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Shastri Sisters 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha crying and emotionally acting to woo Rohan. She asks about Alka. He says she is with Devyaani and is busy in work, she will come in morning. She says she will not have food, she does not want to live her life, but she has to live for him and Alka, they have done so much for her, I will arrange food alone. He acts to fall. He asks her to sit, he feels she is unwell and he will get food for her in the room. She says she is feeling very weak and she can fall in night to get water. He says fine, I will stay here tonight, you can tell me if you need anything. He leaves. She smiles.

Ajay greets Leela and asks Kajal to give him all the sets. She asks him to leave. He asks her not to take tension. Kajal asks Ajay to leave and gives all the boxes. He says he has to double check and checks all the boxes. She says Rajat and Anu can come any time, just go. He saks her not to worry. She says leave from here and takes him out. Rajat and Anu come home, while Ajay is leaving. Leela says its risky to go from main gate, and Kajal asks him to leave from back door.

He says he is not afraid of anyone, he will go from front door from where he came. Leela takes Kajal to their room. Rajat and Anu see the door open and see Ajay. Ajay gets shocked. Rajat tries to stop him and Ajay flees. Kajal and Leela hide and look on. Anu falls and Rajat asks her to take care, he will get him. Kajal says before Rajat catches him, sh has to get the bag back. Anu looks for Minty and Sareen.

Kajal goes form back door to take the bag from Ajay. She stops him. He asks her to go. She stops him and asks for the bag. Rajat comes over there. She takes the bag and Rajat sees Ajay. Rajat runs after him and catches him. He beats him and asks did he come to steal, where is the bag. Rajat brings Ajay to home and tells Minty and Sareen that he saw this man at home and he had some bag with him, he has done theft. Sareen asks Rajat to call police. Leela worries. Neil is about to call police, but Anu stops him.

She says we should be sure did he come to do robbery or is there any reason, there is nothing broken here, it looks like someone opened the door for him. She says who will do this, Minty and Sareen will not do this, and Rajat and she were not at home. . Kajal comes home and asks what does she want to say, that she is thief. Anu says I did not take anyone’s name. Kajal says you did not take name and excluded everyone, it means I m the thief.

She acts innocent and fools them. Kajal cries and asks Anu what did she steal, did she steal the jewelry. She asks the thief to say what did she steal with him that Anu saw her with him. Minty asks them to stop it. She asks Neil to call police and asks Rajat to send the thief to police station. Neil calls police. Alka comes home late and tries ringing bell. She uses the duplicate keys and goes inside. She calls out Rohan and Astha. Astha sees her and smiles. Alka does not find Rohan in their room and hears a sound from Astha’s room. She goes to see and sees Rohan sleeping near Astha.

Astha keeps her hand near him and turns smiling. Alka is shocked seeing them. Alka wakes up Rohan and says she came late. He signs her not to talk as Astha is sleeping and takes her outside. Astha opens eyes and smiles. She tries to hear them. Alka asks is Astha fine, why was he there. He says she is very depressed and I went to sleep there, as she could need anything. Alka says fine, you go to our room, I will sleep here. Rohan says fine, first you come and change. He holds Alka’s hand and takes her. Astha gets angry seeing them.

Its morning, Kajal gets dressed in a burqa, and comes to the police station to meet Ajay. Ajay asks who is she. She lifts the veil and shows her face. He asks her to get money. She asks for some time and requests him. He says fine, but do my bail. She says how will I get money to bail you. He sees her bangles and asks her not to take tension. She asks what. He asks her to sell the bangles. He insists and she gets thinking.

The show gets a time new slot of 6.30 PM from 25th May.

Update Credit to: Amena

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