Shastri Sisters 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu reading Minty’s messages to Astha and comes to know about Priya. She says she will message Astha and take a chance. She writes Astha, help, send Priya to the park behind my home in one hour, its urgent work. Minty comes after a bath and Anu hides. She thinks her phone is here, what if anyone calls and she finds it, and throws the phone on the bed. Minty combs her hair and her comb falls. Anu gets tensed. Minty bends to pick it while Anu is hiding under the bed. Anu closes her eyes being tensed.

Neil comes and Minty talks to him, and picks the comb. He asks for his bag. She says ask Anu. He says right and calls out Anu. She says stop, don’t depend on Anu a lot, I will find the bag, will you take me for coffee. Neil smiles and says ofcourse. Minty goes with him. Neil comes to Devyaani and sees her upset. He gets an idea and walks to her. He says bow and she screams. She scolds him and says she was thinking something. She says she has to tell something. He says me too. He says he has to go Chandigarh to meet a guy who wants to sell his products on our site. She asks shall I come along. He says no, it will be problem, and asks her to be here and manage. He says take care and hugs her. She says come soon.

She says she wanted to tell him about letters, and does not want him to go on trip with tension. Someone makes a CD and letter again to send Shastri ji. Anu comes in the park and thinks why did Priya not come, and talks to Alka. She says did Minty get to know this, Priya has come and ends the call. Priya waits for Minty and Anu meets her.

Priya says what a surprise, what are you doing here. Anu says I called you here, Astha told you that Minty has called you here, it was me, I messaged her. Priya asks why. Anu says I want to bring the truth out, that you want to break my marriage with Minty and Astha. Priya says she does not know anything. Anu says I know you can help me, I promise I won’t let anything happen to you, listen to me once, you are also a woman, you will also parents, you might love someone, if you are blamed of extra marital affair then think how will you feel.

She says this can affect my sisters and dad. She says they can’t talk to world, for the mistake I can’t think to do. She asks her not to do this injustice with her. Priya says I m sorry Anu, I was mistaken about you, you are not like Minty and Astha, they said you want to ruin Rajat, Minty cried infront of me, but now I know they both have lied to me. She says she can tell the truth to Rajat. Anu says no need, but promise me, you will not become a part of their plans. Priya says promise and says tell me if you need my help. Anu thanks her and she goes.

Alka calls Anu. Anu says Priya agreed, now we have to start the preparations of Navratri. Minty gets Astha’s message asking how was her meeting with Priya, and says its week old. Anu says no, she is talking about me and Priya, and the meeting was good, now Priya is with me. She asks her to ask Astha what to do next. The man who made the parcel keeps it on Rohan’s table.

Its night, Minty makes a list for puja. She thinks if Anu tells Rajat from Priya, this Astha failed so many times by Shastri sisters, if she makes me lose too then… Sareen asks why is she talking alone, is he in love with someone. She says you can’t grow up, and asks him to come to buy puja items. Sareen says not now. Minty insists. Anu comes and says no need to go anywhere and goes the items she got. Sareen says she is making list and his bahu got everything. Anu says its my first Navratri after marriage. She asks him not to tease Minty, else she will be annoyed.

Sareen asks Minty to thank Anu. Anu asks why, this is my duty. Sareen says he is tired and asks for coffee, and says my bahu will make it. He leaves. Minty says they talk so sweet, its good training, but I will see Anu. Rohan comes home and brings the CD. Alka asks did he get this. Rohan says yes, maybe its of his work. Its Astha who has been sending the Cd to them, She washes her face and says now I will see the values which they sing of, and their dad is proud of, how will they save it now.

Devyaani gives the CD to Anu and she plays it. Astha smiles. Anu and everyone are shocked seeing Neil and Devyaani’s kiss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I told u all ke Neil or devyani ko usse din jo watch kar raha that woh astha hi thi

  2. Devyani ko suffer karna padaga kyunki Neil bhi yahan nai hai it’s very bad for shastri family it’s a very bad episode I don’t like it

  3. Oh Astha ur real a monster….:(

  4. Omg ….I wonder what’s gonna happen next ???

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