Shastri Sisters 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan coming to break Alka’s fast. She gets glad seeing him. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham……………..plays…………. She says Rohan ji and runs to him. Everyone smile seeing him. Astha is shocked. Alka does the puja seeing Rohan and sees the moon, then his face through the net. He makes her drink the water and breaks her fast. He makes her have Prasad. Everyone smile. Dolly says I think Alka’s love is very strong. Minty says love will be there when marriage will be intact. Astha’s husband stops her. Alka thanks Rohan for coming, and keeping her hope. She touches his feet. He says no, no need to do this. He holds her and she cries happily.

Anushka thanks Rohan for coming. Shastri ji and everyone come there. He asks him to come and have food. Rohan says no, I have to go home. He says fine, I will get Prasad for you. Minty and Anushka go to arrange food plate. Rohan says I have to go now. He starts leaving. Rajat stops him and introduces himself as Rajat. Anushka looks on. Rajat says you came here and many people smiled, thank you. Rohan says did you call me. Rajat says yes. Rohan says when a man is confused, he waits for a signal and your call was a signal for me. Rajat says I m glad you got help in taking decision. Anushka hears them.

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Rohan comes to his brother. Shastri ji talks to him and thanks him. He asks him not to give Alka any fake hope, as she will lose hope when she sees the papers. Rohan asks which papers. Shastri ji tells about the divorce papers, he signed and sent her. Rohan is shocked. He thinks of Hari who chated him and took his signs. He leaves in shock. The sisters have a talk. Devyaani tells Alka that neil broke her fast, and Rajat gave her choc, will Lord get confused. Alka says no. Devyaani smiles. Peeya asks Alka to have food now. Anushka makes her eat. Alka smiles.

Anushka says whose pressure Rohan has that he did not take her home. Devyaani says Hari and AStha, I wish there was someone who could pressurize him. Alka says there is someone, Badi Bua. She says no one can deny to her words, even Hari will agree. She says how will she come. Devyaani says leave it on me. Rohan is on the way thinking how Hari took his sign on divorce papers. Anushka comes out and sees Rajat standing at the stool. He looks at her and walks down without seeing the steps. He slips and falls on her. The curtain falls on them. Music plays………….he says I m sorry and they get up.

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She says thanks for calling Rohan. He says he did not call him. She says I heard you talking to Rohan. Minty comes towards them. He says don’t get angry, I know I should not interfere in your family matters, but I felt everyone was upset so. She thanks him and he looks on stunned. She leaves. Rajat smiles. Minty comes and sees Rajat alone. She asks what. He says mum, why did you not sleep. She says I should ask this, whom were you talking with. He says no one, with myself. He dances with her and sings Jabse dekhe maine tujhko……………..She smiles.

Rohan comes home and confronts Hari for what he did. He tells Vrinda that he was ashamed to go there, Hari has sent divorce papers with my sign, he fooled me. Vrinda is shocked. Hari accepts this and says what wrong did he do. He says his marriage failed that day when Alka went to meet Rajeev. Rohan says my relation is alive or dead, no one has to bother about it, only I have the right to decide. Hari says no, its my relation too, as its staining my respect. Rohan says I care for it, but I worry for my happiness. He scolds Astha for cheating him. Hari scolds him and blames Alka for all this. He says you won’t meet that girl.

Rohan goes to his room. He thinks about Alka. Vrinda comes to him and pacifies him as he cries. He says he is not angry on dad, but on himself. He says his heart can’t believe that Alka is wrong, did Astha say the truth or is Alka’s eyes true. Vrinday says you took one decision in hurry, don’t take any other decision in hurry, think well, talk to Alka, you listen to your heart and decide, I will always support you.

Rajat says he needs a girl volunteer, and describes Anushka. Devyaani wants to join him, but Shastri ji names Anushka. Devyaani looks at Rajat and Anushka smiling and gets upset.

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  1. Oh soo great I hope alka and rohan are gonna be together so soon

  2. wow yaar rajat anu u guys r making me crazy to watch it again and it was awesome.i hope jaldi se anu also feel for colour in all the serial anu and rajat r the best.i wish it to be contiues.anyways thank for update.

  3. so happy was feeling good because play the song for rajat fall out anushka

  4. Vey late update todah not hapoy I love this show I always read written update after school- im from the uk and at 4- uk time its done but late today

  5. Love dis show bearrrrsss! <3 <3 I only watch it coz of RajKa!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. Nyc one rohan and rajat well and neil to i think am loving all three heros of this show they all ar complitly different from each other and manage to make me want to c all of them in one episode.

  7. Nyc one rohan and rajat well and neil too i think am loving all three heros of this show they all ar complitly different from each other and manage to make me want to c all of them in one episode.

  8. Where is de update of 18 oct ??

  9. Where is the update of 18th oct

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