Shastri Sisters 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neil ragging Devyaani and Anushka at the college on their first day. Devyaani kisses Anushka on her cheek and says its done, as she was asked to kiss any student. Neil says we will not accept this. Anushka and Devyaani smile and taunt Neil. Neil says this is not done, its wrong. The girls support the sisters. Neil apologizes to them infront of everyone and tells Anushka that now she will bear the punishment for Devyaani’s mistake. He asks Anushka to take out the chit from the bowl. Anushka gets tensed and takes one out.

Neil exchanges the chit with his friend and asks Anushka to go and bow down to someone, but walk by her knees. Anushka gets tensed. Neil says you will have bow to me. Devyaani stops Anushka asking her not to do this. Anushka says he is our senior, we have to agree. Anushka walks in her knees and bows down to Neil. Devyaani feels bad. Everyone laugh on Anushka. Neil says this is lesson for everyone, you all have to obey the seniors just like her. Neil falls off the bench and everyone laugh. Anushka smiles and thinks she has tied his shoe laces and blinks to Anushka. They taunt Neil. Neil gets angry and talks to his friends.

Minty buys vegs and bargains. A lady talks to her and asks her is this girl the one who came to stay at your house. Alka hides and leaves. But they see her going. Alka comes to meet Rajeev and brings his fav dish in the tiffin. Rajeev says you don’t love me then why this food. She says when did I say. He is stunned and looks at her. He holds her and she looks at his hands. He says do you really love me, then why did you go away from me. She asks how do you stay here, there is no bed and kitchen. She worries for him.

Rajeev says I sleep and eat all by your love support. She smiles. She serves him the food. He holds her hand. She asks him to go back if he loves her. He says I left everything to come here for you, why do you hate me. She says yes, I hate you, go from here. He throws the tiffin and gets her letter. He reads it and is glad as Alka writes she loves him a lot, and when she had to leave Kanour, she was shattered and cried a lot to be away from him. Alka walks back home crying.

Minty stops Alka and asks from where is she coming. Alka says I….. Minty says now you lost memory too. Alka gets a call. Minty asks her to take the call and asks whats the private talk. Minty says the thing is you can be like this, I can’t. The phone rings again. Minty asks her to take the call. Alka talks to Rajeev and Minty hears them. Rajeev asks Alka to meet him, as he can’t live without her, as he is not her to be husband. He says when should I send Bhabhi to talk about our marriage. Alka says no, first I will talk to my dad. They talk romantic and he asks her to meet in evening. Minty hears all this and smiles. Alka talks to Anushka and Devyaani and asks how was their day. They say good. Alka says I will cook food.

Sareen says he will drop Peeya but she says I will go myself. He says fine and she goes. Neil and his friends go to tease Peeya, while Sareen goes for a small work. Neil stops Peeya and she gets tensed. Devyaani and Anushka laugh telling Alka what happened in the college. Minty comes there and says ute so entertainment here. Minty taunts them saying Sareen thinks you girls are innocent, so he brought this from metro station for your help. Neil takes Peeya’s bag. His friend says Neil your dad is coming. Sareen comes there. Peeya starts crying.

Neil throws the bag and scolds Peeya asking her to become bold and not be in anyone’s shelf. Sareen comes and asks Peeya what happened. Did anyone tell you anything, come. Devyaani teases Alka. Peeya comes home crying. They ask her what happened and hugs her.

Neil scares Peeya by igniting the fire crackers. Devyaani slaps Neil twice.

Update Credit to: Amena

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