Shastri Sisters 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu openly challenging Minty and being sure of her relation’s strength. Minty gets angry. Devyaani dances in her room in the song Sawaar loon……….. and recalls her and Neil. Alka comes and smiles seeing her. Devyaani dances with eyes closed and hearing the song in mp3 headphones. Alka shakes her and asks what happened. Devyaani says she was dancing on good song. Alka says she knows her since childhood, she feels she got this habit recently. Rohan comes there and Devyaani asks him to talk to Alka alone. She leaves. Rohan comes to Alka and holds her hand.

He says what he could not tell Astha since many days, she told her, thanks. She says I was not telling her because of you, and today I spoke for us, I can’t see Astha taunting you so much. He says thanks and they smile. He hugs her. Rajat is sleeping. Anu sees him and says I don’t know, the man who loves me a lot, why was he behaving rude, now I understand, it was because of mummy ji, I promise I will end this rudeness soon. She says our love faced many hurdles, a more now. She holds his hand and rests.

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Its morning, Minty doubts on Sareen and says this can’t be coffee, who made it. Anu says I made it and smiles. She says she made for her too and offers. Sareen asks her to take, drink and learn from Anu how to make it. Sareen says her jealousy expression shows its good coffee, else she would have laughed and commented on it. Neil comes and asks for his guitar. Minty says I will show. Anu says she kept it in cupboard, as it was lying on floor and anyone would have stepped on it. Neil thanks her for saving his guitar.

Rajat comes and asks Anu about his shirt button off. Minty says I will make your fav food. Anu says no need. Minty asks why, will you keep him hungry. Anu says no, I made food for everyone of their choices. Sareen asks Minty to go for Chaar Dhaam yatra as their bahu has taken all work in her hand. Anu says don’t say this, I don’t feel good. Rajat says I m getting late and Anu says yes, I will stitch now. Minty taunts Anu does she think she can snatch her home by doing this thing. Anu says no, I know I have to do a lot. Minty says whatever you do, this home is mine and will be mine, they will agree to me and do as I say.

Anu says its great thing, this home is yours and I have an equal right now, I m also the Grah Laxmi. Minty asks her to stay in this misunderstanding for 9 days then she can take this attitude shop outside. Anu says I m so sorry, I feel bad seeing you lose, and I m glad seeing myself win. She says Rajat is going office, I have to say bye, shall I go. Anu goes. Minty thinks her words and throws the coffee cup. Sareen comes and asks what happened. Minty says coffee was strong, I got angry and broke the cup. She leaves. Sareen gets into thinking.

Someone is shown cutting the newspaper and making a statement out of cut alphabets. Devyaani says she made noodles and asks Anu and Alka to have hot. Anu likes it a lot, and Alka says Devyaani is behaving strange, she was dancing alone yesterday night. Anu asks what is it. Devyaani asks her about Rajat. Anu says he did not say anything rude, he used to make small things special and don’t do these days, I want everything normal, so I want to bring the truth so that he does not doubt me. Alka says no, maybe he is annoyed and not sharing anything.

Anu says how to bring this infront of him. Devyaani says they have to work double this time, as Minty and Astha are together. They ask Alka to think whats there she felt strange till now. Anu recalls Veer and Minty sending her to Veer and lying, and making Veer meet Priya. She tells them about Priya, Minty told her and maybe Priya is with her. Devyaani says if we talk to Priya, we can know. Anu says yes. The door bell rings. Anu goes to see and gets a parcel on the ground.

She reads it that their family is going to lose its respect soon. Anu is shocked and rushes to see who kept it. She does not see anyone on the road and says who can send this. Alka asks who was it. Anu shows the letter to Alka and Devyaani, and they are shocked too. Alka says maybe its for someone else. Devyaani says no, looks like its sent for us. Anu says is this Minty and Astha’s next plan and asks Alka to keep letter and not tell dad. Alka says fine, find out about Priya. Anu leaves.

She comes downstairs and looks at Minty. Minty keeps her phone and goes to change. She sees the curtains moving and stops. Anu hides and gets tensed.

Anu goes to take Minty’s phone and messages Astha to send Priya to park. Minty comes and Anu hides, keeping phone back. Minty bends to pick something and Anu tensely closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sach kahu toh aab aayaga uthaah pahar e neeache…..

  2. Fingers crossed!hope minty wont see her

  3. Love today’s episode …….Roman and alka rock !!!!

  4. Anushka looks very beauitful in dark blue nighty….rajat is lucky ki anushka uski wife hai….

  5. Kaash rajat ki jagah main hota anushka me saath

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