and Anu exchange garlands. Karishma looks on silently. Rajat waits for her reaction. The pandit asks them to take rounds/pheras now. He instructs them and reads the mantras. Devyaani tells Karishma that the pheras will be completed and you will see your place, love is strange, a person forgets everything, you will feel Rajat will stop and come back to you, leaving Anu, I think he will not see you, Rajat and Anushka are made for each other, he can’t forget her even if anyone tells him anything, you can try and see. Karishma thinks she will do something that Anu can marry him, but Rajat can be hers.

Neil winks to Devyaani. Minty asks Sareen to stop them. She goes to stops Rajat, and Sareen stops her. Sareen says Rajat can stop himself, but if we stop him, he will marry. Anu wishes Karishma to tell anything. Rohan tells Alka that I don’t know why is this happening, for right or wrong, but this is not right. Alka says its right, Lord has found this way for Anu. Anu comes infront for the last three rounds. Devyaani asks Karishma to shower flowers on the love birds. Karishma crushes the flowers. Devyaani wishes her anger to come out. Karishma thinks she will show her last attack in some time, and takes a knife.

Devyaani tells Karishma that Rajat will be Anu’s forever, it means he can never be yours. Anu thinks if Karishma did not say anything, then… Rajat thinks if Anu and Devyaani are saying yes, then Karishma will not lose so easily, say something Karishma. Shastri ji says stop Anu, if you complete this round, then I will lose my daughter. Lalit looks on angrily. Bua ji asks Karishma to come with them, as they are being so shameless to marry. Rajat will not remember our favors, he is busy to value Anu’s cheat, lets leave from here. The pandit says you are husband and wife now, the rounds are completed, apply this sindooor in her hairline. Rajat takes the sindoor and looks at Anu, waiting for Karishma’s reaction. She shouts Rajat, and Devyaani gets shaken by her sudden silence breaking off.

Karishma says you can’t do this, I did so much for you, you think Anu really loves you, and she can do anything for you, then you should know what I can do for you and what I have done. Anu smiles. Devyaani wishes she tells everything. Lalit asks Karishma not to do anything wrong, my daughter is brave, don’t do anything weak in anger. Devyaani tells Karishma to say how much she loves Rajat. Karishma says yes, I have done all this, as I love Rajat. Everyone is shocked. She says Rajat’s job went because of me, he got insulted infront of everyone, I have done all this.

She says I have kept the CD from Rajat’s room to Anu, are you happy, you wanted to hear this, and its all true. She says I m responsible for all this. Bua ji, Minty, Sareen and Lalit are shocked. Karishma goes on the stage and says I have ruined Rajat’s life, I wish I did not meet Rajat that day, he did not say yes to marry me, then he would have not faced this insult, I wish Anu did not feel jealous and she did not think about Rajat’s honor and life. Anu nods no to Rajat, as Karishma puts all the blame on Anu again. She says if Rajat and I were not together, Anu would have not stolen that CD. Rajat gets confused.

Karishma says yes, I did this, if I knew Anu will fall so low, I would have not come in Rajat’s life, I m responsible for this. Anu says I did not do anything, she is lying. Karishma says its not your mistake Anu, love can make anyone do anything. She says I felt Rajat will stay happy with me, but if he is happy to marry you, I will not stop him, but I can’t see you ruining your life, I m sure that you will be ruined after marrying Anu, you are ending yours and your family’s future, I can’t bear this. Rajat sees Anu and says lie….. Karishma says congrats for the marriage Rajat, I love you…. She takes the knife and cuts her vein. Rajat is shocked and shouts Karishma. She falls on the ground. Lalit and everyone are shocked.

Shastri ji calls Anu a punishment for everyone and for herself too. He asks her to come, and breaks the ghatbandhan. Anu cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ghatbhandan… what is it

    1. Ghatbandan is the knot that will be tied with one end of grooms dupatta and brides duppatta

  2. Bakwas show .thank god i stopd watchng

  3. very much disappointed episode.. flop track..

  4. stupid serial.i thought we will get some good scene but not now.iam a fool to watch it.i swore i hate this serial and i will not watch it was just waste of time to watch.thank god that i only read the update.very worse serial.i will comment on it anymore.i hate it form my bottom of the heart.

  5. Dhuttori!!!!!!!!

  6. Wht is thissss?stupid shw….i
    wl Nt wtch dis shw anymr

  7. Wen they will throw this karishma out and unite anu and rajat?

  8. u have spoilt the show now theres no fun in watching the show

  9. very bakwas it should not go in this track

  10. Bakwas you people are making ful to viewers

  11. DAME it…. Is there any logic behind this?? The person doubt his lover.. How stupid… Just hate Raj more than karishma.. He doesn’t realize whats happening…. Worst epi of shastri sisters… Hate more.. Ponga da…

  12. Stupid… Always good things happening for worst peoples…. All the serials are same… No any difference .. Waste of time… to watch this show. Very disappointed..

  13. Huh…;(

  14. Yavva/Yappa,tande /taai director, wat a worst story ur trying to make further, y r u nt interested in getting out full trp on ur show if so better end this serial instead of making viewers to burst out their angry in statements, or continue show by unitin anuraj n exposing kaaaaali(karishma) n proving anu as innocent k. I’m going to stop to watch it, i hate this story writter

  15. Yaar bahut hogaya throw that karishma out na!

  16. Honestly the director & producer of this show have lost it…. This show started & took off on such a nice note & footing & i guess d script is just dragging…. Shut d show down…. But dont make a fool of the characters / actors talent….

  17. This is HORRIBLE.
    I feel sorry for anuraj, hope they get happiness AGAIN.
    Waiting for it.

  18. really their are just dragging the episodes … I think the writer has not written the further story so they just continuing on same track …

  19. She was meant to be confessin wats happenin wiv da shw n nw she cut herself double flop were da rannu scenes 🙁

  20. The show has completely been ruined. Not watching this crap anymore

  21. What d hell is this

  22. Jayaprakash N

    Cock and Bull story. F**k you.

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