Shastri Sisters 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha scolding Alka and Rohan, and saying she will not leave them. Rohan says enough, I m Rohan, I m not Sunil, and she is ill, it does not mean she can say anything to Alka, Alka’s respect is imp to him than her illness. Astha says what is he saying, am I ill. He says yes, you are ill, so you can’t see the truth, Sunil has left you. Astha starts shouting and says this can’t happen. Rohan says Sunil is gone, you have to accept this and many things will come in life. Astha says no, you are my Sunil and faints. Rohan and Alka hold her and he asks Alka to get water, he will call doctor.

Astha opens eyes and smiles, thinking its not easy Alka, if I don’t get my husband, I will not let your husband be close to you. Devyaani and Neil chat on FB and Neil hides his identity. He says he is Priya and she says I know a girl can help any girl without any motive. They become friends. Kajal comes to him and sees him chatting with Devyaani. She asks whats he doing. Neil shuts the laptop. Devyaani says she went offline. Neil scolds Kajal for questioning him and leaves.

Its morning, Anu gives her jewelry to the jeweler for checking. Minty and Sareen look on. Minty asks why did she call him. Anu says I m clearing my doubt. Minty says you are doubting on jewelry I gave. Anu says no, thief has taken it, so we should check it once. Kajal gets tensed. Sareen says Anu is right, its not any harm in doing this. The man says its 100% pure. Kajal smiles and says Anu has fought with a wrong person, she is failing always. She recalls how she kept the real jewelry after hearing Anu, and fooling her again.

Kajal says her work will end when she keeps fake one back and take the real ones. She goes to Anu’s room while Anu is coming towards her room. Kajal says the jewelry is not here, where did it go and checks everywhere. Anu comes and sees her. She asks what is she doing. Kajal says she was shutting her cupboard, seeing it open. She asks did she come to keep one back. She says she has seen her hearing her and has seen her keeping the real ones, and she has let her do this to get the real one back and fooled her. She says you tried to prove I m liar and see I got the real ones and you have the fake ones.

She says she can still try to steal, but its her duty to fail her, and says she has kept the jewelry in bank locker as the thief is at home. Anu scolds her. Rohan asks Alka to go with Devyaani as she needs her. Astha hears them and thinks she got a chance to be near Rohan. Devyaani talks to herself and bumps into Neil. He says sorry. Kajal looks on. Devyaani messages Priya and Neil gets the message. He says I m sorry Devyaani, Priya can’t come in party, if you know who is Priya, then her happiness will get less and he does not want this to happen. Kajal hears this. Neil replies sorry I can’t come, got some urgent work.

Kajal gets irked and thinks what to do to make them away. Anu asks what problem is she creating now and for whom. Kajal asks do you think I m bad witch to break homes. Anu counts her bad deeds, this marriage is intact as its covered by lie, when truth comes out, she can be kicked out and scares her. She asks her to enjoy till truth is out.

Time change to 6.30pm.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love anu .she so smart. ..I think kajal will soon kick out and minty will have heart break.

  2. loveisthegoal

    i love anu, she always finds out everything. but dont you guys think its time for the other girls to find out some stuff? like, alka can find out bout what aastha is really doing, devyanni can find out bout the bobby thing, and peeya can find out bout neel and the priya thing

    1. Ya everytime there should not be anu and her greatness I mean I like her but the show name is shastri sisters four if them r lead

      1. U ar right about that i wonder y it revolve around her all the tym

  3. prads………………………….

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