Shastri Sisters 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan telling Alka that he wanted to spend time with her, but now its no mean to go as she is not well. He apologizes to Rajeev and says he can’t drop her to airport. He takes Alka to the car. Rajeev smiles and asks Alkaa to take care. Rohan says you tell me about your marriage later. Rajeev says you will definitely know it, don’t worry. He leaves. Devyaani enjoys the party. The girls compliment her for dancing so well with Rajat. She comes to Rajat. Rajat says he chose Devyaani so the dance was good. A man offers her drink and she thinks of Anushka’s words. She says no thanks, I don’t drink. Devyaani sits with Rajat. She says she promised Anushka that she won’t do anything she won’t allow. He says I salute you and your sister, and your relation.

Rajat gets a call and says I will come. He calls driver and asks him to keep car ready. She asks what happened. He says he has emergency at airforce base, the driver will drop you home. She says how will you go, I will manage. He says no, you are mu responsibility till you are here, go home. He asks her to not get down the car even if the car stops, and call him after reaching home. Vrinda talks to Hari and says Alka and Rohan might have reached there. They are shocked seeing Rohan and Alka come back home.

Rohan says Alka was not feeling well, so we came back. Vrinda asks what happened. Rohan says she was very serious. Hari taunts Alka. Astha laughs. Alka says no need of doctor, I will be fine if I take rest. Rohan takes her to room. Astha looks on and says why did Alka come back from honeymoon, who made her ill suddenly, I have to find out. Everyone see the movie at home and have good time. Anushka looks at the time, and its going to be 10. The door bell rings. Minty gets up and popcorn falls. Sareen starts acting and everyone smile. Its Neil. Minty asks how did you come so soon. Neil says I did not go in party, as Manoj’s dad met with an accident so I went to hospital.

Anushka worries for Devyaani. Neil asks for food. Anushka says she will serve and goes to talk to him. Anushka asks Neil did Devyaani not come with him. He says she will come, she is with Rajat, don’t worry. She says when will she come and worries. Devyaani is on the way in car thinking about Rajat and smiling. The car breaks down. The driver checks the car. He says the wire is loose, it will take 5mins. Devyaani sees 10pm has passed and says I made Anushka’s watch 20mins late. Anushka calls Devyaani and asks where is she. Devyaani says I m on the way, I m coming. Anushka says she saw the right time in Sareen’s house, you made my watch late. Anushka says if you don’t come in 10mins, I will tell Papa.

Devyaani asks the driver to hurry up. Anushka prays that Devyaani comes home soon. Devyaani smiles thinking about Rajat’s words and takes the moon’s pic. A girl shouts for help.

The movie gets over. Sareen jokes on Minty. Minty says stop this jokes now. Devyaani gets out of the car. The driver asks her to sit inside. She asks him to call police. He calls the police. Devyaani goes ahead to see and see the goons beating a man and his wife stopping them asking them to leave him. Devyaani is shocked. Devyaani holds her phone and asks them to stop the woman and her husband. The men see Devyaani and praise her beauty. They walk to her. Devyaani asks them to stop else she will call police. Devyaani uses the pepper spray.

The police siren comes and the men run away. The driver asks Devyaani to come, its late night. Devyaani says how can we leave them in this state. The driver asks Devyaani to sit fast. Devyaani leaves and sees police coming. She thanks God that those people will reach hospital on time. Alka is in her room and thinks about Rohan’s words. Rohan comes to her and brings soup for her. He asks her to have something. She says no, I m not hungry, you did not have food at Dhaba. He says if you want me to have food, first you then. They have the soup together. Alka thinks what is she doing, Rohan loves her so much, why is she hiding truth from him, she has to tell him, she can’t lie to him, she will tell him everything about Rajeev but first ask her sisters.

Devyaani comes home and opens the gate. Anushka thinks Devyaani came. Minty says who came now, it looked like someone opened the gate. Anushka signs Neil. Minty says she will go and see. Anushka gets worried that Papa will not trust us if he sees Devyaani.

The goons scare Minty and asks her not to let her daughter speak against them. Minty is shocked. Anushka asks Devyaani to help Minty, and says few guys have threatened her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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