Shastri Sisters 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with fake Rajat talking to Raghav. Raghav asks is he following him, how can he come home. He asks him to come at hospital. Fake Rajat says he wants some proof, and they hope that Anu is alive, they are not able to move on, so he wants her death confirmation. He says he went to hospital and they said just you can have her documents. Raghav asks him to come. Fake Rajat thanks him an asks don’t you get scared that you stay alone here in this far off home in the jungle. Raghav says people are scared of me, I mean I have my mum staying with me here. Fake Rajat says oh, fine, and sits there. Anu hears Rajat’s voice an opens the cupboard door.

Raghav brings the file and says it has your wife’s death certificate and all the related documents. He goes to get water. Anu comes out and Raghav sees her. He shuts the door and asks where was she going. She says she heard some sound, who is there. Raghav says great, he stepped here in this jungle, and your heart is ringing. She asks who is it. He says your ex husband. She says Rajat. He asks her to shut up, Rajat has come to take her death certificate so that he forgets everything. Raghav asks Anu to forget everyone and not do anything, if Rajat knows you are here, then I will kill both of them.

He hurts her and takes her ring, saying he will give this to fake Rajat. He scares her and leaves. Anu looks at fake Rajat and smiles recalling his words. The vase falls by her hand and she recalls Raghav’s warnings. She hides from there. Fake Rajat turns to see the vase. He questions Raghav. Raghav says natural air. Fake Rajat says I felt there was someone. Raghav gives him the ring he got on Anu’s dead body. Anu thinks how to tell Rajat I m alive and around you, please take me along. Rajat keeps the ring and thanks Raghav.

He says I did not know where to start my life, I m sure she is dead, I won’t trouble you. Rajat leaves. Raghav says take care of yourself and I will take care of Anu. Anu cries in shock. Raghav comes to Anu and says everything is over now. He says you would have shouted, but you did not, it means you are happy. She says yes, I m very happy and cries. He says he will tell his mum and smiles saying I love you.

Its morning, Fake Rajat comes to the godown and goon says Rajat has tried to run again. Fake Rajat says he is still trying after getting so much beaten, he will try to run again. The goon asks did he know anything. Fake Rajat says Anu died after being in hospital. Rajat hears them. Fake Rajat says doctor who treated her told me she died, if she came back, it would be tough for me to be as Rajat, its good I did not have to kill Anu again. The goon says he will manage everything and not let Rajat get away. Fake Rajat says once we get defense info, we will kill this Rajat too. Rajat cries.

Anu is in shock and recalls Rajat’s words. She thinks am I being selfish that Rajat is moving on by my death news, he is not sad. She recalls his reaction on seeing the ring, he did not see the wedding ring once, I m mistaken, Rajat can’t do this. She recalls how he has left her hand and says why did he leave my hand at the cliff. She says she wants the answers, and prays to Lord.

Everyone wonder what does Rajat wants to say. They wish Anu is alive and Minty says she will decorate the home to welcome her. Shastri ji asks what about Devyaani, don’t know what dreams she has see. Devyaani comes and says she has seen other dreams too, and does not wish to marry, she has decided this well. She says she will not marry, else she can’t be happy, neither Anu and Rajat can be happy. Gake Rajat comes home and says she is saying right.

They all look at him. He acts sweet to her and says Devyaani is my bright future and Anu is my beautiful past, which will never come back. He says Anu is not in this world, and shows the death certificate. They all cry. He asks Devyaani to reply, if she is ready to marry him.

Anu tells the maid that she wants to run. The maid tells this to Raghav. He goes to Anu and slaps her, saying they will marry today itself.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Oh god pls end this psyco and anuraj drama show some scenes of others also…

  2. This serial is so dam freaking confuse!!! Writer get some sense! And plz Hurry up n bring de to this Bullshit

  3. I hate this fake rajat and his attitude. And that freaking psyco. Every time i see his face i just want to punch his face!!!!

  4. please bring old rajat and anu together

  5. Shit all bullshit can’t de writer do something interesting. Well shit time wasting boring

  6. Any. Rajat. Oh men,.. U have suffer enough. Pls dnt waste more time bring them back together. It getn intretin.

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